Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm Back! "Idiot Racist Spouts off To Dillinger"

I'll say first that I know, it's been a terribly long time since I last posted.  I know many of you have surely stopped checking if you checked before.  For this I'm sorry.  I've been very busy and life hasn't allowed me a lot of free time to complain about life on my blog.  I've decided that for the time being I'll only post things that I really consider to be worth the time.  Those of you who have read my blog before know my stance on idiocy.  I can't stand stupid people and I make no attempt to be nice to them.  I'm simply incapable of political correctness or humoring the dumb in any way, shape, or form.  For this reason I've decide that I simply must post this for the world to see.

I recently got into a debate with a "friend" on facebook.  One of those people who added me and for some reason though I'm not sure what reason, I added the guy.  He posted this particular article on his page and I found myself unable to let it go.

The Headline.

"Jesse Jackson Believes Cavs Owner Saw LeBron As 'Runaway Slave'"

This is the actual article

The day after LeBron James announced his decision to head to Miami, Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert issued a letter to Cleveland fans trashing James and promising to bring the town a title before James gets one. Today, Jesse Jackson criticized Gilbert for viewing James as a “runaway slave” and called the owner’s comments “mean, arrogant and presumptuous.”

"He speaks as an owner of LeBron and not the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers," Jackson said in a press release. "His feelings of betrayal personify a slave master mentality. He sees LeBron as a runaway slave. This is an owner employee relationship — between business partners — and LeBron honored his contract."

Jackson went on to say that Gilbert’s comments are an attack on all NBA players, and that he should face a “challenge” from the league. Strangely, Jackson did not mention Gilbert’s egregious font selection in his critique.

Let me first just say that anybody that listens to that charlatan and assclown Jesse Jackson and believes a word he says is an idiot.  Now here's the "debate" exactly as it went down but with the names changed to protect the stupid (don't ask me why... dumb people tend to bring frivolous lawsuits for things they cause I guess).  I'll just call the first guy "Racist Guy" and I'll call the third party who added comments "Third Party Guy" and of course I'll play myself as "Dillinger."

Racist Guy:

One might argue, "yea right, who ever heard of a 60 million dollar slave" but if you did u'd be missing the point. Dan Gilbert spoke about James like he owned him. the zeros behind Jame's salary isn't the point, white racism is. If you think someone owes you anything beyond their contract, you're mistaken and an opportunist who's upset their money couldn't buy free will. Old rich white money makes me sick. I can't wait until certain persons from older generations die and leave their money to their grandchildren who voted for Obama dated black girls.

Third Party Guy:

Leave it to jesse jackson to stir things up. we all say hurtful things to people under certain circumstances. Hell when isaacs mom left I said some nasty shit that i really did mean but i just wanted to try to hurt her because i was hurt. Now if you scale that up to a corporate level its the same thing but millions of more people hear about it. he was upset his star player left and he said what he thought was right at the time even if it wasn't the right thing to say.

Jackson is always throwing out the race card and its hard to even listen to what he has to say anymore. I can see a point to it but this is modern day Rome where all professional sports players(white or black or Hispanic or Asian) are slaves if you want to look at it that way. Remember how it was when Barry Bonds left the Pirates and everytime he came to play against them? or when Bam Morris left the Steelers? fans are just as guilty and without fans there would be no teams which then there would be no owner.

Do you see a Cleveland Cavalier boycott next season or any team? probably not because no one cares about it that much. most people wouldn't see what he said as racist. LeBron will be old news and people will come to the games to watch their team.

As for LeBron he is a great player but who really needs that ego of his. You never saw MJ do that or even Allen Iverson one of the biggest ball hogs never pulled that crap of having a special. Wayne Gretsky? Tupac one of the greatest rappers to exist never held an hour long special to announce he's signing with Death Row.
 I respect your opinion though.

Racist Guy:
Very insightful, but does Gilbert affirm his position or does he think he has grounds to stand on?

And of course Jackson played the race card, he's a civil rights leader, that's what he's suppose to do, and that's what he does. Opposing that is like saying, why is the Wall St. Journal always talking about money.


Playing the race card in modern America is racist, most of the time it creates race issues by calling people racist who aren't racist. You don't bring racial peace or equality by demanding anything more than equality... which is basically all that piece of s#%$ Jackson does. This is a joke.

Racist Guy:

Dang Dillinger, are u Jesse Jackson's illegitimate son? because that's some serious thoughts u got about him. I joke, but while this Lebron thing may or maybe not be post-Obama American racism, do u really think talking less about race issues would alleviate race issues? I mean I got 1st hand experience thanks to the NYCPD, that prove racism is alive and well. Are you saying if I don't bring em up than racism will become a thing of the past?


You're right about that, I do have plenty of thoughts on Jesse Jackson. I've done my research and I'm certainly willing to say pretty much whatever it is that I'm thinking. You'll never completely get rid of racism because you'll never get rid of stupid. As long as people are different in any way (not just skin color) people will disagree on things and as long as they do they'll fight with any weapon they can (including skin color). This subject is so ridiculously vast I'm not touching it on facebook, only when if ever, an actual face to face discussion can be had.

There are bad cops everywhere and they're mean to white people to I promise. The fact of the matter is, look at the criminal statistics? They don't do this sh** just to be jerks most of the time. I hate stupid people. Do you know why? I see so many totally idiotic, inexcusable morons in my line of work I'm sick of it and I don't deal very well with it all the time. Nice, no, politically (communist) correct, no, but reality, yes. Really, honestly? Of course not everybody fits that but not everybody is smart enough to reason.

The point is that when you look for racism in everything you'll find racism everywhere. Guess what, I absolutely despise Obama. He's a socialist a**clown and the worst and most destructive idiot of a president we have ever had and that's got nothing to do with him being black. Do you know how many times I've been called racist (honestly) simply because the president that I speak so firmly against happens to be black? Nobody asks what I thought of Bush, who was also an idiot. Remember Bush doesn't care about black people? How about Louisiana now all oil soaked with how many white fisherman losing their livelihoods? So Obama doesn't care about white people?

Racism is there if you look for it but does that mean it's real? If anything, the majority of white people are so idiotically anti-racist that they actually put anybody who is of a different race or culture on a pedestal above themselves. The thing is that racism won't die until the issues die that cause "racists". Until minorities don't lead the crime rates (they weren't framed even if Jesse would think so) and until blacks aren't every bit as racist or probably more so than whites overall. Bet you live through a trip into Malibu at night but I don't live through a trip into the Compton at night. Until people on one side stop using past as a crutch for the future, it will never stop.

I still hear sh** about reparations. F***ing really!? Telling somebody else that "you owe me for what somebody did to a possible relative I never knew 200+ years ago" is idiotic, presumptive, and parasitic... especially when most of us who are supposedly part of the problem didn't even have relatives here then. When somebody who's a minority can get automatic preference for a job over me despite being far less qualified, when he can't be fired because there's a quota, when a job can't be started because the quota isn't filled, SOMETHING IS WRONG. 

That's certainly racism but not the kind Jesse and Al claim.

How about fire fighters when only whites pass a test with a score that's enough to get a promotion so nobody gets promoted. We've set a standard that is unacceptable. We've surpassed equal treatment and we require preferential treatment and that breeds resentment. Until the system is fixed, things really are fair, and everybody shuts their whiny mouths and learn to stand the f*** up and quit feeling sorry for themselves and fix their own situations then we will always have this same problem. This whole nation full of sorry, p***ified, crybaby, entitlement culture, hand-out expecting, uneducated, poor excuses for what doesn't even deserve to be called Americans now and that includes all races.

You're saying that "Old, rich, white, money, makes you sick" and you don't think that's a racist statement? It is. Posting this sort of thing, acting in this sort of way doesn't make things better it pi**es people off and makes them want to fight you. Al and Jesse are nothing but clowns who are trying to bully evil whitey into a free pass for blacks for everything from behavior over the whole to something as idiotic as reparations if they can get it. Morons who should be deported. As long as anybody is pointing out race anywhere let alone as much as it's used in the black community it will continue to appear and act as a divider and that's exactly what these so called leaders want.

Third Party Guy:

That is impressive. A lot of people don't stop and take the time to think like that. Also not many think for themselves if they do think at all. People hear someone like Jesse say something and then they are backing him up 100% without taking the time to rationalize for themselves. That behavior is sickening.

Most of my childhood i grew up in Pittsburgh and when we moved up here i would spend most summers with my grandma down there. One summer my cousin and myself were walking my grandmas dog minding our own business and we got jumped by a lot of older black kids. My cousin took off running and I'm on the ground getting kicked and punched. I'm there bleeding all over and screaming for help. Finally someone came over and broke it up and his name was Dwayne which happened to be a black kid too.

What I'm trying to get at is just because that happened and psychologically scarred me, it doesn't make me hate against a certain race. Lots of people would use that as an excuse to be racist.

Racist Guy:

I feel ya Third Party Guy, and Dillinger, let me ask you this: If a wealthy White family could trace the foundation of their income to 6 generations of free labor (ie. slavery) and if a certain Black person could trace their lineage to workers who were never paid for their work, who were born and died in bondage, owned like cattle, not allowed to marry, own anything, and legally considered only a percent of human; Dillinger tell me why financial compensation should not be made? Tell me why that OLD WHITE MONEY should stay in the hands of children of criminals? 

Receiving stolen goods is supposed to be illegal, right?... and by the way, statistically, White women are the #1 benefiters of affirmative action because technically they are the largest minorities... and unless you've changed since I new you from back in the day, I wouldn't say you're racist; but you do sound insensitive to the deep seated pain that wasn't erased when slavery ended. Some historians argue that Blacks had it worse under Jim Crow than under slavery...AND minorities don't commit crimes, poor people commit crimes. Do minorities tend to be poorer? yes, but the issue isn't race, the issue is resources. Therefore there is no argument to be made on behalf of the cop unless I look poor to them, and I don't look poor, I look Black.


Why shouldn't the compensation be made by the Africans who sold their fellow Africans to the Europeans who brought them here and sold them? How many blacks in Africa currently are still victimizing other blacks? How many inner city blacks are still victimizing other blacks?

He who is without sin my friend.

Compensation should be made, if you can present the actual live slave holder and the actual, live slave who was forced to work for him. I didn't have any say or any fault in what my great, great, great grandfather did so why should I pay for it (even if my grandparents had been here). Study your history there hoss. Just as many red, white, brown, and yellow men and women have been enslaved throughout the ages as have blacks and not one of them has been compensated. They also don't cry and whine about it. What the f*** makes you feel that blacks are more special? Being MORE recent than MOST does not make it any more special.

This culture of dependence, hate, laziness, and entitlement have been very well cultivated by these so called "black leaders." Nothing but incitement that would get a white man doing the same thing, black list and demonized in modern America when it gets them recognized as great men. I think you've lived in NY too long.

I do have deep seated pain. I have deep seated pain because of resentment of people (of any color) who feel that I, or anybody but his or herself is responsible for providing him or her anything. I'm tired of it always being somebody else's fault and I'm sick of the lack of responsibility among individuals for their own situations.

I know, poor people commit crimes, minorities tend to be poorer. I've heard that mess before. Maybe people end up poor because the have no parental guidance, drop out of school, commit a felony or 3, and then can't get a job because of it. Maybe people end up poor because they're just stupid... really, mentally deficient (again, all races). Survival of the fittest. Yes, maybe it does lack compassion but I have my own problems and I don't need anybody else's problems to fix on top of my own.

Minorities also are taught tend to resent white people and culture or anything they associate with it including education. It's not white people's fault that so many black children grow up with no father. It's not white people's fault that so many black women get left with 1, 2, 3 children without a father. It is up to the black community to stop waiting for white people to just give until things get fixed because it just makes lazier and lazier people who need more and more. The black community must stand up, man up, and begin pulling itself up from within by taking responsibility instead of waiting for somebody else to do it.

As for the cop, yeah, you look black... Maybe the cop was racist... your comment about white women and black men and old white money was too. Maybe he deals with way too many black criminals. Maybe he only did that particular day. Maybe he's just a moron. He is not all of us.

If we start doling out cash settlements to every individual or relative of an individual who has ever been and ever is wronged by somebody else the whole world would crash and burn in chaos. For f*** sake, we already have walking atrocity in the current state of our overly litigious society full of freebie graspers and ambulance chasers suing over current s*** that is of course not their fault. At least the old lady who sues when she spills McDonald's hot coffee on herself can say that she's trying to get compensation for something that actually happened to her personally.

Even if you do still think that you're particularly oppressed and that reparations are deserved... I'm fairly confident in saying hop in line because the Jews are going to get paid first. They've pretty much been oppressed by just about everybody for the vast majority of written time and the Muslims are still trying to kill them, no particular reasoning necessary. Funny thing is, they seem to manage a thriving nation despite all that and they aren't crying for handouts.
After a bit more consideration I've come to a conclusion. I may be willing to concede that reparations are just if you'll agree to this. If any ancestor of yours or anybody else ever harmed or wronged another and was not caught or did not legally suffer for that wrong then any of his decendents may be held legally or financially responsible for the past unpaid debt no matter the generation gap. Therefore, if it were to be found tomorrow that your great, great, grandfather murdered somebody and got away with it then you shall justly be executed for it.

In fact, you'll have to make good on all those decades of late fines out of your family savings before you are executed. If you simply want reparations for prevailing wage at the time, for a white man of course, then I would say $500 per family total would more than cover it. Any welfare pay collected by the individual counts against the debt.

Oh, and if you would like to hear a story sometime... I'll tell you, or better yet I'll have my fiance tell you of the misery she went through for over a year working under a black and VERY racist boss who treated her like absolute s***. Unless of course you actually believe and based on your previous argument I'm not sure you don't, that blacks can't be racist against whites.

Racist Guy:

You got too much anger in you man, i think u need Jesus.

Ha. That's not so much anger as your misinterpretation and unwillingness to accept cold, hard, logic and basic reality. Intelligence, knowledge, and rationality are the only Jesus I'll ever need.

Racist Guy:



As I thought.

And that's how it was left.

Tell me that I'm wrong, anybody.... I'm all ears.