Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cat Bong?

A Nebraska man stuffed his girlfriend's cat into a makeshift bong


and smoked marijuana through it. And he admitted that he had done it on other occasions and that it calmed the cat down.

Acea Schomaker


of Lincoln, Nebraska said he didn't intend to hurt the 6-month-old cat, Shadow.


Schomaker was ticketed on suspicion of misdemeanor animal cruelty Sunday after catching him smoking marijuana from a boxlike contraption that had the cat stuffed inside its 12-inch by 6-inch base. Schomaker's girlfriend, Marissa Vieux, also was ticketed for animal cruelty because she didn't try to stop Schomaker, Sgt. Andy Stebbing said.

Vieux, 22, said she took in the cat about two months ago from friends who abused it. Schomaker said the cat would bite and scratch them but he didn't want to discipline it by swatting or squirting water at it. He said they didn't bring it to an animal shelter because they feared it would be put down.

Schomaker said he decided to use the makeshift bong because he had heard about people calming their pets by blowing marijuana smoke in their faces. "I know for sure this isn't the first time someone has done this," he said. "I'm just the first one to get caught."

He said he put the cat in the bong a total of three times and it seemed to calm the cat. "Every time we took her out she would pretty much just lay down and proceed to clean herself and act like a stoned person," Schomaker said. The bong had a foot-long piece of garden hose coming out of a Plexiglas box, with the top secured with duct tape.

Schomaker said it was constructed in such a way that the cat did not get immersed in smoke to the extent some might believe. Schomaker said law enforcement and animal specialists lectured him about why what he did was cruel, and that he learned from his mistake.

This is yet another example of how stupid people are and it gives me a raging headache. Look at the photo of this slack-jawed yokel. You can actually see the stupid in his eyes and the guage is reading full. He's heard of people calming pets by blowing pot smoke in their face?... Did it ever occur to him that this fundamentally very different than putting the cat inside the bong?

The only thing that I really want to know is this. If they took the cat from a "friend who abused it", what actually constitutes abuse in the eyes of these morons? I think they should both be put inside a giant bong (by bong, I mean oven) and smoked until they are calm (by calm I mean dead). There is never going to be any tangible, positive contribution to society made by either of these two individuals.

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Fidothedog said...

Hope that cat ends up in a good home, a wtf story to beat them all.