Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm Sick of Haiti... No, Really, I Don't Care At All

It turns out that Haiti rattled and fell down.  Oh no, boo-hoo, what in the world shall we ever do.  Have you seen this in the news?  I thought so, it’s in all the news every second all day long since it happened.  Now all those poor Haitians are poor and hungry and don’t have any homes to live in.  We need to send them money!  All the celebrities are telling us so.  That must be because Brad and Angelina must simply not have the funds to help and plain old you and I do.  (I’m surprised they haven’t adopted the whole country already) President Big Ears is telling us so but we’re all aware that he simply loves a chance to flush money down the shitter. 

Frankly, I’m fucking sick of it.  I’m sick and tired of it all, I simply don’t care at all what happens to Haiti.  Must be because I’m racist huh?  Maybe it’s simply because I don’t care about black people?  There will be those who will say both.  It’s partly true, I don’t care about black people I don’t know.  I also don’t care about white people I don’t know either.  Unless you prove otherwise, it can be done, being actually from my own country is a good start.  I'm all about getting my own problems straight before I work on yours.  I’m simply not going to concern myself with you until I work out all of the other things that I’m already concerned with and find myself in need of a cause. 

The actual fact is this: It’s not my country, they aren’t my countrymen, they aren’t related to me, I don’t know them.  The second and more important tier is this: they were poor as dirt to begin with, they were hungry and without food in the first place, they didn’t have homes or possessions before the earthquake.  Long story short... their shanty/lean-to fell down and the shaking scared them or their emaciated farm animals if they had one.  End result?  Do-good-hippie-crusaders send money, money ends up in hands of Haitian “government” to rebuild their mansions and help resume oppression and violence against the poor. 

How about I’ll just keep my money... yeah, that sounds like a good idea.  I’m sure President Asshat will just find a way to send taxpayer money to them so I’ll get bled anyhow.  The United States will send and is already sending aid which will certainly total millions of dollars, and troops which will ultimately cost millions more.  Would somebody answer me these questions. 

Is the United States not in the midst of a recession? 

Is the United States not saddled with a MASSIVE dept to what I’ll term “bad-guy nations?” 

Now where the fuck is that money coming from that we’re sending to Haiti?

We’re borrowing that money that we’re sending to Haiti at massive interest to ourselves.

I’m pretty sure that we should simply allow the nations that actually have the money to donate the money.  That’s like if I make $20,000 a year and I rack up $500,000 in credit card debt.  Now I’ve got half a mil in debt and creditors all up my ass.  My friend Useless McPoorcountry has his mobile home washed away in a flood and he calls me all crying and shit.  Talking about, my poor family hain’t got nowhere to live no more, please help.  So I decide, “well, I don’t have any money, I have a huge debt I may never pay off, I’ll just borrow some more money to buy him a new mobile home even though I’m about to have all my possessions taken away.”

I’m sure that Useless McPoorcountry is will someday remember our generosity and pay us back when we’re in need, just like France did a half century later when we needed assistance in “The War on Terror.” Gee, I think that pretty goddamn accurately sums it up.  If Wyclef wants to send money and assistance he can take his ass to Haiti and deliver his own “earned” (which is arguable) money to them.  Don’t take MY money out of the taxes I payed to help MY country, without my permission.  If you think that’s “inhumane” or even “inhuman” I don’t really care so fuck you.  We’re not a completely socialist world yet, you have your crusades and I have mine.  I don’t feel bad when I see the save the starving Africans commercials and I just don’t feel bad for the Haitians.  In fact, the more attempts he, she, they make at making me feel bad in an attempt to guilt me into sending my money, the less I care and the more I want that country to simply sink into the ocean to never be seen again.


Anonymous said...

i agree with you man, i'm tired of hearing about this shit too. it's nice to see how much money is sent over there when theres a disaster such as this, but not when theres a disaster close to home. seems like your considered an asshole if you don't do anything. but they don't do anything and nothing happens.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of this too. On top of that, Haiti is holding ten Americans, spitting in our face. Obama's Sec of State, Hillary says that's too bad, that's up to the Haitian "government" What a double standard. All the while she demands Iran sends the hikers back, but she doesn't care anything about the Americans held in that Godforsaken country of Haiti.

Anonymous said...

You just expressed yourself in the EXACT way I'm expressing myself, lol. I think it's bullshit that we have to help everyone and it's like yeah I get that we're trying to get people to like us more after the whole Bush era, but wtf are the Haitians going to do? get donated weapons from US if we need them to help us in a war? I don't think so. That's their problem that they are living there, just like it's the people who were living in New Orleans when all those damn hurricanes came in and destroyed their homes countless times. But yes, not my country, not my problem...I have my own shit to worry about, like getting my ass through college, because I want to have a good life for myself and I can't rely on other countries to give me money to have a good life. Anywho, I could keep going..but Bravo on this blog. Bravo.