Thursday, March 5, 2009

Question Of The Day

I'm not going to waste time leading up to my question other than to give you a short bit of background information. I drive a lot. I drive often, and I drive long distances. During the average week I drive somewhere around 1,000 miles for work and such. This week I had two long drives across multiple states and I saw a lot of one thing that made me wonder.

I saw a lot of state police. Great, they're out protecting and serving! Not really... Now I must say that for state police I give them the respect due. They often are not the backwoods nazi law enforcement yokels of small towns and they usually hold the intelligence one would expect from such individuals. My problem is that just today for example, I saw 2 New York state police and two Pennsylvania state police cars parked on the side of the road pointing radar guns at traffic.


My question is this... Is this really the best use for our law enforcement personnel? Now I was not speeding or doing anything I shouldn't have been, nor did I get pulled over. I simply thought to myself that surely there is some sort of crime these officers could be fighting, investigating something, arresting a perpetrator of something. It seems to me that in the world of today there are far larger issues than whether somebody is traveling in excess of the speed limit to whatever speed warrants a traffic stop.

I am really confident that the tax money spent to have officers sit on the side of the road and harass drivers on the way home from work could be better directed toward actually making the world a better place. This to me, seems as just a thinly veiled method of the states to extort even more money from the citizens that they are already screwing on a consistent basis.

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