Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Trade Restrictions In Stimulus Bills?

What's this? An idea from the Obamatrons that I might not hate... well, it's the stimulus packages so I still hate it, I just un-hate ("W'ism") a small part of it?

Restrictions may be placed on trade
into the United States for certain products being used for public works projects. One example being listed as U.S.-made iron and steel being used in any public works projects funded by an $825 billion economic stimulus bill.

The Senate
also began debate on Monday on its $900 billion version of the stimulus plan, which expands the House provision to require that any manufactured goods purchased under the public works projects also be made in the United States.

Of course the Canadians and the Europeans are complaining already because "they are worried not just about lost exports to the United States but the greater damage that could be done if other countries pursue trade policies that restrict imports." Canada's Ambassador even sent a letter to Senate leaders complaining about the "Buy American" provisions.

That's nice, I appreciate the concern everybody has but I really don't see why we should even pretend to care. All everybody does is complain about America until it looks like we might restrict the allowance they get and then the pleading starts. Canada, UK, I feel a little more sorry for you guys because you aren't all far left wing wankers like most of the rest of the EU. I say to the EU... where were you when we went to war? Yeah... no, I'm sorry, you told us we're on our own, and if you didn't, 2,000 troops doesn't count, now who doesn't give a shit? Bugger off!

The only problem I can see in this is the fact that if we're buying American are we ripping ourselves off? A lot of American, especially steel, iron, and the such, is made in union run facilities. Let's see, if we buy Canadian products or EU products that aren't built by unions we'll probably pay 1/3 the price on the bottom line. The fact that Billy-bob here in the U.S. is paid $30 an hour to read guns and ammo and push a button once every two hours in between 6 breaks a day tends to significantly raise the cost.

Are we going to also ensure we get the same "bang for our buck" by curbing all the waste, i.e., the slopping up of "their fair share" by the greedy union thugs too and overpaid but incredibly unskilled workers? Shoddy products made by spoiled and overpaid idiots are just going to to skim the benefits off the tail end that we're trying to add on the lead end.

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