Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Book #1

If anybody reads my blog on a regular basis, you may begin to wonder what fills my head with the ideas it is filled with. Just one of those things would be the books I read. Generally speaking I manage to finish one, maybe two a week, I'm a nerd like that. I've decided that I will start posting those books in case anybody is looking for something good to read. I figure I'll post the books I liked and a brief reason why, if it interests you then I'll leave it to you to research more information on it. My mind is rather random so I cover a variety of subjects for a variety of reasons but generally speaking, I try to learn something from what I spend my time reading so maybe I'll give somebody an interesting idea, who knows.

The first book I'm going to begin with is probably number at least number 50 something in the list this year but I rather enjoyed it.


This was a really interesting book, pretty easy read as well. Basically it talks about the current situation of industry in China. I've heard quite a number of times, generally out of the mouths of Chinese officials, about how they are a developing country much like the U.S. or other modern powers back during the industrial revolution. I never actually really bought into all their reasons until I read this book. I always figured it was simply a poor excuse for not utilizing modern safety precautions or employing environmental safeguards. All things considered, it actually is just that. Although, when it really comes down to it, after reading this book I see exactly what they mean, this is the truth.

Is it a good excuse for jeopardizing the health and safety of Chinese workers, or contributing to the destruction of the environment? I don't think it is. I don't even believe in global warming, at least not as a human cause, but if you've ever thought about it you should read this book. I honestly believe now that in the long run things are going to slow down in China, and according to this book, it's in the forseeable future. Yes, they pretty much own us at this point, but slowly they are, and will lose their competitive price advantage on goods manufactured there. I definitely recommend this book, I really enjoyed it.

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