Friday, July 11, 2014

World Cup Belgian Would Be Model... Pretty and Stupid, Go Figure

I saw this chic in the news a couple of days ago and I didn't pay a lot of attention because frankly there are lots of pretty faces at the World Cup and this one really doesn't stand out to me any more than many others.

Secondly, yet another model... oh boy, next story. Anyhow, I read another day or two later that she's a big game hunter of some sort. So in other words she's a pretty'ish face who's parents have lots of money to buy her trips and permits to kill shit that really doesn't need to be killed. I immediately cared again.

Now let's get this little factoid out of the way before I proceed. If you hunt because you eat what you kill then fine. It actually is more expensive to go to a store and buy processed meat and sure that meat was probably not brought up in good conditions before it was killed to become food so whatever... I can get down with that. Now, if you hunt just for the sake of killing shit and feeling like a big man/woman then I pray to whichever god it may be necessary that you fucking get your intestines ripped out by an angry lion and die slowly and painfully while it feasts on your naughty bits. The fact of the matter is that most of this shit that these "sportsmen/sportsmen" as they like to think of themselves are killing are so used to humans they'll fucking walk right up to your little safari jeep. Where's the fucking sport in that? Shooting at something that doesn't shoot back is hardly sport. I have great difficulty wrapping my mind around how any human can constantly watch society as a whole and still think humans are somehow more special than any other living creature. I know, religion is usually the culprit.

So my question to Ms. Axelle is however did you take down that viscous gazelle? I know they're known to be quite ferocious with their huge fangs and giant claws... always hunting and killing humans. You're so brave I can hardly believe it! The second question is how is it so much more important than life or death? What makes this such an important endeavor that you're on?

Some of you may have noticed the last bit of the comment which is what prompted me to comment on this in the first place. "Ready to hunt Americans today haha." That is actually quite funny believe it or not. I find a couple of things funny about this. The first thing is that she got a huge break that so few get and her own fucking stupidity lost it for her within something like a week. Beauty and brains... not common acquaintances in her case. She goes on to try to say it was a joke which is funny number two. Are you really so fucking retarded as to joke about such things in this day and age. Sure, sure, all Americans are such bad people. I'll grant her that there are plenty of Americans I would happily grant her a permit to hunt... but there are plenty of cunts in every country who are no better and if you're so blind and stupid not to realize that then it's clear that it's because you are one of those cunts about whom I speak.

The final thing I just can't resist saying is how nice of a trophy I'm sure some fucking hillbilly with a gun would find her cute little head to be on the wall of his shack because unlike gazelles, the Americans about which she's likely speaking will most certainly shoot back and I have my money on the hillbilly. You want to hunt Americans so badly girly? By all means, come on over, give it your best shot.

Keep in mind you Ms. Airhead. If it weren't for those Americans you would be speaking German and being passed around by a Nazi platoon like a cheap party favor right now. By the looks of that face, her grandmother may have been already.