Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Hate Political Carbon Copy Talking Head Reporters

People wonder why I hate Liberals yet won’t identify as a conservative either.  Though the Liberals stand for the vast majority of what I hate, the Conservatives pull this shit.  “I spent 8 seconds viewing a video game trailer that didn’t include the clip I’m talking about and therefore I didn’t see, but I’m going to make all sorts of grandios statements about the clip I didn’t see anyhow.”  Then of course they throw in a Psychology “Specialist” (in other words she isn’t a doctor and is probably an undergraduate student) to add her barely informed opinion on the matter.  Of course she hasn’t seen the game or the clip she’s judging either.

The “specialist” has no idea what is involved in the actual “situation” about which they’re talking.  She spews some basic, textbook psycho-babble about a perceived, hypothetical situation that she imagines about how children can’t deal with sex.  Next she proceeds to get angry and holier-than-thou when it’s obvious that she as well as anybody watching objectively knows that she doesn’t have a clue what she’s fighting against.  This woman is a joke.   “Let me at him” she says at the end?  Lady, you obviously lost.  You were confused and you had no point and to make it worse it was obvious and you knew it and you still tried to play smug and educated which only made you look like more of a fucking moron.

Should a game with an evil booby get a mature rating?  Maybe.  Maybe you should watch your fucking children.  I love the idiot comment about children not being constantly supervised like they were in previous times.  The times haven’t changed, people have.  You as a parent have no less responsibility now than you did 5, 10, 40 years ago.  It is your job to control what your kids do and if you fail that is your fault and your fault alone and that is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Don’t try to censor shit because you’re an inept parent who thinks it’s your right to parent when you can manage it.  You popped the little fucker out you control it.

Sex isn’t evil.  Nudity isn’t evil.  Breasts and vaginas and penises and assholes and everything in-between are not evil.  These are natural parts of a natural human body and it’s nothing more than your medieval beliefs and rules against seeing them that make them evil.  If God created the vagina I’m guessing he didn’t do it as a cruel joke to embarrass a woman and he didn’t create a penis so the man would have something to make him uncomfortable in the morning.  Oh sex is so evil and forbidden ooooh don’t do it and don’t watch it... but be sure to have kids to further the species and be sure to teach them how evil sex is and not to do it.  Fucking morons... may your sexual organs shrivel up and fall right off your body and may they do it before you have a chance to reproduce so you can’t pass on such primitive stupidity.
Obviously not all Conservatives feel this way but this is why Liberals say that Fox News is biased to the Right.  In some glaring cases it is.  Not that every other news source isn’t biased to the left but that doesn’t make it any less true.  How about this news sources on both sides.  Report the actual fact about what is occurring.  The whole fact would be awesome... all of it... in entirety.  Once you’ve done that, shut the fuck up.  You are news commentators, anchors, slash whatevers because you were prettyish, not because you were smart.  Lets face it, communications is not a difficult major, and you just happened to be not too stupid to fail to obtain passing marks in it.  You are not qualified to make observations, and many of you are barely qualified to tie your own shoes so just sit there, look pretty, say exactly what is happening without adding what you think, and then shut up again.  K?  MMMM K.  We as the viewers will then decide what we think about the subject all for our very selves and all on our very own.

Oh, and don’t give me a specialist when what is called for is a Doctor.  If I decide to be a specialist in parenting it just means that’s what I’m focused on, not that I know jack shit about doing it correctly and especially not that a centralized governing body is willing to certify that I do.