Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why I Hate The ACLU


Why do we have so many organizations in this country that are so fuckass backwards that at times they actually do see straight. The ACLU is a perfect example. This group of moronic do-gooders has an excellent premise. The problem is they constantly get "the right thing" mangled up in "a really dumbass idea." They supposedly fight for our rights as citizens under the United States Constitution but they do so with their noses so far up their own asses that what smells rosey to them smells like shit to anybody with a brain. I agree with the general idea but I strongly disagree with their all-encompassing views. Not all people deserve equal rights and some people manage to remove themselves from the classification of a worth-while individual and even classification as "human."

This is a perfect example of why every potential leader of this country can have one or two great ideas and yet have one or two more that are so socially destructive that we'll never have a useful society again. There is no cookie cutter method for choosing what is a good idea and what is bad and who deserves rights and who does not. The examples I'm going to show are times when groups like this are both incredibly right and excruciatingly wrong.

Constantly in the news is the issue of right or lack of right to conduct random searches by various officials. Whether it be school officials or government officials or law enforcement officials (I hate most law enforcement officials but at times they are useful). We cannot say it is or is not justified in any given situation solely based upon a previous and totally unrelated situation. My reasons are varied and based purely on my own subjective reasoning methods.

First I'll address school searches because I recently have come across arguments against this. I don't care who the student is and I don't care what school they go to they only deserve certain rights in school. This is not society, this is not the real world. Students in this country are in school for one reason and one reason only. They are there to learn to have the chance at education. I was young once and I'll admit I didn't like school. I also admit I didn't have the cognitive ability to make the decision what was or was not good for me. Students in high school and below are not there because they want to be they are there because if we are to survive as a nation they need to be there. These children (yes they're all children) do not deserve rights other than the basics. They deserve to have be fed at school (not to choose what they eat, i.e. junk food), they deserve to not be beaten to death at school, shot, stabbed, or violated in preventable ways, other than that they should be afforded nothing. The problem is we take all of these things too far. Society in our country has deteriorated to the point where rights take precedence over necessity and that cannot be allowed to happen. Students are given so many rights they don't have to learn, they can talk back to teachers, they can walk out of class, they can disrupt others, etc.

What rights do teachers have? I'll tell you, they have almost none. They're supposed to leave no child behind. They're supposed to attempt to appease and calm the disruptive useless little bastards (some of whom are as hardened criminals as you can find in prison) but are mummy and daddy's little angel and can do no wrong if they give a shit at all. As soon as little Jimmy gets reprimanded his parents are trying to get the teacher fired. Horseshit!! While the Teacher is trying to control one little asshole in a class, 30 others are losing their chance at an education. Children can't be searched in school for no reason in our society… WHY? When you walk through the doors of that school you lose your rights other than the basic things. High school or other lesser students do not deserve the right to privacy in school.

All it takes is one kid having his privacy and a gun is in the school and people die. All it takes is one kid to be dragged along against his ill-conceived will to leave a whole class behind. Students need to be monitored closely, they need to be encouraged sometimes embarrassingly and sometimes with moderate force to sit and learn. Nurturing and caring educational systems don't work. All these encourage is a free will that allows students to choose not to learn. This is why our country is sliding very fast toward the fat and uneducated side of the spectrum. School needs to be a lot less like a therapy session and a lot more like the Marine Corps.

Another thing that makes me insane lately is this whole goddamn "what can we take on a plane" rubbish. I'm sad that it actually comes down to the conclusion of check your asshole at the gate because something might be hidden in there. This is where this particular organization has my totally divided attention. They are all for separation of church and state and this is great. Jesus, Allah, or any other "divine" invisible friend has NO business with his cocksucking ass making laws to govern me. Keep your fucking delusional fairy-tales the hell out my business! I don't believe it, I won't believe it, I don't want to hear it, and I could not possibly care less whether you like me or think that what I do is immoral. If I don't physically harm you with my "immoral behavior" then your opinion is not warranted.

If you don't want to see it turn your head, if you don't want to hear it don't listen, if you still feel you must try to shove Jesus down my throat don't be surprised if I kick you in the eye! Now the reason this is relevant is that organized religion is evil. Christianity is no different from Islam. They are both retarded and both nieve and both a ridiculous waste of time and energy. They also have the amazing ability to create fundamentalists who follow them based on exact interpretation of writings rather than as general guidelines for morality. The combination of big and complex ideas and little and simple minds always end in disaster and we've seen it a billion times throughout history.

My point is that I cannot see how an organization can call for this separation of church and our laws and yet fail to realize that religion is the cause of some problems that warrant certain laws. I hate Christians, but they aren't the ones carrying bombs on planes to kill infidels… YET! They say nobody has the right to search bags of passengers going onto planes and especially not based on race and religion. This could not be farther from the truth. Same as in school when you walk into an airport you give up certain rights in order to obtain others. If you don't want your bags searched they drive where you're going or swim if it's overseas.

I don't really care, if a bag search takes away your ability veto the choice of my family member, friend, or myself has made to continue living, then it should be law. Stereotypes are made for a reason, I'm fully aware they are not always right but if they save a single life it's warranted. It's not Jamal, or Jebbediah, or Chad who's praising Allah as he slams a 747 into a skyscraper now is it?! It's not Jesus that seems to be constantly telling people to kill Infadels now is it?! If we have to stereotype Muhammad Al Akmed Al Good Guy because his name is derived from the same thing as Muhammad Al Akmed Al Blow Shit Up then that's fine with me. Who has a tendency for bomb fetishes here you retards?

You choose certain paths in life. If I choose to shoot somebody for disagreeing then I'm choosing to go to prison and if somebody chooses to agree with my ideas they are choosing to be associated with me and placed into that stereotype with me. Nobody is forcing you to carry a Koran and pray 5 times a day to a makebelieve friend. There should be no question to bag searches, or xray scanning or anything else to keep people from hiding shit. If your teenie weenie shows up on a scanner so that your knife or explosive chemicals will also show up well then sorry for your loss but the rest of us win and you should be shot on site. You don't have a right to privacy if it can kill the rest of us and if some 50 people have to have their privacy violated based on the Koran in their bag to catch one person who's Koran hides a bomb then fuck all of you, I say let Cletus the dimwitted security guard say"what the hell is in that bag?!"

As far as the government… maybe if we didn't waste billions on a useless, unjust, war that we cannot win, maybe we could come up with a relatively fast way to figure out if it's a bottle of hair gel or liquid fucking explosives!!!!

Finally Prisoners rights… Why the fuck do prisoners get cable television, workout facilities, educational materials, and so on and so forth? You fucking killed somebody and did it on purpose you gave up your rights. You DIE!!! End of fucking story. Why am I paying taxes to rehabilitate and educate and make these assholes stronger and smarter. You can't teach an old dog new tricks is a saying that has a base to it. Most criminals cannot be rehabilitated. Chances are they were fully aware what would happen if caught. They don't deserve a room at the Hyatt and a private tutor.

Death row inmates don't deserve housing and 15 years of appeals they deserve a right good swing from the gallows in the middle of main street. Why should you be allowed to take a life and then resume yours after 10 years. The person who died doesn't have that chance. The family of the person doesn't have that opportunity. You didn't have the right to take the life, or rape and ruin that life, you chose to do it anyway and that was the point where you chose to give up your life. Our justice system doesn't work. Our prisons don't punish they just make more efficient criminals who can be released and destroy more lives and we have tunnel vision crusaders fighting for those people to be afforded that right.

All I can say is I hope that "rehabilitated" murderer gets parole and kills your son or daughter or mother or father, I hope that you are the one that "rehabilitated" rapist finds when he gets released. It's a lot easier to give him rights when it hasn't effected you now isn't it you moronic hippy assholes! I hope all these Jihad loving prisoners who you try so hard to get realeased blow up the cafe while you're the only one in it. So I say to the ACLU, get an informed opinion and don't classify rights as something every stupid asshole deserves!


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