Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Egypt Loves You!

Unless you are an American taking pictures! We hate Americans who take pictures!
And don't you dare be a woman! 
We hate women... actually we love to raaaaape women! 
We take oh so much delight in violence against women!

                                                                          AND RAPE!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Idiocracy In America Is Quickly Becoming Reality.

 It's been a long time since I've updated my blog but since I'm slightly less busy with work I've decided to try to take some time to do something more productive. Some of you more liberal types will consider this "less productive" and to this I say "good" because I hate you and the reason is our problems in this world are mostly your fault. I shall begin with this.

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2nd Part -

I work with thousands of people and I travel regularly so I see a lot of things and most of it just give me a migraine. Our society is getting dumber by the day and I constantly get the argument that we need to just live and let live or even worse just let the gene pool become more shallow, muddier, and begin to glow ever brighter full of terrifying pollutants while continuing to ensure that these creatures can "live a good life". I ask why?

For example. Today I was at a facility and an individual there was telling me some first hand stories that I shall now proceed to lay out for you.

Story # 1: Little boy is in the hospital, his mother calls his workplace to tell his father that he's "going on a helicopter ride" yes that is how she put it, like it's a fun amusement park ride. She talked to his boss who asked if she need him there right then. She told him "no, it's alright, it's almost quittin' time, just bring him over when he's done". Boss doesn't want to freak out employee who usually rides home with wife because he has had too many dui's and can't drive so he tells him he'll be taking him home. Employee asks no questions. They leave work a bit later and should turn right to take employee home and employee never notices. they go completely the wrong direction and drive and drive while employee never takes notice. They arrive at the hospital and employee still never takes notice. Boss then tells employee that little boy is in hospital and they have to go in and employee just picks up lunch box and follows him in.

The two of them arrive at the desk in the E.R. and the boss asks for the little boy and the nurse says they need some info. The boss tells her that so and so is the father so the nurse asks him the boy's age. Employee stands there looking bewildered. He thinks... thinks some more... he doesn't know. The nurse gives up and says she'll get it elsewhere. The two of them proceed in toward the boy and find a waiting doctor who decides the boss looks to be more competent and begins telling him what happened. The boy has too much sugar in his system from Coca-Cola and Macaroni and Cheese. It turns out that he kept asking for more so his mother just kept feeding him. Four Pounds... That's right, FOUR POUNDS of Macaroni and Cheese and Two Liters, yes that's also right, 2 LITERS of Coca-Cola in ONE SITTING. The boss told the doc who he was and that he was just a bystander and they moved on the the mother who reiterated that the son was going on a lovely helicopter ride. The father thought that was nice.

Days later when the boss asked how the boy was he was doing alright and weeks later the employee was excited to find out that they "might be trying to find a place for the boy to live up there" because he was too stupid to understand what that meant.

Story # 2 Different Family

Multiple children all young adults. One of them decided that her mother was the devil and murdered her with a knife. She got three life sentences without possibility of parole. Boss makes the mistake (says the boss) of asking how the daughter in prison is doing. Employee says "oh she's doing great, she says they're educating her to become a therapist to help others like her when she gets out." Ummmm... does "without possibility of parole" mean anything to anybody? Then the employee proceeds to tell the boss "but she got into a scuffle with another "resident" and "I told her, you have to be careful, there are rapists and murders in there!" Well no shit there are... Did anybody inform you that your daughter is one of those murderers? Cutting your mother up with a knife makes you a murderer last I checked. But on the bright side the employee told his boss, she met a new lady friend in there who said she was "going to take good care of her." Boss was quite impressed that a 63 year old man had no idea what was meant by that and quite frankly so am I.

Story # 3 Another Family Yet

Son is 22 years old... he is not considered mentally retarded (yes I said retarded and not handicapped) he is supposed to be a fully functioning adult. His father confided as if it was barely out of the ordinary that they hoped to get him bathing on his own. Yes, bathing on his own, as in his mother still bathes him. Yes you heard me right. He is 22 years old and his mother bathes him and they hope to get him doing it on his own so they can get him out and find him a woman and "get them some grand kids." Holy-mother-of-christ! Can you imagine the potential consequences of that?! I know I don't even want to think about it. I certainly don't want it added to my tax dollar pay in as it certainly will be.

Story # 4 Yet Another

2 Brother Who Live Together

One of the brothers is married. This brother and his wife are having marital troubles and they get a divorce. The other brother marries the first brother's ex wife. They still live together. She still packs both their lunches as she always did. WHAT THE FUCK?!

These people are allowed to vote for things that affect us! Have you ever thought about this shit? If you haven't then do it now! We need to start letting nature take its course and start letting nature pick off some of these creatures.