Monday, March 23, 2009

What Would You Do For An Obama Bar?

MOSCOW: Obama ice cream, anyone? Chocolate-vanilla ice cream is one of several Russian products being marketed using America’s first black president, even as critics call the ads racist.


Other ads featuring Barack Obama have promoted tanning salons and tooth-whitening services. But the creator of one Obama-themed ad - for ice cream bars which have a chocolate-flavoured centre embedded in a layer of vanilla
- insisted that it was not racist and should be seen as a joke. The ad for Duet ice cream bars features a smiling, cartoonish black man flashing a V-for-Victory sign in front of the US Capitol, along with the Russian slogan: “Everyone’s talking about it: dark inside white!”

The mascot Obama appears to be a happy, smiling, totally clueless bastard, not unlike the real Obama. What's racist about that. I just wish somebody would bite the head off the real one like they surely will with the chocolate covered white one. Oops did I say that. Must be Russian racist mind control.

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