Friday, February 13, 2009

My Own Ideas On Welfare Reform


There should be no welfare and no disability payments, at least not as we know them. Have I got your attention now? Good, keep reading. This is not a difficult issue but our useless government seems to think that it is. I'm so sick of hearing about one useless, freeloading, piece of human trash after another, leaching off society and living better than those who pay their own way in many cases. I constantly hear about welfare reform and this and that. They're always doing something to ensure that people don't cheat the system and it inevitably fails each and every time. This shit needs to fucking stop!

Plain and simple, this is how it should be. No welfare, no disability, no food stamps, no subsitance payments whatsoever without a job (except in the case of veterans... see #11) That is entirely possible, I promise you that it is and I will explain. Society cannot sustain this sort of government funded socialist horseshit and it's showing in the massive failures of almost every country that employs them. Sure, all of this can be attributed to certain things but any disaster is generally a combination of multiple factors. If you remove any one of the sides of the fire triangle you cannot have a fire. If you remove a multi-billion dollar drain on society, it's a hell of a lot less likely that you're going to be dragged down by it now isn't it?

The last year that I could find statistics on it, the United States Federal, State, and Local governments spent 1.01 trillion dollars on social welfare programs. Do you have any idea what one trillion looks like? $1,000,000,000,000 is an assload of money to give a way for fuckall now isn't it? I'm not going to break every last little detail down but it seems to me that we could get a lot done and do so very effectively by simply not allowing freeloading.

Welfare "reform" should look like this.

1. Everybody over the age of 16 who is not in school will have a job.

2. Everybody over the age of 18 who is in school and isn't supported by family or other parties (choosing by their own free will to support them) will have a job.
(I did it so they can too)

3. There will be no excuse for not working, no age, race, ethnicity, religion, or any other excuse will be sufficient and no special privileges or exceptions will be made for any of them.

4. If you cannot find a job, a job will be assigned to you based on your abilities. Depending on order and/or necessity, you may or may not be given a choice. There are countless jobs that need done. Sidewalks could be scrubbed spotless with soap and wire brushes, grass could be cut with scissors, trees chould be trimmed, parks could be landscaped, trash could be picked up, trees could be planted, houses of elderly could be painted, borders could be patrolled. The possibilities are endless.

If by some longshot, we do run out of jobs, you will arrive at a designated place at a designated time, and you will be seated there for 8 hours. You will be required to read a book of educational significance in a predetermined time-frame and then you will be tested on it until you manage to pass. If you do not know how to read you will be taught. You will spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 49 weeks a year doing something assigned to you and therefore you will not be sitting around collecting dust and free money.

5. If you choose not to do your assigned job you will not receive any assistance at all unless citizens or family voluntarily choose to provide it. If you quit your job or get fired you will be assigned another one. If this occurs repeatedly 3 (or more) times, based on situation, you may not be offered additional jobs. Assuming this is the case and you cannot find a job on your own then you have lost my friend. If you have no job and family or friends choose not to assist you, you will starve to death in the street and we will not intervene. We will then use your ground-up carcass to feed zoo animals.

6. If you choose not to do your assigned job and instead commit crimes to obtain money or food, you will have 3 strikes. After the third time this occurs you will be taken behind the courthouse and have one bullet from a Desert Eagle .50 deposited in your cranium. If you injure somebody in the process you will be likewise injured, if you kill somebody you will be killed, no matter whether it be the 1st or the 3rd strike, without exception.

7. If you do find your own job, or accept the job you are given, you will receive money to live on accordingly. If you excel at your job you may be provide additional opportunities and associated pay.

8. There will be levels of "freedoms" based on levels of work accomplished

a) College degree or other post high school education (vocational, etc.) and found your own job? You can do what you choose (within normal boundaries)as in any free society.

b) High school diploma and a job of your own finding and choosing, you will be given the opportunity to gain further education and if you succeed you move up. If you fail you continue to go the path you're on. You may do as your monetary situation allows.

c) Everybody who cannot or chooses not to obtain their own job will receive one of state choice and you will receive the opportunity to obtain further education, should you choose not to or should you fail, you will be given 3 opportunities and the offer will be deleted. If you do not move up in status you will continue to work for the absolute bare minimum.

9. To those who fall into group C there will be no cash awarded. Not a single dollar in cash shall be given to these people. Everything will be a card like they have now but it will only allow pre-approved food and necessities, etc. Food will only be bare minimum, meat, bread, milk, cheese, cereal, and selected other pre-approved materials. Basic hygiene materials will be added to the allowance. All snacks and "junk food" such as soda, chips, cakes and such will be absolutely prohibited.

Restaurants, fast food or otherwise, will not accept these cards as payment. Nothing that is not pre-listed will be allowed to be purchased. No televisions, no cable tv, no cell phones, no high speed internet, no leisure or luxury items at all. Cigarettes are not allowed, alcohol is not allowed. Books and pre-approved educational materials will be acceptable. Home repairs, car repairs, additional needs, etc., must be reported to local agencies who will investigate (in a very timely manner... unlike government agencies now) and approve or disapprove.

Transportation will be provided in the form of bus, rail, or passenger vehicle as determined necessary and most effective and efficient to get said individual to and from the place of employment. If necessary, fuel cards allowing controlled amounts of petrol will be issued.

Individuals in this category will be required to receive birth control injections to continue receiving payments. Nobody in this category will be permitted to have children for any reason. If they somehow have children the children will be removed until the parent completes the process of moving into Group A or B. If the parent does not complete this process the child will be placed in the care of the state or adoptive parents. If these individuals do not move into group B status within 10 years they will be sterilized.

Group C must also have random drug tests (and pass) every week or lose benefits. A single failed drug test for a Group C individual will result in a requirement of double (16 hour) shifts for 1 month and all clean drug tests during that time. Three failures and this individual loses benefits (see #5 & #6 above).

As long as group C complies with all of their requirements, they will receive basic/standard health care, prescriptions, etc.

10. No person who is not a citizen shall receive any health care within the United States borders unless they are here legally (vacationers, education, legal work visas, etc.) Not even in life threatening circumstances will anybody illegally inside of our borders receive even a free bandaid unless a legal citizen chooses willingly to foot the bill. Any persons caught illegally inside the united states will be ejected and banned from entering, or applying for legal entry for 10 years. Anybody caught 3 times will be executed. Illegals immigrants should not be supported on taxpayer money.

11. The only people who would receive some additional leniencies would be vets. You've served your country and you will be compensated accordingly. Disabled in the service of your country then you will receive benefits that are more than reasonable. Assistance will allow for reasonable luxury items and additional cash for personal use as the individual sees fit.

There are a lot more details but I don't have time to elaborate at the moment. As far as welfare and free handouts, health care and such go, I'm pretty sure this would save us a whole lot of money. Enough money saved, that I'm confident that all who play by the rules would have more than a fair chance at success and at very least they would survive and receive basic medical care. One thing that is sure is that we cannot continue with all these goddamn freeloaders like the idiot in California with no job and 14 kids because we let them do whatever they feel like doing.

If you really have a problem with my plans then by all means, bitch away, and I'll happily explain what I left out, or why you're wrong.


Fidothedog said...

Like it, I would sure as hell vote for that here in the UK.

Stella said...

Nothing wrong with hard work. I started working when I was 15 and earned degrees while I worked full-time. I, too, believed that people on welfare should work, so I agree with (4). Now, with college costing so much, how would we fund people who want a higher education. OK, I managed, but times have changed.

My feeling is that food stamps should not be accepted for fast food or other junk food. That really annoys me. Food stamps should go only for healthy food, even if we have to pay more in taxes. I couldn't agree more: All snacks and "junk food" such as soda, chips, cakes and such will be absolutely prohibited.

I don't agree about Disability. Not everyone who is receiving it is freeloading, although, of course, some are. I'm not sure about your take, but it should be meted out on a case-by-case basis.

On the drug tests, people should be helped, not cast aside.

Since Veterans serve our country, yes. They absolutely get leniency and special privileges. Got me thinking, Dillinger... Some things I disagree with, others I don't. Thanks for the post.

Dillinger737 said...


I felt that I should make some attempt at a sort of answer. Keep in mind this is just the bare bones of what I would like to see. Obviously it isn't black and white. I know some people are not freeloading on disability but I deal with that sort of thing for my job so I feel that I can safely say that more are than you think. Even if they do start out needing it, they stay on it far longer than necessary in too many cases. It should be watched much much more closely. I agree on a case by case basis. Think of the jobs created by simply dealing with these cases.

Higher education could easily be funded but not simply with the money saved from just this part of the overall issue. I have far too much time on my hands to read everything I can get them on about this sort of thing. I have a problem with thinking too much. This would require additional funding from other reformed sectors.

I don't sway on the drug tests. Too many hard working people would lose their jobs over it so why should somebody getting "assistance" have special privileges? I thought I was pretty lenient not sending them to jail. All things considered, I would legalize and heavily regulate and tax drugs, but that's a whole other theory... I have waaay too many of those.

Happy you enjoyed the post.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me.