Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Islam Has Feelings Hurt Again

It never ceases to amaze me anymore as to the extent to which the liberal apologists will go to appease anybody who moans loudly enough. Islam is the ultimate on my list of moronic fuckwittery. Yet again they're crying and complaining of their wonderfully peaceful religion being mercilessly attacked by evil people who just don't understand. We're hurting Islam's feelings and something needs to be done because it's a very sensitive religion.

On Friday, the UN Human Rights Council approved a resolution that calls on states to limit criticism of religions – specifically Islam. This is the tenth time such a resolution has passed at the UN's primary human rights body. Pakistan, on behalf of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, began introducing similar resolutions in 1999 arguing that Islam – the only religion specifically cited in the text – must be shielded from unfair associations with terrorism and human rights abuses.

These so-called "defamation of religions" resolutions also have a perfect record at the UN General Assembly, where the latest version passed in December. The resolutions contain some very appealing language, steeped in standard human rights values such as dialogue, harmony, and tolerance.

But don't be fooled; the resolutions only give clever lip service to these values. In reality they are calling for laws and actions that prohibit dialogue by declaring certain topics off limits for discussion, leading to intolerance of any view that some Muslims may find offensive. For instance, criticizing the practice of polygamy or the greater weight given to the testimony of men over women in sharia law would be forbidden. Such laws that prohibit blasphemy, defamation, or the defiling of Islam already exist in many of the countries that support the defamation of religions resolutions.

Who decides what views defame religion? Governments, of course. And the governments of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) have some of the worst records of respecting freedom of expression and belief in the world. Some of Freedom Houses's lowest-ranking countries, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Iran, are frequent sponsors. Other countries with less-than-stellar human rights records, such as Belarus, Venezuela, and Russia, also sign on, seemingly for the purpose of opposing international norms of human rights rather than out of any real solidarity with OIC countries.

Of course, the very idea that you can defame a religion at all flies in the face of both fundamental rights of expression and belief. A religion, like all ideas and beliefs, must be open to debate, discussion, and even criticism. For this reason, religions themselves do not have rights. Rights belong exclusively to people.

Nonetheless, these resolutions present a win-win scenario for OIC countries. They serve to legitimize the repression of minority voices at home, while scoring points with religious leaders and Islamic fundamentalists by fueling views of an antagonistic and "Islamophobic" Western world. Extremists are thus tacitly encouraged to take action against any who dare to defame their religious sensibilities.

Salmon Rushdie, Flemming Rose, and Theo Van Gogh are just some of the better known individuals who have been attacked – and, in the case of Mr. Van Gogh, killed – for expressing views deemed defamatory. Thousands of lesser-known human rights activists, bloggers, academics, and journalists have been threatened, imprisoned, beaten, or killed for expressing their beliefs. Countless Muslims have been persecuted for voicing a brand of faith deemed unorthodox and therefore blasphemous or defamatory. It is impossible to know how many have not dared to raise their voices out of fear of retribution.

Moreover, the OIC is not satisfied with the legitimacy it gains from the passage of nonbinding UN resolutions. Supporters of the "defamation of religions" concept have insidiously begun using language from existing international human rights law, such as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), to pervert international human rights norms.

I would like to know why any other belief that I choose to hold can be questioned but when it comes to religion it's simply off limits? This is especially true with Islam which is obviously not an all terrorist religion but so far it has been the religion of nearly all terrorists. Religion is absolutely the cause of the majority of evil in the world. If you haven't read them I would like to recommend a couple of books.




Religion has done just fine all on it's own for thousands of years, I am quite sure that it doesn't need to be protected against anybody's negative opinion. What some religions will do though is use the liberalism of those who oppose it to control and ultimately destroy them. Islam is winning a battle for our very rights on our very soil and it's only going to get worse. The struggle will become more futile with every little battle they win, it starts here... where is it going to end?

If you haven't watched this when I posted it before, or elsewhere, now is the time.

I leave you with this little gem.


Green Dishes... Not A Good Thing?

Just because I hate hippies.

I don't buy into the whole global warming scam. "Oh my god" think the tree huggers. Look at statistical temperatures, they rise and they fall, they rise and they fall, they've done it a couple times in the past century or so since records have been kept. I've read enough on both sides to form an educated opinion on the matter and the globe is warming but it isn't of human causing. That said, I must post a story that I was saw on a The Sniper's blog yesterday and simply had to post on my own so I looked up the actual story.

A ban on certain dish washing detergents is creating detergent smugglers out of citizens who don't like to have shit stuck on their dishes when the "green" alternative fails to work.

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) -- The quest for squeaky-clean dishes has turned some law-abiding people in Spokane into dishwater-detergent smugglers.

They are bringing Cascade or Electrasol in from out of state because the eco-friendly varieties required under Washington state law don't work as well.

Spokane County became the launch pad last July for the nation's strictest ban on dishwasher detergent made with phosphates, a measure aimed at reducing water pollution. The ban will be expanded statewide in July 2010, the same time similar laws take effect in several other states.

But it's not easy to get sparkling dishes when you go green.

Many people were shocked to find that products like Seventh Generation, Ecover and Trader Joe's left their dishes encrusted with food, smeared with grease and too gross to use without rewashing them by hand. The culprit was hard water, which is mineral-rich and resistant to soap.

As a result, there has been a quiet rush of Spokane-area shoppers heading east on Interstate 90 into Idaho in search of old-school suds.

Real estate agent Patti Marcotte of Spokane stocks up on detergent at a Costco in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and doesn't care who knows it.

"Yes, I am a smuggler," she said. "I'm taking my chances because dirty dishes I cannot live with."

(In truth, the ban applies to the sale of phosphate detergent -- not its use or possession -- so Marcotte is not in any legal trouble.)

Marcotte said she tried every green brand in her dishwasher and found none would remove grease and pieces of food. Everybody she knows buys dishwasher detergent in Idaho, she said.

Supporters of the ban acknowledge it is not very popular.

"I'm not hearing a lot of positive feedback," conceded Shannon Brattebo of the Washington Lake Protection Association, a prime mover of the ban. "I think people are driving to Idaho."

Steve Marcy, manager of the Costco in Coeur d'Alene, about 10 miles east of the Washington state line, estimated that sales of dishwasher detergent in his store have increased 10 percent. He knows where the customers are coming from.

"I'll joke with them and ask if they are from Spokane," Marcy said. "They say, `Oh yeah.'"

Shoppers can still buy phosphate detergents in Washington state by venturing outside Spokane County, but Idaho is more convenient to many Spokane residents.

Phosphates -- the main cleaning agent in many detergents and household cleaners -- break down grease and remove stains. However, the chemicals are difficult to remove in wastewater treatment plants and often wind up in rivers and lakes, where they promote the growth of algae. And algae gobble up oxygen in the water that fish need to survive.

While traditional detergents are up to 9 percent phosphate, those sold in Spokane County can contain no more than 0.5 percent.

The Washington Lake Protection Association has launched a campaign to encourage people to give the environmentally friendly brands a fair chance. The group suggests consumers experiment with different brands or install water softeners to help the green detergents work better.

"Clean lakes and clean dishes do not have to be mutually exclusive," said association president-elect Jacob McCann.

Phosphates have been banned in laundry detergent nationally since 1993. Washington was the first state where the Legislature passed a similar ban against dishwasher detergents, in 2006. The ban is being phased in, starting with Spokane County.

"It's nice to be on the cutting edge," Spokane resident Ken Beck, an opponent of the ban, said sarcastically.

Among other states that have banned or are banning phosphates in dishwasher detergent are Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan, Vermont, Minnesota, Illinois, Massachusetts and New York. A bill on Capitol Hill would impose a nationwide ban.

The Soap and Detergent Association, which represents manufacturers, initially fought the bans. But as the movement gained strength across the country, the association asked legislatures to delay bans until July 2010 to allow for a uniform rollout of products.

The industry has been working to develop better low-phosphate detergents, said Dennis Griesing, vice president of the manufacturers group.

"This is an irrevocable, nationwide commitment on the industry's part," he said.

For his part, Beck has taken to washing his dishes on his machine's pots-and-pans cycle, which takes longer and uses five gallons more water. Beck wonders if that isn't as tough on the environment as phosphates.

"How much is this really costing us?" Beck said. "Aren't we transferring the environmental consequences to something else?"

I find that it makes me incredibly, violently angry when big brother imposes one restriction after another on what I can and cannot do. I would like to take just a moment to salute our great lead Comrad Stalin who is obviously the one creating this great people's state of the USSA.


Now that that's out of the way let me just say to all you "green" assholes out there, I sincerely hope that your homes burn down (naturally of course) with you in them. If you want to live a life of filth and inconvenience using more expensive and inferior products then by all means have at it but leave me the fuck out of it. This socialist bullshit has got to go and all of the crusading do-gooders need to just fuck off with it. I find it incredibly disturbing that the majority of people are either too stupid or too uninformed to realize the direction our country, and the world are going. Atlas is shrugging.


Random Stupidity In The News

I love the news for various reasons, one of them would definitely be the fact that the news sometimes acts as my Captain Obvious. Here are a couple examples.

1. Depression affects more than 6 million people aged 65 or older in the United States but only 10 percent of them are treated.

Nevermind how many are treated, I'm sure the number of depressed old people treated by percentage probably isn't much different than the percentage of non-old people treated. What interests me is this. THEY'RE OLD! What the hell reason do old people have not to be depressed?

If you're not shitting your pants already it might be mere days, or even minutes away.

When you aren't accidentally shitting yourself, you're trying desperately to shit but to no avail.

You're probably on a shit-ton of medications just to regulate yourself.

It takes you 10 times the amount of time to do 1/4 of the shit you used to be able to do.

Everything hurts all of the time, arthritis, gout, hemorrhoids, etc.

Half your friends are already dead and the other half could go at any time.

Any day now your heart just might explode and you end up as worm food.

Your kids have all moved away and left you in a home with a bunch of other senile old fools who smell of moth balls and loaded diapers.

A strong wind can break your hip and immobilize you for months.

Your walk has becomes a shuffle, your shuffle becomes an ooze, which leads to a chair, which leads to immobilized in a bed.

You can't get anywhere if you don't drive because nobody wants to deal with your stories and if you do drive, you're a hazard on the road.

You look like a corpse of your former self (which you still remember fondly as you count wrinkles and sags by the thousands).

I could go on for weeks. If old people aren't depressed, they're probably demented so I think we should chalk that one up to part of the process of getting old.

2. My next obvious new story is this bomb. You'll never believe this one!

Adult men with learning disabilities may engage in unsafe sex even though they understand the associated risks, survey findings suggest.

Ten of the men, ages 29 to 65 years old, lived in community settings, while the remaining 7 men, aged 19 to 49 years old, lived in secure hospitals. Overall, the men reported having 0 to 40 sexual partners. None were married, but 14 had been involved in lengthy relationships, and 2 were currently living with their partner.

Generally, the men gave accurate answers regarding the types and benefits of contraception, but many seemed unsure about where to obtain contraception. Most of the men also gave accurate definitions of sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS, but some thought HIV transmissible through use of a toilet or a bath. A number of participants in this study described being coerced into sex, Yacoub and colleagues note.

These findings highlight the importance of learning more about the sexual lives of people with learning disabilities, "as they are a group of the population who may be vulnerable to exploitation and coercion," Yacoub told Reuters Health. Education alone may not be sufficient to prevent unsafe sexual practices among people with learning disabilities. Yacoub and colleagues suggest that developing a good rapport with learning-disabled people may help empower them to use safe-sex practices.

Really? Are you fucking serious? Did we really need a study to tell us that retarded people are likely to do retarded things?

(I know, I'm an insensitive jerk, I know, but that's beside the point)

Let's see... They're easily coerced, they don't fully understand things normal people would, They don't know where to obtain simple things like a condom, and this is somehow tied to being mentally disabled?

I don't buy it, I just don't see the correlation. We should probably just try harder to learn the learning disabled and attempt to "empower" them. This approach will surely work if we have the best of intentions.

3. This might be my favorite one because it's just more proof of how fucked up kids are these days. Teenage boys with erectile dysfunction?

In a study (the first of it's kind) 40 males ranging in age from 14 to 19 who came to one of three different specialized ED treatment centers for help. On average, the young men had been having problems for nearly two years. Most were accompanied by one or both parents.

Half of the teens reported having a decreased or absent sex drive, 30 had difficulty achieving spontaneous erection during sexual encounters, and 35 had trouble maintaining erections.

Twenty-five had ultrasound to check penile blood flow, which identified blood vessel problems in 12. The remaining 13 were considered to have psychological causes of erectile dysfunction.

Because what do we want to promote more than dumbass kids fucking like rabbits? Let's tally up the overall score... They're fat and gelatinous, disrespectful and stupid, interested in no physical activity, and they're overly violent (school shootings didn't happen when I was a kid). Should it really surprise us that they also can't get a boner? On the bright side, at least if they can't get it up they can't impregnate their 13 year old girlfriend and create another generation of self centered douchebags who are even more dysfunctional. This is not what we call a problem, this is evolution still attempting against all odds to do it's thing.

Touch That Cigarette and You Get No Virgins!

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Muslims who smoke and try to portray themselves as pious are worse than cows which defecate in the street, a top Malaysian Muslim cleric and politician said.

"...a cow which defecates in the middle of the road, (we) cannot take legal action against it because it has no brain and cannot think," said Nik Aziz who is the spiritual leader of the country's Pan-Islamic Party (PAS).

No brain!?!? I should think that a cow with no brain couldn't think! I'm writing a letter, my biology professor totally lied to me.

"But human beings, who have brains, for them to do something which is wrong in religion ... when they are in an attire which symbolises Islam, they can be regarded as being more despicable than cows," he said Friday, according to Malaysia's state news agency Bernama.

PAS is one of the three parties in Malaysia's opposition alliance led by former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim.

Nik Aziz said that smoking was forbidden by Islam.

Recently, Indonesia's top Islamic body passed a fatwa or ruling banning smoking. Malaysia's top Islamic body has also banned smoking.

Despite the ban in Malaysia, where over half the population of 27 million is Muslim, 50 percent of the male population smokes according to World Health Organisation (WHO) data.

Pretty much everything fun seems to be banned by Islam. No drinking, no smoking, no women in skimpy clothing, no sex. It's no wonder the motherfuckers run around and blow themselves up like suicidal lemmings. What the fuck else have they to do? Can nobody see this? Is it not obvious that maybe if haji got a little sucky sucky once in a while he wouldn't be so goddamn pissed off? Maybe if haji could get lit and exchange the herp with a stank ho at night he wouldn't have time to build bombs. If my woman was a sweaty beast covered in 40 yards of black tarp looking like the yin to the yang that is the grand dragon of the ku klux klan I'd be bitter too.

For fuck sake, what else can the Imams take from these sorry sons of bitches. I'm guessing it should be next that any Muslim who has a nose cannot be pious and is no better than a pig who fucks another pig while shitting in the street. Is anybody else aware that the world used for virgins in the Koran may have been mistranslated and may in fact have meant "white grapes" instead of women who have no idea how to please a man?

Those Crazy Catholic Priests, Always Misplacing Millions

MIAMI (Reuters) – Two disgraced Roman Catholic priests have been sentenced to prison in a case involving the misappropriation of more than $8 million from their church, a theft one judge called "greed unmasked."

John Skehan and Francis Guinan were accused in 2006 of skimming money from collection plates and bequests at their church in Delray Beach, Florida, and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on real estate, travel, rare coins and girlfriends.

Skehan, 81, was sentenced Tuesday to 14 months in prison and seven years probation after pleading guilty in January to a charge of grand theft of over $100,000. Guinan, 66, was sentenced Wednesday to four years in prison after taking the case to trial and being found guilty of a lesser charge of theft under $100,000.

Judge Jeffrey Colbath imposed the prison term on Skehan despite requests from prosecutors, defense lawyers and the Diocese of Palm Beach for probation only, the Palm Beach Post reported.

"The court finds the defendant is not merely sorry because he got caught, but is truly shameful, embarrassed and remorseful," the newspaper quoted Colbath as saying.

"The crime of the defendant was pure greed unmasked. There was not a shred of moral necessity to excuse the defendant's crime," he added.

Judge Krista Marx said Guinan must be punished for "unmitigated greed and unmitigated gall," Fort Lauderdale's Sun Sentinel newspaper reported.

"No matter how many good works you have performed in your many years as a priest, your legacy will always be one of thievery and deceit," she said.

When the priests were charged in September 2006, police said they had channeled money from collection plates into secret slush funds, using some of it for church projects and part for vacations, property and gambling trips to Las Vegas and the Bahamas.

Investigators said Skehan, a priest for more than 50 years, invested heavily in rare coins, owned a cottage and a pub in Ireland, a $455,000 penthouse condominium in Singer Island, Florida, and another apartment in Delray Beach.

Forensic accountants hired by the diocese found that $8.7 million had been misappropriated from the St. Vincent Ferrer Church during the tenures of Skehan and his successor, Guinan.

Spending the money on girlfriends? At 81 and 66 years old? Were they spending it on cataract surgery for the girlfriends? Yeah yeah, I know, it was surely over years but it's still funny. The lesson here is this people. Don't attempt to deceive a master of deception. The church and it's minions have been stealing from the people for thousands of years and they have it down to a fine science. I always find it hilarious when shit like this happens because I constantly hear that without religion we would have no base for morality. Obviously this statement is 100% accurate down to the letter. If touching little boys bums and stealing like a crackhead on a mission is morality then I'll stick with being a heathen.

Hallalujas! Baby Javon Riseth Again... Maybe

I couldn't help but post this one. I find few things more hilarious than the stupidity inherent in religion and it's followers. For this reason I can rarely pass up a good chance to pass on yet another example of the type of person who buys into it lock, stock, and barrel.

BALTIMORE – A former religious cult member pleaded guilty Monday to starving her 1-year-old son to death after making an unusual deal with prosecutors: If the child is resurrected, her plea will be withdrawn. Ria Ramkissoon, 22, also agreed to testify against four other members of the now-defunct religious group known as 1 Mind Ministries. All four are charged with first-degree murder in the death of Javon Thompson.

According to a statement of facts, the cult members stopped feeding the boy when he refused to say "Amen" after a meal. After Javon died, Ramkissoon sat next to his decomposing body and prayed for his resurrection. Ramkissoon's attorney, Steven D. Silverman, said Ramkissoon believes the resurrection will occur. She agreed to plead guilty only after prosecutors said they would drop the charges if the child comes back to life, Silverman said.

"This is something that she absolutely insisted upon, and this is indicative of the fact that she is still brainwashed, still a victim of this cult," he said. "Until she's deprogrammed, she's not going to think any differently." Baltimore Circuit Judge Timothy J. Doory assured Ramkissoon that the plea would indeed be withdrawn if the child is resurrected.

Ramkissoon pleaded guilty to one count of child abuse resulting in death. She will remain in custody until she testifies against her co-defendants and will receive a suspended 20-year sentence and serve five years probation. Sentencing was scheduled for Aug. 11. By then, Ramkissoon would have spent about a year behind bars. As part of her probation, Ramkissoon must submit to treatment, including sessions with an expert on cult behavior.

The maximum sentence for child abuse resulting in death is 30 years, and defendants typically receive between 12 and 20 years, according to Maryland sentencing guidelines. Ramkissoon will fare much better under the plea deal than if she had pursued an insanity defense, Silverman said. A court psychiatrist found that she was both competent to stand trial and could have been held criminally responsible for Javon's death because she knew the difference between right and wrong.

Silverman could have challenged that finding, and he said prosecutors told him they wouldn't have stood in his way. In a letter to Silverman that outlined the terms of the plea deal, prosecutors said the finding of criminal responsibility was "somewhat surprising." If Ramkissoon had been found not criminally responsible in court, she would have been committed indefinitely to a state mental hospital. By pleading guilty, she will serve little jail time and still get the treatment she needs, Silverman said.

Ramkissoon's mother and stepfather and Javon's paternal grandmother wept in court as prosecutors described the boy's death. The petite Ramkissoon, a native of Trinidad, was calm, answering the judge's questions in a barely audible voice. When asked her address, she gave the location of the city jail. Asked later whether she had any other place she called home, she said, "No."

Ramkissoon's mother, Seeta Khadan-Newton, said the cult manipulated her daughter into disowning her family. "We are behind her now. We are in the past," Khadan-Newton said. Geraldine Ridgley, Javon's paternal grandmother, said Ramkissoon deserves a stiffer punishment. The boy's father, Robert Thompson, was not in court Monday. Ridgley said he was ill. Thompson was in jail when Javon was born. After the boy died, the cult members left his body inside the apartment where they lived until it began to decompose, according to police documents and the statement of facts. In early 2007, they stuffed the body inside a suitcase and filled it with mothballs and fabric softener sheets to mask the odor.

The cult members relocated to Philadelphia, where they befriended an elderly man and stored the suitcase in a shed behind his home. It remained there for more than a year before police found it, the documents say. The judge also ordered the four co-defendants to appear before another judge Tuesday to receive a new trial date. Alleged cult leader Queen Antoinette and ex-members Trevia Williams and Marcus A. Cobbs are being held without bail. Steven L. Bynum is free on his own recognizance.

Does there really need to be a line drawn between a "cult" and a "religion"? I'll now answer that... No there does not. There is no difference. What this woman did was no more ridiculous than what mainstream religions preach. If virgins can pop out divine babies and hippies can walk on water and rise from the dead, why can't baby Jaquon, Jamal, Jamaica, Jamiqua, Java, Javanda, oh fuck it, who cares. Now call me callous or cold-hearted (I am) but in all honesty, I'm just happy she's going to prison and hopefully will not have the chance to reproduce again. You cannot tell me that somebody who has the mentality required to be in a cult and who makes a "baby daddy" out of an inmate should have any business being permitted to have children in the first place. That family tree is one that should be stopped and we should consider ourselves lucky.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

??Because Every Community Needs More Cop Killers??

About 60 people marched and rallied in Oakland on Wednesday to condemn the police and honor Lovelle Mixon, who was killed by Oakland police after he fatally shot four officers Saturday. "OPD you can't hide - we charge you with genocide," chanted the demonstrators as they marched along MacArthur Boulevard, near the intersection with 74th Avenue where Mixon, 26, a fugitive parolee, gunned down two motorcycle officers who had pulled him over in a traffic stop. He killed two more officers who tried to capture him where he was hiding in his sister's apartment nearby.

The protest was organized by the Oakland branch of the Uhuru Movement, whose flyers for the march declared, "Stop Police Terror." Many marchers wore T-shirts featuring Mixon's photo, including a woman identified by march organizers as Mixon's mother. The woman declined to comment and gave her name only as Athena. Lolo Darnell, one of Mixon's cousins at the demonstration, said, "He needs sympathy too. If he's a criminal, everybody's a criminal."

Asked about police allegations that Mixon was suspected in several rapes, including that of a 12-year-old girl, marcher Mandingo Hayes said, "He wasn't a rapist. I don't believe that." Bystanders had mixed reactions. Nicole Brown said that she can't condone murder but that police don't respect residents of the area. Daria Belt said she had no sympathy for the protesters but sympathized for Mixon's family.

Shit... If Lolo says "he ain't did nuttin" then by god he hasn't done anything. The rule is that anybody named Lolo is the prevailing expert on anything within a 400 miles radius of where she lives, it's the name, I couldn't make this shit up. Though I'm not the least bit surprised I am incredibly annoyed. I'm a big fan of freedoms, freedoms to do most things within reasonable boundaries. What I'm not a fan of is freedom to be an idiotic ass-clown of a dumbass piece of shit like oh... "about 60 people" obviously are.

I sincerely think that anybody who marches in defense of a rapist and murderer should be fitted in cement shoes and sent Christmas fishing with Scott Peterson. How the fuck many generations of stupid have to combine to create such a potent concoction of uber-dumbass. The black community in places like this wonder why the cops don't respect them? THIS IS WHY THE FUCK THEY DON'T RESPECT YOU!! Are you fucking retarded? I've lived in California, 2 minutes outside of Oakland. I know what kind of place this can be.

If there weren't cops "disrespecting" the black community of Oakland's right to murder people there would be no fucking people left in Oakland. It's absolutely astonishing that people like this can not only walk and remember why they're walking but that they don't forget to breathe and simply die. You know they voted and I'm willing to bet it was for Obama. Un-fucking-believable!

Drug Tests For Welfare!?!?

Some states are finally considering random drug testing for welfare recipients? Really? Just getting around to it now?

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Want government assistance? Just say no to drugs. Lawmakers in at least eight states want recipients of food stamps, unemployment benefits or welfare to submit to random drug testing. The effort comes as more Americans turn to these safety nets to ride out the recession. Poverty and civil liberties advocates
(Communist fucktards with no common sense, an IQ rivaling a stapler, and nothing better to do)
fear the strategy could backfire, discouraging some people from seeking financial aid and making already desperate situations worse.

If you happen to be one of these communist fucktards reading my blog, I'm going to tell you a secret. If the individual is in such a "desperate" situation, he or she should not be spending money that he or she does not have, on drugs. Drug testing will not worsen desperate situations, it will make situations less desperate. At the very least it will weed out people who are so stupid that they deserve to starve to death in the gutter anyhow. I'm not sympathetic to people who actively make their own bad situation worse.

Those in favor of the drug tests say they are motivated out of a concern for their constituents' health and ability to put themselves on more solid financial footing once the economy rebounds. But proponents concede they also want to send a message: you don't get something for nothing.

"Nobody's being forced into these assistance programs," said Craig Blair, a Republican in the West Viginia Legislature who has created a Web site — notwithmytaxdollars.com — that bears a bobble-headed likeness of himself advocating this position. "If so many jobs require random drug tests these days, why not these benefits?" Blair is proposing the most comprehensive measure in the country, as it would apply to anyone applying for food stamps, unemployment compensation or the federal programs usually known as "welfare": Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and Women, Infants and Children.

Lawmakers in other states are offering similar, but more modest proposals. On Wednesday, the Kansas House of Representatives approved a measure mandating drug testing for the 14,000 or so people getting cash assistance from the state, which now goes before the state senate. In February, the Oklahoma Senate unanimously passed a measure that would require drug testing as a condition of receiving TANF benefits, and similar bills have been introduced in Missouri and Hawaii.

A Florida senator has proposed a bill linking unemployment compensation to drug testing, and a member of Minnesota's House of Representatives has a bill requiring drug tests of people who get public assistance under a state program there. A January attempt in the Arizona Senate to establish such a law failed. In the past, such efforts have been stymied by legal and cost concerns, said Christine Nelson, a program manager with the National Conference of State Legislatures.

But states' bigger fiscal crises, and the surging demand for public assistance, could change that. "It's an example of where you could cut costs at the expense of a segment of society that's least able to defend themselves," said Frank Crabtree, executive director of the West Virginia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Holy mother of Jesus H. Fucking Christ do I fucking hate the American Communist Litigation Unit. Tell me Frankie boy, how is the requirement that recipients of the tax money of the public don't engage in what is still considered illegal activity something negative? I'm not allowed to do drugs! Why the fuck should I not be allowed to do drugs but I should be forced to give up part of my paycheck to support some piece of shit who sits around all day and does drugs while I go to work? How the fuck is this fair Frank, you moronic asshole? I have to work for my money and this "segment of society" may or may not actually want to work but if they want to receive money there should be stipulations on it.

I am quite confident that not doing drugs (not engaging in illegal activity) is a more than reasonable stipulation. If you don't have your own job, you don't have your own money. If you don't have your own money, you can't afford drugs. I'm pretty sure the commies should quit bitching and deal with this because it's fair. I don't think welfare should cover anything that isn't absolutely necessary for survival. No soda, no chips, no candy or junk food, no snack cakes, no cigarettes, no televisions, internet or cable tv. I know for a fact that some of these people live better with no job than some people I know who work two.

Drug testing is not the only restriction envisioned for people receiving public assistance: a bill in the Tennessee Legislature would cap lottery winnings for recipients at $600.

I love you Tennessee! I don't see how it's fair that welfare recipients play the lottery and end up getting rich because of money that I was forced to give them. I don't think they should be allowed at all. There should simple be no cash at all given to welfare recipients. Give them a gas card, a food card, and a necessary repairs card and they only work in select businesses.

There seems to be no coordinated move around the country to push these bills, and similar proposals have arisen periodically since federal welfare reform in the 1990s. But the appearance of a cluster of such proposals in the midst of the recession shows lawmakers are newly engaged about who is getting public assistance. Particularly troubling to some policy analysts is the drive to drug test people collecting unemployment insurance, whose numbers nationwide now exceed 5.4 million, the highest total on records dating back to 1967.

"It doesn't seem like the kind of thing to bring up during a recession," said Ron Haskins, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. "People who are unemployed, who have lost their job, that's a sympathetic group. Americans are tuned into that, because they're worried they'll be next." Indeed, these proposals are coming at a time when more Americans find themselves in need of public assistance. Although the number of TANF recipients has stayed relatively stable at 3.8 million in the last year, claims for unemployment benefits and food stamps have soared.

In December, more than 31.7 million Americans were receiving food stamp benefits, compared with 27.5 million the year before. The link between public assistance and drug testing stems from the Congressional overhaul of welfare in the 1990s, which allowed states to implement drug testing as a condition of receiving help. But a federal court struck down a Michigan law that would have allowed for "random, suspicionless" testing, saying it violated the 4th Amendment's protections against unreasonable search and seizure, said Liz Schott, a senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

At least six states — Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Wisconsin and Virginia — tie eligibility for some public assistance to drug testing for convicted felons or parolees, according to the NCSL. Nelson said programs that screen welfare applicants by assigning them to case workers for interviews have shown some success without the need for drug tests. These alternative measures offer treatment, but can also threaten future benefits if drug problems persist, she said. They also cost less than the $400 or so needed for tests that can catch a sufficient range of illegal drugs, and rule out false positive results with a follow-up test, she said.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mexican Drugs & Guns Are Our Problem?


WASHINGTON – Members of Congress may be alarmed by the surge in Mexican drug violence and its potential to spill across the border, but they grow silent when the talk turns to gun control as a solution. With related kidnappings and killings occurring in the U.S., the Obama administration is likely to shift dozens of enforcement agents and millions of dollars to the fight against Mexican drug cartels. Yet when Attorney General Eric Holder suggested reinstituting a U.S. ban on the sale of certain semiautomatic weapons, many lawmakers balked.

The 1994 ban expired after 10 years. "The Second Amendment Task Force opposes the discussed ban and will fight any attempts that infringe on our Second Amendment rights," said Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga., a chairman of the group. Six Democrats and six Republicans co-signed his statement. Mexico has long tried to get the United States to curtail the number of guns — many purchased legally — that wind up south of the border, where gun laws are much stricter.

Let me get this straight... Mexico wants us to take away the rights of our citizens to have guns BECAUSE they can't control their citizens who come up here, get guns, and bring them back? Wouldn't this mean that we should be able to tell Mexico that they have to build a fence to contain their citizens BECAUSE our hippy left wing leaders are too pussified to do anything to control the flow of illegal Mexicans into our country? I'm pretty sure I don't give a flying fuck about Mexico or anybody in it. If Mexico has a violence/gun problem then Mexico's broke-ass government can fix the problem. We're damned if we do and damned if we don't.

We step in to help one shithole country out of a fucking disaster and we're an evil empire bent on conquering the world, but if we fail to step in and provide wipeys for the chapped ass of another then we're also wrong. When are we going to learn that the only way to let the rest of the world learn is to just step back and let them fuck themselves for a while. Once shit goes to hell attitudes will change.

The State Department says firearms obtained in the U.S. account for an estimated 95 percent of Mexico's drug-related killings. "If President (Felipe) Calderon's policies to roll back organized crime are to be successful, we need to defang the power of the drug syndicates to inflict damage upon our state, local and police forces," Arturo Sarukhan, the Mexican ambassador to the United States, said in January. "The best way we can do that is for a real ratcheting up of the United States' capabilities of shutting down the flow of weapons."

Well then Felipe, it just looks like you're going to have to cowboy up, wipe your nose, and fucking do something to get control of your country... I mean besides whining that the U.S. needs to do something to help you get control of your country. I seem to recall Mexico not wanting anything to do with the United States back around oh 1846-1848. My how things have changed. Somehow I find it hard to believe that these cartels are rolling into a Dunham's and buying crates full of assault rifles for transport back to Mexico.

After opposition from the National Rifle Association, 22 Democrats joined Republicans in a Senate vote this month to negate the District of Columbia's tough gun registration requirements and overturn its ban on rapid-fire semiautomatic weapons. More than 80 House Democrats backed a similar measure last year. The gun lobby has raised more than $20 million for political candidates since the 1990 election cycle, with about 85 percent going to Republicans. That ranks 68th among about 80 industry groups tracked by the OpenSecrets.org campaign finance watchdog.

When border violence comes up in hearings, lawmakers say they don't see a need for new gun laws. "I don't think the solution to Mexico's problems is to limit Second Amendment gun rights in this country," said Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, chairman of the Senate GOP's election committee. "What we can do is help our Mexican friends enforce their own laws." Republican Rep. Jeff Flake said he believed a recent hearing on Mexico drug violence was actually a discussion of gun control. "Instead of punishing law-abiding Americans with stricter controls, we must continue to punish those who break the law," said Flake, of Arizona, where 700 cartel-related kidnappings have occurred over two years.

For his part, Obama has signaled a willingness to tighten restrictions on guns, calling the flow of drug money and guns "a two-way situation." Yet 65 Democrats said in a letter to Holder that they would oppose any attempt by the administration to revive a ban on military-style weapons. Congress did provide $45 million this year for Project Gunrunner, a federal program aimed at curbing the flow of guns. Rep. Ciro Rodriguez, a Texas Democrat on the Appropriations Committee, said he will seek another $30 million over two years for the program and $30 million more to fund efforts by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to crack down on gun trafficking.

Tom Diaz, an analyst at the Violence Policy Center, a gun control group, said cartels use military-style weapons such as the Armalite AR-50, a .50-caliber sniper rifle. He brought one to a recent congressional hearing — with the help of two police officers — and said he found the weapon on the Internet, bought it for $3,200 from a Maryland "kitchen table" dealer and had it registered in the District of Columbia, all in about six hours. Semiautomatic rifles used by the cartels are imported legally into the U.S. as "sporting" weapons, a policy that was stopped for years but revived under President George W. Bush.

The government could stop importation of those weapons under the 1968 Gun Control Act and thus keep them from winding up in Mexico, Diaz said. Rep. John Tierney, D-Mass., who chaired a hearing on guns going to Mexico, said he is not seeking widespread gun control but Congress must do something. "We don't want to get distracted by the gun industry lobby of the NRA trying to talk about (how) every attempt to bring some sanity to the situation is somehow an attempt to get rid of everybody's Second Amendment rights," he said.

"That's a red herring." Sarukhan, the Mexican ambassador, said Mexico simply wants existing U.S. gun laws applied. "Just on the Arizona and Texas border, there are 12,000 gun shops and countless other gun shows that week in and week out rove around the border area," Sarukhan said.

A red herring is it? It seems to me that the Left simply keeps looking for ways to get rid of guns and Mexico is yet another whiney attempt and convincing people. Fuck Mexico, build a fence, surround it with electrified razor wire, and build sniper towers. Employ hundreds of people patrolling the fence and manning the towers, help the economy and in turn, cut off the flow of guns. Problem solved. Mexico, it's your country, they're your cartels, fix your own fucking problems because we have our own issues to worry about.

Why should our taxpayers foot the bill for billions of dollars to fix Mexico when our own economy is a disaster and our own people are suffering. SOCIALISM, that's why... Mexico has nothing we need, Mexico makes does not help itself. The only thing Mexico is good for is a constant tsunami of illegal immigration that is swamping our healthcare and other public works sectors. There's corruption within the Mexican government and law enforcement and no attempt is made to weed it out. The country is a disaster and needs to be left to it's own destruction. SOCIALISM has failed people! Time and again socialism has failed and the left just can't accept it.

Why worry about Mexico, half the goddamn Mexicans are already in our country anyway. I'm surprised there are any left who aren't either in the Mexican government, or working for the cartels. The fact that this is even considered a debatable topic is absolutely ridiculous. Bottom line is this. Imagine that you have neighbor. This neighbor is by no means well off, he works a menial job and barely makes a living but has 4 kids to support. Your neighbor's kids are always dirty, always hungry, too skinny, have no toys, and their clothes are ragged. Meanwhile you know for a fact that the neighbor is giving all sorts of money to some sort of charity while his kids are suffering.

How many people would not call fowl and sick child welfare services on the man who neglected his own children to pour money into some other charity? I know the answer and so do you! The same thing goes for the United States. You don't pour billions of dollars into Mexico, Iraq, or any other country when you don't even have the billions of dollars to take care of your own people... you just don't fucking do it. Spend at home first! If you have enough surplus and the people are idiotic enough to want to squander it on the rest of the freeloading world {welfare (domestic & abroad)} then it will be their own stupid choice but when you're in a state of disaster then all free rides should be suspended.


Monday, March 23, 2009

What Would You Do For An Obama Bar?

MOSCOW: Obama ice cream, anyone? Chocolate-vanilla ice cream is one of several Russian products being marketed using America’s first black president, even as critics call the ads racist.


Other ads featuring Barack Obama have promoted tanning salons and tooth-whitening services. But the creator of one Obama-themed ad - for ice cream bars which have a chocolate-flavoured centre embedded in a layer of vanilla
- insisted that it was not racist and should be seen as a joke. The ad for Duet ice cream bars features a smiling, cartoonish black man flashing a V-for-Victory sign in front of the US Capitol, along with the Russian slogan: “Everyone’s talking about it: dark inside white!”

The mascot Obama appears to be a happy, smiling, totally clueless bastard, not unlike the real Obama. What's racist about that. I just wish somebody would bite the head off the real one like they surely will with the chocolate covered white one. Oops did I say that. Must be Russian racist mind control.

Get Some!

I Love That Guy!

I'm Far From Done With Islam

I liked this video from Fidothedog over at newportcity.blogspot.com and it goes well with today's theme which is, "Time To Quit Being Whiney Hippy Pussies and Push Back Against Islam".


Radical Islam has been ignored long enough. Wake up America, it may not be a problem on the same scale as it is in Europe but it's only a matter of time. This is a short film by Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders. Approximately 17 minutes in length this film was originally released March 27, 2008 on the video sharing website Liveleak in Dutch and English versions. The following day, Liveleak removed the film from their servers, citing serious threats to their staff. The religion of tolerance... Go figure.

Wilders is currently on trial for hate crimes (free speech, or lack therof) in the Netherlands for speaking out against radical Islam. Wilders is currently banned from entering the UK because of his views. It is a sad day when a supposedly free country is held hostage by fear of retribution and/or blind stupidity toward the obvious. I ask the people of the world, I ask the sheep that are the majority of western society. When will you stand up for yourselves? When will you stand up for your beliefs? When will you stand up and defend your heritage? What is sacred to you? Those who will not defend their way of life will lose their way of life and radical Islam is willing, ready, and actively seeking to take it from you.

You spout that not all Islam is radical and that this is only a minority and you're mistaken. This is not the minority, it is simply the outspoken of the religion. Islam will rule you if you do not stand up. Islam will rule you by the might of the outspoken radicals. Islam will rule you by the quiet reserve of the passive non-radicals who may not want to rule by force but will certainly accept rule by simple majority once they move en masse and take over.

The goals of Islam are in the Koran. The goals of Islam are publicly stated time and again in demonstrations, protests, and by Imams. What more do you need? How much proof is necessary to raise a red flag? Has history taught us nothing? Are we yet again to suffer another series of atrocities, another holocaust, the loss of Europe, all in the name of tolerance toward the intolerant? Ask yourselves not what you're told is right, ask yourselves what you believe is truly right. Open your eyes and look at the signs. Act before it's too late, stop this insanity.

Doggie Poo Dollars?

I often wonder how some things end up as news. This is one of those things.

APEX, N.C. – A North Carolina family's dog didn't eat the children's homework, he ate mom's money. Kelley Davis said she had an extra $400 in cash to deposit after working extra hours as a physical therapist. She told the News & Observer of Raleigh that on Friday she planned to deposit the money, but it wasn't in her pocket. She remembered leaving it in the bedroom and it occurred to her that the family's 2-year-old greater Swiss mountain dog, Augie, might have eaten it.

Not The Dog In Question But Instead A Questionable Dog.

Davis, 42, said when she took Augie for a walk Saturday, she found parts of three $100 bills and five $20s in his leavings. She washed them with a garden hose and hopes to find enough pieces to exchange them for cash. A professor at the North Carolina State University Veterinary School said the money shouldn't hurt the dog.

How does this become news? Did this idiot call the local news station and say "I've got some front page shit for you... guess what my dog done did!?" I would have been more likely to pump Augie's stomach with a shop vac rather than wait for him to drop a deuce. I find dog people hilarious. I will not own a creature that eats things like oh, say $400 for example, drools on everything, thinks anything that runs is the enemy, and requires that I place my hand in a used grocery bag to pick up it's still steaming turds.

I find dogs to be mostly contemptible creatures of little value except maybe specially trained ones. It is really funny to see a German Shepard attacking fleeing perpetrators. I actually hope this lady does not find and hose off enough pieces to get the money replaced. Why the hell should the money be replaced, it's her own stupidity. This should be considered a stupid tax and ignored. If I took my Michael Jordan Rookie card and ran it through the blender then took the pieces and asked for a fresh new one I wouldn't get it now would I? Neither should dumbass.

First of all if you're stupid enough to leave $400 where the dog (who probably is prone to this sort of thing rather than it being a new hobby) can eat it, then you deserve to lose it. Second of all if you are willing to pry apart turds and rinse off pieces of bills in a garden hose then I don't want you having the extra money to save so you can afford things like being able to afford to reproduce.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anybody Else Smell Shitty Pants?

Hooli Culture... Baghdad Style


An Iraqi fan (using that term loosely), shot dead a player on the opposing team who was trying to score the tying goal in the final minutes of a match.

"As soon as the player was alone in front of the goalkeeper and close to equalizing, a fan in the crowd fired a pistol at him," a senior police officer in Hilla, who declined to be named, told Reuters. "We arrested this fan immediately but unfortunately the player died."

Iraqis love soccer and have often expressed hope the game would help reconcile warring ethnic groups and sects.

If only their love for the game could overpower love of violence and inability to use sound reasoning against killing over a sport. I'm actually surprised it was a pistol and not an RPG.

Iraq's surprise victory in the 2007 Asian Cup brought rare joy and unity to the shattered nation, with Shi'ites, Sunni Arabs and Kurds pouring into the streets to celebrate their team's 1-0 win over Saudi Arabia in the Jakarta final.

The shooting on Saturday in Hilla, 100 km (60 miles) south of Baghdad, during a match between local teams, underscored the country's propensity to lawlessness even as violence by militant groups falls to lows not seen since mid-2003.

I know I cannot condemn the Iraqis for this incident because many other countries are nearly as bad and they actually have laws and rules. What I'll never understand is a question that is not all that complex. I've always been an extremely athletic and competetive individual. Despite taking part in and excelling at numerous sports from a young age, I never took much if any enjoyment out of watching others play any sport really. It simply does not interest me. Maybe this is why I look at sport the way I do, I don't know but my question is this. How simple must you be, how shamefully useless must every other aspect of your life be that you are willing to kill, fight, or even argue over sport?

I think maybe that's why I've never gotten into it. Sport does attract the masses and the majority of fans are normal people I know, but the thing I can't deal with is that some of the dumbest people I've met are some of the most hardcore "fans". People who can't afford a pack of juicy fruit will pay $130 to go sit for 2 hours in -30 degree weather under 3 feet of partially frozen lake to watch a bunch over overpaid babies who are jacked up on steroids toss, kick, or hit a ball around a large field for $2,000,000 an hour while the family of the person who paid the money has to share one can of spam and 4 navy beans for a week just to eat.

It's only a sport people, it means nothing in the grand scheme of things... other than a good distraction so that people won't or don't have to concern themselves with things that actually matter.

Monday, March 16, 2009

More On Bayer Bioterrorism

Chemical and drug maker Bayer AG said Thursday it acted "responsibly, ethically and humanely" during the 1980s in selling a blood-clotting product that stopped potentially fatal bleeding in hemophiliacs but was linked to the risk of HIV infection.

The company's statement was in response to a New York Times report that it sold millions of dollars worth of an older version of the medication in Latin America and Asia while marketing a newer, safer product in the United States and Europe. Bayer division Cutter Biological continued selling old stocks of the medicine for more than a year after it introduced a version in February 1984 that was heat-treated to kill HIV, according to documents obtained by the Times.

The medicine, called Factor VIII concentrate, can stop or prevent potentially fatal bleeding in people with hemophilia, a genetic condition that prevents blood from clotting normally. Early in the AIDS epidemic, the medicine was made using plasma from 10,000 or more donors. There was not yet a screening test for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, so even a small number of HIV-positive donors could taint a large pool of plasma recipients. As a result, thousands of hemophiliacs became infected with HIV.

Bayer and three other companies that made the concentrate have paid about $600 million to settle more than 15 years of lawsuits accusing them of making a dangerous product, the newspaper said. The documents from that litigation, examined by the Times, include internal memos, minutes of marketing meetings and telexes to foreign distributors. Bayer, based in the western German city of Leverkusen, said Cutter continued selling the older version because some customers doubted the new one's effectiveness, and because some countries were slow to approve its sale. It said there were initially concerns that heat-treating might make the drug less safe or less effective.

"Bayer has always behaved responsibly, ethically, and humanely to provide lifesaving products for the global hemophilia community," the statement said. "Decisions made nearly two decades ago were based on the best scientific information of the time and were consistent with the regulations in place. They cannot be judged on the information available today." The Times said at least 100 hemophiliacs in Hong Kong and Taiwan alone contracted AIDS after using the older product, and that many have since died. Li Wei-chun said her son, who died in 1996 at the age of 23, was among the victims.

"They did not care about the lives in Asia," she said. "It was racial discrimination." Cutter also sold the older medicine in Argentina, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore after February 1984, according to the documents. The newspaper said Cutter shipped more than 100,000 vials of unheated concentrate, worth more than $4 million, after it began selling the safer product. The sales continued partly because of Cutter's desire to deplete stocks of the older medicine, and partly because of fixed-price contracts, for which the company believed the older product would be cheaper to make, the newspaper said.

In March 1983, the federal Centers for Disease Control warned that blood products appeared responsible for AIDS among hemophiliacs. Three months later, Cutter sent a letter to distributors in nearly two dozen nations saying that AIDS was "the center of irrational response in many countries." In late 1984, as Hong Kong hemophiliacs began testing positive for HIV, some doctors wondered whether Cutter was sending "AIDS-tainted" medicine into less-developed nations. But the company assured its distributor that the unheated product posed "no severe hazard" and was the "same fine product we have supplied for years."

In May 1985, Dr. Harry M. Meyer Jr., the Food and Drug Administration's blood-products official, called the companies to a meeting, believing they had broken an agreement to stop selling the older medicine, the Times said. But Meyer decided to handle the matter quietly instead of notifying the public, the newspaper said.

Racism... No... Corporate greed... Yes. Absolutely astonishing. Yet again human stupidity catches me off guard by being exposed on a new, even more disturbing level.

Bayer... Criminial Fuckwittery Done To The Extreme

I don't even think I can comment. I am at a loss for words. Staggering.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Just Think It's Funny

No particular reason other than that... so I thought I would share.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is The Messiah Finally Going To Do Something Useful?

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama on Tuesday embraced a new approach to education that would reward good teachers, remove limits on charter schools and lengthen both the school day and the school year.

These proposals, which constitute the heart of Obama's vision of 21st century education reform, were sure to generate loud criticism, particularly from teachers' union.

Of course the union doesn't want it. The union is nothing more than a socialist organization that rewards laziness and stupidity and punishes those who put in extra effort. What a disaster it would be indeed if good teachers were recognized and shitty ones thrown out on their asses. Nobody should give two shits what the union wants because they're a big part in the destruction of our country. Look at the auto industry.

Educators oppose charter schools because they divert tax dollars away from traditional public schools. Merit-based systems for teachers have been anathema to the teachers' unions, a powerful force in Obama's Democratic Party, for many years. Obama acknowledged that some of his proposals would be unpopular with both parties. "Too many supporters of my party have resisted the idea of rewarding excellence in teaching with extra pay, even though we know it can make a difference in the classroom," he said, delivering the first major education speech of his presidency before a meeting of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

"Too many in the Republican Party have opposed new investments in early education, despite compelling evidence of its importance." But he argued that a far-reaching overhaul of the nation's education system is an economic imperative that can't wait despite the urgency of the financial crisis and other matters. "Despite resources that are unmatched anywhere in the world, we have let our grades slip, our schools crumble, our teacher quality fall short, and other nations outpace us," he said.

"The relative decline of American education is untenable for our economy, unsustainable for our democracy, and unacceptable for our children. We cannot afford to let it continue. What is at stake is nothing less than the American dream." The ideas Obama promoted were nearly all elements of his presidential campaign platform last year. He only barely mentioned the reauthorization of the Bush-era No Child Left Behind Act, which introduced sweeping reforms that schools are struggling to meet without the funding to match. Obama said his administration would "later this year" ensure that schools get the funding they need and that the money is conditioned on results.

I do disagree with anybody who wants a "no child left behind" rule in place because it's simply ridiculous. Some children are simply idiots and need left behind. When teachers are crippled by a small minority of moronic students who can't keep up the rest of the students suffer as well. Imagine what they might learn in a year (compared to what they do now) if Dimwitted Jimmy simply failed a grade as he should (as he would have in my day).

Every child is not cut out to make it to college and every child does not get to be whatever he or she wants when they grow up, it's a simple fact of life and everybody needs to learn it. A longer school day and year would help greatly catching up with the times. Summer breaks are an obsolete remnant of a bygone era when children were actually needed to work. Now children spend all summer sitting around playing XBox and getting into trouble. They might as well be doing something useful.

My question is this: Are they also going to put the authority back in the hands of the teachers that is needed to do their jobs? My brother quit teaching because too many students were unruly and wouldn't listen and he had no power to do anything. If he attempted to punish them (detention, etc.) the parents complained, the administrators crumbled and nothing got done. My principal was also my Taekwondo instructor and I know for a fact that in his day you would have gotten thrown through a wall. Sometimes it's necessary.

Parents need to step up and control your children. Administrators and lawmakers need to step up and realize that there are certain places where children should not have "rights". Granted they shouldn't be beaten with a paddle but they certainly should be kicked the fuck out if they can't act properly. A couple years working drive through at McDonald's would certainly set them straight and if it doesn't it was meant to be. It's a good start, but there's still a lot to be done and this proposal alone will not fix the problem.

I Was Subjected To This, Therefore, So Must You Be

My ears are bleeding and my eyes are flickering on and off. My soul has been so severely wounded that it is cowering in a dark, damp, corner of the recesses of my being and I'm not sure it will ever recover. In my head there is a loop of the most terrifying noise to which I have ever been subjected. I didn't like the original version but this is to Thriller what Pennywise was to clowns.


Chuck E Cheese Light-Heavyweight Bout

Several adults allegedly got into a fight at a local Chuck E. Cheese and a four-year-old boy was apparently caught in the middle.


Collier Township Police confirm they are investigating an incident there. It happened Saturday afternoon. Matthew Thompson, 4, and his mom, Sierra Jennings, of Wheeling, W. Va., were at the Chuck E. Cheese in Collier Township.

Jennings says her friend's husband took Matthew and his kids for some ice cream and that's apparently when the fight happened. Jennings says she was quickly summoned over to find that Matthew had been underneath a group of fighting adults. She believes her son was kicked during the fight.

Matthew has some bruises on his head and belly and scratches on his leg. His mom took him to the hospital, but he had no broken bones. Jennings is angry in part with the Chuck E. Cheese employees because she says they "didn't bother to stop" the fight.

A corporate spokeswoman for Chuck E. Cheese told KDKA she wasn't aware of the incident and for that reason couldn't speak about it. She said in general they do take appropriate actions to ensure safety.

There are certain times when this sort of shit is absolutely hilarious. I give you Exhibit A:

I really couldn't care less about the children of others, at all, ever, but in this case I will admit, there are some places that children should be allowed to roam a bit and be safe and this is one of them. I think so called "adults" who show no more common sense than this should be forced to wear a diaper and sit outside of a public place (like a mall) with dried chocolate ice cream on their faces and loudly repeat "I have the mental capacity of a small child and I cannot control my impulses".

When asked for comment on the matter, Mr. Cheese himself simply gave a hearty thumbs up and went back to "quality testing the flour".


Monday, March 9, 2009


Short UK Visit Cut Extra Short For One Mexican

LONDON (Reuters)

A Mexican national who told airport immigration he was visiting Britain to see a friend was swiftly deported after a search unearthed a good-luck card in his luggage wishing him well for his "new life in the UK."

UK Border Agency officers at Manchester Airport routinely stopped the 40-year-old chef after he arrived on a flight from Los Angeles last Friday. The man told them he was on a short trip to see a friend who was opening a restaurant in the area. "However, a search of the passenger's baggage revealed a huge collection of Mexican food recipes and a good-luck card from his church wishing him well for his 'new life in the UK,'" the agency said in a statement. The man later admitted he had intended to work at the restaurant illegally and had planned to bring his family over from America if he liked it.

He was deported the next day. "We will not tolerate people coming here to work illegally," the agency said. "People wanting to visit the UK must play by the rules. Those who do not are sent back."


He's probably illegal here too but Americans are too stupid to deport the fuckers. I'm not saying the UK is perfect but you bleeding heart liberal bastards in this country need to take a lesson from this. Illegal = Goodbye! Go Home, We don't want you.

Redistributing The Wealth... Not Acceptable If You Aren't The Obamessiah

VISTA, Calif. – A former bookkeeper embezzled $9.9 million, forcing her company to make layoffs as she spent lavishly.

Annette Yeomans, 51, was booked for on Friday for grand theft and embezzlement . She was being held Saturday at the San Diego County jail in lieu of $10 million bail. Yeomans allegedly embezzled the money from 2001 to 2007 while she was chief financial officer for Quality Woodworks, Inc., a cabinetry business in San Marcos.

She spent at least $240,000 on 400 pairs of shoes, $300,000 on designer clothing and 160 purses valued at $2,000 each. She also remodeled a bedroom into a closet with the chandelier and a 32-inch TV. "On a weekly basis Yeomans would spend $25,000 on her credit card and then pay off the balance the following Monday with company funds.

The losses went unnoticed and the company never hired an outside auditor to check the books because she had a "trusted position." Meanwhile, he said, the company was forced to lay off workers and restructure operations because of the losses.

Smart company who takes huge losses that are sufficient to require layoffs and restructuring and doesn't feel it necessary to double check the books in this age of thievery.

The investigation began after American Express notified her company in February 2008 that one of its checks had been used to make a payment on Yeomans' account. Yeomans was fired last year and agreed to turn over her assets to the company , which has recovered about $2 million from the sale of her home, some cars and other property, Varnau said. Her husband was a cabinet installer at Quality Woodworks but was not suspected of any crime.

Now I don't really have an opinion about the husband. I'm not sure what to do about him, I don't think he should be convicted even if he did know, it was his wife afterall. What I do know is that either this man is a complete and total retard who I would suspect throws poo and eats crayons, or that he knew and didn't tell. Under our current rules that would be a crime I reckon. There simply is no way you can fail to notice that your wife is spending $25,000 a week and not come to the conclusion that "hey together we don't make anywhere near that much."

We do have one small problem though. If we're going to convict this woman for redistributing the wealth, don't we have to convict the Obama administration too? Without much stretching of the imagination, they are doing the exact same thing. Instead of 400 pairs of shoes Obama is buying welfare-collecting, baby-making, nothing-else-doing minions who chant his name even though they cannot spell it.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ever Have One of Those Days?

How much vodka does it take?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Question Of The Day

I'm not going to waste time leading up to my question other than to give you a short bit of background information. I drive a lot. I drive often, and I drive long distances. During the average week I drive somewhere around 1,000 miles for work and such. This week I had two long drives across multiple states and I saw a lot of one thing that made me wonder.

I saw a lot of state police. Great, they're out protecting and serving! Not really... Now I must say that for state police I give them the respect due. They often are not the backwoods nazi law enforcement yokels of small towns and they usually hold the intelligence one would expect from such individuals. My problem is that just today for example, I saw 2 New York state police and two Pennsylvania state police cars parked on the side of the road pointing radar guns at traffic.


My question is this... Is this really the best use for our law enforcement personnel? Now I was not speeding or doing anything I shouldn't have been, nor did I get pulled over. I simply thought to myself that surely there is some sort of crime these officers could be fighting, investigating something, arresting a perpetrator of something. It seems to me that in the world of today there are far larger issues than whether somebody is traveling in excess of the speed limit to whatever speed warrants a traffic stop.

I am really confident that the tax money spent to have officers sit on the side of the road and harass drivers on the way home from work could be better directed toward actually making the world a better place. This to me, seems as just a thinly veiled method of the states to extort even more money from the citizens that they are already screwing on a consistent basis.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Russian Scholar Predicts U.S. Collapse Within A Year

I have quoted this one directly from yahoo because I didn't feel like tearing it apart for the main points.

Associated Press Writer Mike Eckel – Wed Mar 4

MOSCOW – If you're inclined to believe Igor Panarin, and the Kremlin wouldn't mind if you did, then President Barack Obama will order martial law this year, the U.S. will split into six rump-states before 2011, and Russia and China will become the backbones of a new world order.

Panarin might be easy to ignore but for the fact that he is a dean at the Foreign Ministry's school for future diplomats and a regular on Russia's state-guided TV channels. And his predictions fit into the anti-American story line of the Kremlin leadership.

"There is a high probability that the collapse of the United States will occur by 2010," Panarin told dozens of students, professors and diplomats Tuesday at the Diplomatic Academy — a lecture the ministry pointedly invited The Associated Press and other foreign media to attend.

The prediction from Panarin, a former spokesman for Russia's Federal Space Agency and reportedly an ex-KGB analyst, meshes with the negative view of the U.S. that has been flowing from the Kremlin in recent years, in particular from Vladimir Putin.

Putin, the former president who is now prime minister, has likened the United States to Nazi Germany's Third Reich and blames Washington for the global financial crisis that has pounded the Russian economy.

Panarin didn't give many specifics on what underlies his analysis, mostly citing newspapers, magazines and other open sources.

He also noted he had been predicting the demise of the world's wealthiest country for more than a decade now.

But he said the recent economic turmoil in the U.S. and other "social and cultural phenomena" led him to nail down a specific timeframe for "The End" — when the United States will break up into six autonomous regions and Alaska will revert to Russian control.

Panarin argued that Americans are in moral decline, saying their great psychological stress is evident from school shootings, the size of the prison population and the number of gay men.

Turning to economic woes, he cited the slide in major stock indexes, the decline in U.S. gross domestic product and Washington's bailout of banking giant Citigroup as evidence that American dominance of global markets has collapsed.

"I was there recently and things are far from good," he said. "What's happened is the collapse of the American dream."

Panarin insisted he didn't wish for a U.S. collapse, but he predicted Russia and China would emerge from the economic turmoil stronger and said the two nations should work together, even to create a new currency to replace the U.S. dollar.

Asked for comment on how the Foreign Ministry views Panarin's theories, a spokesman said all questions had to be submitted in writing and no answers were likely before Wednesday.

It wasn't clear how persuasive the 20-minute lecture was. One instructor asked Panarin whether his predictions more accurately describe Russia, which is undergoing its worst economic crisis in a decade as well as a demographic collapse that has led some scholars to predict the country's demise.

Panarin dismissed that idea: "The collapse of Russia will not occur."

But Alexei Malashenko, a scholar-in-residence at the Carnegie Moscow Center who did not attend the lecture, sided with the skeptical instructor, saying Russia is the country that is on the verge of disintegration.

"I can't imagine at all how the United States could ever fall apart," Malashenko told the AP.

If it were a "scholar" from any other country I would believe this. Considering the Russian thinly veiled animosity toward the U.S., this sort of thing fails to surprise me. It's obvious that we're in a bad place but then so are the Russians. All this amounts to is a poor attempt at a scare tactic cooked up by devious people with partially frozen brains and low quantities of blood in their vodka streams.

It's a scary thought and always a possibility, but martial law? I find that a little far fetched at this point. Then again, I'm sure the Messiah still has a lot of wasteful spending and general nieve idiocracy left in him so let's hope the Ruskies aren't right.

Socialist Housing Bailout

The Obamessiah administration


kicked off a new program Wednesday that's designed to help up to 9 million borrowers stay in their homes through refinanced mortgages or loans that are modified to lower monthly payments.

"It is imperative that we continue to move with speed to help make housing more affordable and help arrest the damaging spiral in our housing markets," Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said in a statement. The administration, launching what it calls the "Making Home Affordable" initiative, said that borrowers will have to provide their most recent tax return and two pay stubs, as well as an "affidavit of financial hardship" to qualify for the $75 billion loan modification program, which runs through 2012. Borrowers are only allowed to have their loans modified once, and the program only applies for loans made on Jan. 1 2009 or earlier.

Up to 4 million borrowers are expected to qualify. Mortgages for single-family properties that are worth more than $729,750 are excluded. Separately, up to 5 million borrowers who have mortgages held by government controlled mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be eligible to refinance through June 2010. Meanwhile action to put in place another part of Obama's housing plan is expected soon on Capitol Hill.

House Democrats, under pressure from a group of moderates in their ranks and the banking lobby, agreed Tuesday to narrow legislation that gives bankruptcy judges the power to force lenders to lower the mortgage interest rate or principal balance. Under the terms of the agreement, judges would have to consider whether a homeowner had been offered a reasonable deal by the bank to rework his or her home loan before seeking help in bankruptcy court. Borrowers also would have a responsibility to prove that they tried to modify their mortgages. The compromise legislation was expected to come to a vote in the House as early as Thursday.

Now I'm sure there are cases where this is not ridiculous but I doubt that is the majority. Idiotic Americans mortgage homes that they cannot afford (because that's the American Dream) and predatory lenders give it to them with malicious intent and taxpayers at large end up footing the bill. I'm all about making the housing market more affordable but I'm not about footing the bill just to keep some other fucker from having to warm himself by a burn barrel in an alley. You overextend yourself you pay the price.

When I did stupid shit as a child, as long as it wasn't going to get me killed, my father would usually let me learn the hard way, and I learned. Nobody learns anything anymore because everybody else will fix it and the Obamessiah's socialist schemes are making it worse. If you take a shit in your bed you should be forced to lay in it.

Actual Article Here

Cat Bong?

A Nebraska man stuffed his girlfriend's cat into a makeshift bong


and smoked marijuana through it. And he admitted that he had done it on other occasions and that it calmed the cat down.

Acea Schomaker


of Lincoln, Nebraska said he didn't intend to hurt the 6-month-old cat, Shadow.


Schomaker was ticketed on suspicion of misdemeanor animal cruelty Sunday after catching him smoking marijuana from a boxlike contraption that had the cat stuffed inside its 12-inch by 6-inch base. Schomaker's girlfriend, Marissa Vieux, also was ticketed for animal cruelty because she didn't try to stop Schomaker, Sgt. Andy Stebbing said.

Vieux, 22, said she took in the cat about two months ago from friends who abused it. Schomaker said the cat would bite and scratch them but he didn't want to discipline it by swatting or squirting water at it. He said they didn't bring it to an animal shelter because they feared it would be put down.

Schomaker said he decided to use the makeshift bong because he had heard about people calming their pets by blowing marijuana smoke in their faces. "I know for sure this isn't the first time someone has done this," he said. "I'm just the first one to get caught."

He said he put the cat in the bong a total of three times and it seemed to calm the cat. "Every time we took her out she would pretty much just lay down and proceed to clean herself and act like a stoned person," Schomaker said. The bong had a foot-long piece of garden hose coming out of a Plexiglas box, with the top secured with duct tape.

Schomaker said it was constructed in such a way that the cat did not get immersed in smoke to the extent some might believe. Schomaker said law enforcement and animal specialists lectured him about why what he did was cruel, and that he learned from his mistake.

This is yet another example of how stupid people are and it gives me a raging headache. Look at the photo of this slack-jawed yokel. You can actually see the stupid in his eyes and the guage is reading full. He's heard of people calming pets by blowing pot smoke in their face?... Did it ever occur to him that this fundamentally very different than putting the cat inside the bong?

The only thing that I really want to know is this. If they took the cat from a "friend who abused it", what actually constitutes abuse in the eyes of these morons? I think they should both be put inside a giant bong (by bong, I mean oven) and smoked until they are calm (by calm I mean dead). There is never going to be any tangible, positive contribution to society made by either of these two individuals.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stupid Coworker of The Day

Today one of my lovely coworkers decided to come to work diseased. I love when people who are supposed to be intelligent, I stress "supposed to be", and I use "intelligent" very loosely, decide to come to work with fucking contagious diseases! "But Dillinger, you're probably overreacting" many readers may be thinking. "People go to work with colds and such all of the time". This is true, who wants to burn a vacation day for a little cold if they don't have to. I can get with that reasoning, it's only a cold after all. What I can't get with is when you come to work with an oozing, puss filled eye socket! Conjunctivitis... (pink eye).


This shit is highly fucking contagious and this fucking idiot shows up to the office wandering around and trying to infect the rest of us. This is what happens when sick days and vacation days are one in the same. Even if you get the same amount of days total, sick days should be a separate thing. This would discourage idiocracy in people who are prone to it. She "needs her days for her summer vacation". You know what... fuck you and your vacation! It took until nearly noon before the boss caught on and made her ass go home.

In the mean time, she touched everything in the goddamn copy room in between bouts of spastic eye rubbing! I SHIT YOU NOT (we watched her)! So now that she's spread her disease on every fucking thing that the rest of us have to use (i.e. copier, fax machine, staplers, etc.) it's a little late to send her stupid ass home. This makes me happy that I'm a little OCD about that sort of crap and I carry a bottle of purell everywhere. I used nearly the entire bottle because every time I touched anything outside my cube I used it again. My hands may be dry and cracked but I'll be goddamned if I'm catching that shit!

If I do catch that shit, I think it should be perfectly acceptable for me to sucker punch said coworker right in the other eye. This is proof of why a democracy cannot work. The majority of people in our society aren't smart enough to know what is good for themselves let alone what is good for the majority. I also blame this on children. This disease was ultimately brought on by one of these heinous creatures. They are left at day care with a gaggle of other vile little beasts and they trade epidemics through the day and then they bring it home to their parents. From there, the moronic parents drag it to work with the rest of us who haven't ruined our lives with these cursed spawns of satan and they pass it on to us.

I think what it comes down to... what I'm really trying to say, is really a quite simple message. If you get some contagious shit do not show your sickly ass up to work and give it to me. Somebody in my office is always sick and it's always the ones who have children. If you're going to ruin your life with diseased children I don't think I should have to suffer as a result. I don't care about your precious vacation days, keep your plagues to yourself and keep your ass at home!