Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fox - Taking The Douchebaggery To A Whole New Level

Leave it Fox in their limitless baggery to come up with something as tasteless and generally offensive as this making a reality show out of the shitty economy.

An upcoming series titled, "Someone's Gotta Go," lets employees of a small business decide which one of their colleagues will be laid off.

Each week, a different company lays off an employee.

The show's host will allegedly be a business consultant who will offer advice to participating companies.

Now I'm one of the fortunate ones to have a job without constant fear in this economy but I have family members who are not as secure and this bothers and irritates me at the same time. Is there no limit the idiocracy? Of course there isn't! America is full of morons who will watch this sort of tasteless and useless shit. "Reality Television" is like a thorn in my brain. I absolutely hate it. You learn nothing and it generally serves no purpose at all except to put self centered or otherwise screwed up individuals on television for people with no life to obsess over.

The only thing reality tv exists for is so that people who dislike or simply have no lives of their own can live vicariously through others. Everybody wants to watch somebody else who actually isn't a loser, or even better they want to watch somebody who is a loser, fail miserably on national television so they can feel better about their own shortcomings. And yes I'm straight up bashing the types of people who never miss "Biggest Loser", "American Idol", "Big Brother", "Deal or No Deal", and any other you can think of.

These shows are generally an idiotic waste of time when there are many more important or useful happenings in the world with which to concern oneself. Even if you must watch them, taking this subject to this level is taking it too far. Making a television show about people losing their job?!?! This is simply unacceptable in America today, this is a sad and serious subject, not a fucking spectator sport. I hope everybody involved in the production of this show gets shitcanned and ends up homeless, digging lunch out of a dumpster behind McDonald's!

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