Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More... or Less Illegals Raising Our Crime Rates

An illegal immigrant accused of fatally shooting a father and his two sons in San Francisco traffic last year will stand trial for murder.

Police allege Ramos, from El Salvador, belongs to the violent MS-13 street gang that originated among immigrants from that country and he mistook the younger victims for gang rivals. Slain were 48-year-old Tony Bologna and his sons, 20-year-old Michael and 16-year-old Matthew.

With all the money we spend to send to trial and then house illegals for things like this imagine the programs we could fix. I propose that all violent crimes committed by or related to these known violent gangs be automatic death penalty. If the perpetrator is already in the country illegally then it's outside the jurisdiction of regular law enforcement. If we send them back they'll just return, if we jail them they're costing us money they aren't worth. I bullet isn't very expensive and it will end that particular problem effectively and permanently.

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