Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Game of Thrones Rape "Scene" and The Outrageous Outraged Asshats

If anybody reads my blogs even semi-regularly which I doubt they do, or even more than once you probably have figured out a couple of things about me. First of all I'm fairly random, I don't generally keep to a single subject. Second of all I'm fairly "high strung", "tightly wound" or some would simply say angry. Finally, for the most part I don't give a flying fuck about proper punctuation when I get on a rant. My wife deems this to be a major flaw where as I see it as... a minor inconvenience. I'll blame my punctuation problem on the American Public School System, how about that? What the fuck is the point you're trying to make you might be wondering. None, there's no point to this at all. This is simply a lead in to what is about to be another gripe about human stupidity.

We all have our problems. I realize that nobody is perfect. The thing is that when you get right down to it some people's "problems" or "shortcomings" are lesser or greater than others. I think the biggest problem with society is that nobody has the balls to actually say it most of the time. Nothing ever gets properly addressed for the sake of not hurting somebody's feelings or not being "mean" or "negative" and thus most people go on being deluded twats because they never get corrected.

Today I'm going to correct some deluded twats. I'm going to make this fairly brief so as not to aimlessly ramble and to keep everybody's attention including my own. One of my biggest gripes with society at large is the fact that so many people find concern with (sometimes great concern with) the most idiotic little things and it chaps my ass to no end. The other half find concern with nothing at all and tell me that I should ignore the bad and focus on the good. That fucking chaps my ass too! Ignoring the bad and focusing on the good is bloody retarded and so are you if you think this is the way to go through life!

Why do I think that you might wonder? Because that's what far too many people do. They go through life with their rosy glasses ignoring shit that is wrong. When I punctuate like a retard my wife tells me about it. When I act like a twat my wife tells me about it. When she does something that annoys me I tell her about it. This is why it works. This is how things get fixed. I don't always realize I'm doing it. She doesn't always realize she's doing it. If we didn't tell each other we would keep doing it. This is why society continues on the downward spiral to hell in a hand-basket filled with human turds (not turds which were born of the backside of humans, humans who are more turd-like than they are human). Nothing gets fixed because everybody is too afraid to tell anybody else what their problems are and what is wrong with the stupid shit they do, say, or believe and even if they did nobody wants to hear what is wrong with it so we all go on being twats.

Today's fucking retardtastic bullshit of the day comes from an article I read in an online paper full of retardtastic bullshit. It may be full of garbage, lack of editing, and bad reporting, but at the end of the day the actual happenings are present, you just have to find them.

I watch the HBO series Game of Thrones. It's entertaining... fuck, it's entertainment, that is what it's for. It's a television show that is based on a book that is based on some shit some dude thought up that isn't based on anything in particular. It's fucking made up! Still people are all up in arms about the most recent episode and I find it infuriating. You can read the actual article here if you like but I'm going to summarize my point rather than doing into the detail about the article.

Spoiler Alert

In the past episode that occurred on Sunday night though I just watched it last night. Sansa Stark (I don't know if that's the proper spelling or not and frankly I don't care) was married off to Ramsey Bolton. Immediately afterword he takes her to the bed chamber and proceeds to rape her. It shows him being a bit of a dick and it shows him ripping her dress from the back and exposing the middle of her upper back. From that point it doesn't show shit, just the room a little bit and some sounds that one might expect in such a situation and for a minute her unhappy face.

Now today it's in the news that "many viewers have taken to social media to express their outrage."  Apparently even U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (whoever the fuck she is) also expressed her outrage and said she'll not watch the show anymore as a result of this gratuitous, disgusting, and unacceptable rape scene. Really? This particular scene is the one that got you? Honestly? It took this long. There's a lot of gratuitous shit in the fucking show that one could choose to be outraged if one must choose to be outraged over a fucking television show but this wasn't it.

First let us discuss "gratuitous".

1. given unearned or without recompense
2. not involving a return benefit, compensation, or consideration
3. costing nothing
4. not called for by the circumstances
This show and the book it's more or less based upon is set in a middle ages type of setting. Do you fucking retards not know a thing about history? In the middle ages rape was practically a hobby. This shit wasn't exactly rare. Sure I suppose rape would always be considered unnecessary and certainly always unpleasant (to put it mildly). Rape is always in some way, shape, or form, unearned but the thing is that it occurred regularly back then and it still occurs way too often now. This is a real issue and always has been. It's not as though HBO just made up this violent and inexcusable action to shock viewers. Just like all of the numerous gay sex scenes showing asses and pasty mall torsos wound up in bed together which didn't seem to bother the good Senator despite being "gratuitous." Pretty much everybody in this fucking show is gay or bisexual or something! How is that not "gratuitous." No, it's PC to push homosexuality so even though none of it is in the book it's ok to make everybody and their mother gratuitously gay for the sake of peddling political correctness.

How about all of the bare breasts in the show on nearly every episode. I'm not complaining, I love breasts and I'm never going to complain about anybody showing them to me. Ok, I take that back. There are some women who I would prefer not see that part of but that's another issue entirely. The breasts bouncing around on this show are also what some would consider "gratuitous" but still no complaints. People who don't want to see that usually don't bother watching. How about all of the violence? People getting murdered and slain and dispatched and killed and every other type of ending up dead you can imagine and it's certainly what could be referred to as "gratuitous" but no complaints still.

All of these things I mentioned really happened in the middle ages. There were breasts present, there were gay people present, people got killed and died in all sorts of horrible ways, and women were raped. All of these things are still happening all over the world and yet this piddly-ass rape scene is what sets these fuckers off? Fucking simpletons the lot of you! It's a television show and television shows are meant to entertain people and keep people watching. People are entertained all sorts of ways and by this I don't mean that they must condone rape to see where it fits into a show like this. It DOES fit into a show like this. The guy who raped Sansa Stark has been showing and talked about skinning people alive in previous episodes. He was been shown behaving violently and having violent even if consensual sex previously. The fucking dude cut off Theon Grayjoy's dick and then enslaves and tortures him for Christ sake! These things didn't outrage the senator or bring boycotts on "social media." None of these things cause outrage but a rape scene they don't even actually show they just imply, is what sends you people to bitching? Stop and think about this for a minute. You have to be fucking joking!

Just in the news today along-side this silly horseshit are real instances of real atrocities and this is what you fucking assholes find to be outraged about? Just today I read about ISIS stripping naked and auctioning off the "prettiest Yazidi virgins" to the highest bidder in Syrian slave markets and you're online bitching about somebody being fake raped in a made up television series? You should be fucking ashamed of yourselves and you should be made to feel like the asshat that you are. 

Just in the news today I read this article about a man who kicked his girlfriend in the head 40 times and left her paralyzed and with severe brain damage and then when he got out of prison after 2 YEARS he was given a job in the hospital where she will spend the remainder of what remains of her shattered life. He got 2 years! 2 fucking years for completely devastating somebody's life and the lives of the others who really loved her! Now he's back on the street having only given 2 years of his life for basically taking all of somebody else's and he's given a good job where her family have to see him caring for others. Are you motherfucking kidding me?! And your outrage is with a fake rape scene in a fake show that wasn't even actually shown? You should be fucking ashamed of yourselves and you are indeed a fucking moron if this is the case.

How about we focus on the real atrocities taking place in the world. How about we focus on fixing the catastrophes that we as humans are directly responsible for. How about we use a show like this as a highlight of the utter horseshit that humans are capable of and look outward for real examples of these things as they are occurring in front of our fucking faces and be outraged about that instead of some stupid fucking meaningless television show. It's time to check your priorities assholes! It's time to wake up and look out the goddamn window.

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