Thursday, June 5, 2014

World War III

I'm really not sure where I want to start and end with this so I'll just start randomly and end the same way. The news generally pisses me off because people generally piss me off. I read a couple of things lately that both made me laugh and nearly cry if by cry one were to mean want to punch somebody in the face. I think having made those brief and very general statements I will begin with asking a simple question. When are we going to learn from history? Are we ever going to learn from history? Where am I going with this you might ask. I'll tell you. So a day or two ago Hillary Clinton called Vladimir Putin or as I like to call him "Pooty Poot" (a reference to a short lived but rather amusing cartoon called "Lil' Bush" which is otherwise irrelevant) Hitler more or less.

 Hillary Comparing Pooty Poot To Hitler

Of course Pooty Poot got pissed off and defensive because he is like Hitler. I have to say I don't personally like Clinton but the fact of the matter is that she's spot on. Pooty Poot has said he is protecting ethnic Russians by moving troops into Crimea and is that in fact not exactly what Herr Hitler did as he first because trashing the treaty of Versailles in the 1930's while Neville Chamberlain sat back and assumed he would simply get enough and stop, as did the rest of Europe still reeling from the effects of World War I, as we are now from the Middle East Quagmire? All the while simply thinking sure this is bad but we don't need another war. Next thing we know the Nazi war machine sweeps across Europe.

Hitler was forged by a regime bent on dominance and unwilling to accept an equal voice but always wanting to be THE voice. Where has Putin come from? The Soviet Union... The KGB... The same manner of mentality that Hitler rose from and as he moves into territory that was once under the Soviet Flag as Hitler once moved into territory that was once under the Austria-Hungarian Banner with intentions on taking in all back even while he said he had none we still fail to recognize or at least still fail to admit the similarities.

We all know Putin is a man with a Napoleon complex or else he wouldn't have photo op after photo op trying to look as badass as he can while looking like a joke.

Reflecting on his awesomeness, future wold domination, and whether or not he can yank those pants any higher.
Sharing his steroids with his trusty steed Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Jr.

One can only guess that he is about to slay an Ice Giant or an Elder Dragon or such.

Saving the world from a forest fire... he was quoted as saying "fuck Smokey the Bear" or something like that.
Capturing a new mount because his previous trusty steed Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Jr. died of liver failure brought on by excessive steroid abuse. Speculation is that Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili Jr. will be even more brutal fleet footed.

That's a Tricycle for fucksake! A tricycle with neon lights under it! Sure it has a motor but it's still a tricycle.
There is some question as to the validity of this photo. The Sharktovich family could not be reached for comment.
Fact of the matter is that despite all this posing and bullshit he still does whatever the fuck he wants while Obama pulls a Chamberlain. At least Hillary had the balls to call him on it. That is not a pun... or maybe it is, I really can't decide at the moment.

What is our dear leader doing while Pooty Poot is testing the west and starting to see what they'll let him get away with? (I can tell him, my guess is that it's just about anything.)

It's even more sad in motion (see link below)

His Wife Could Lift More

Obama is giving himself a hernia lifting paper weights it would appear. Excellent! No wonder Pooty Poot is quaking in his Jackboots.

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