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Veterinarian Cat Killer

Many people I know just can't figure out just why it is that I hate people. Sure, I don't hate all people, just most people. The fact of the matter is that you just never know who the pieces of shit are in society until it's too late and unfortunately there are a lot of them. The intolerable shit that people have the capacity to do never ceases to amaze and enrage me. Like the twat who flew 150 people into the side of a mountain simply because somebody should have euthanized his ass well before he got a chance but of course did not because he could surely be helped.

Now some of you will undoubtedly thing that this isn't on par with the last example because it's just an animal. To those of you who say that I say fuck off! Animals were here before us and they will be after we annihilate each other (like we're so good at)... Well, that is unless we fail to do it quick enough because as I type the Snow Mexicans (Canadians) are clubbing seals to death to the tune of somewhere between 300,000 and 500,000 and for what reason? Because they can, because they're human, and humanity ultimately equates to being a cancer on this planet. Seek and destroy is what we do.

Then there are the Chinese who seem to be hell bend on killing every last living creature on the planet just because they're stupid. No, really, I mean that. Their culture is a steaming pile of shit. It's endangered? That must mean if I slaughter it and grind it's penis to just and eat it then my tiny penis will grow two sizes and be the whole inches long. You can cut through their air with a knife which I would be alright with if it would only poison their entire human population to death but I know better than that. Their rivers are so polluted that you can practically walk across the rubbish on top. Everything that comes from that shit-hole is contaminated with something horrific and yet WE continue to buy it.

All of this having been said let me get to the main point of the night. When one becomes a Veterinarian he or she must swear an oath just like a doctor must. This is that oath.

Being admitted to the profession of veterinary medicine, I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health and welfare, the prevention and relief of animal suffering, the conservation of animal resources, the promotion of public health, and the advancement of medical knowledge.

I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity, and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics.

I accept as a lifelong obligation the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.

Apparently though not all of them seem to understand this oath. Take for example this intolerable cunt. (Note: if a stronger word to describe her existed in my vocabulary I would have used it but alas one does not)
I would like to first point out that her name is Kristen Lindsey and she lives currently in Brenham, Texas. 

She decided that rather than to use her skill to help animals that she would take the path so many serial killers start off on by killing a cat. Now I don't know is she's an aspiring serial killer and frankly I don't care in the least. She probably isn't smart enough to get the serial part down right before going to prison. 

Not only did this horrible twat shoot a cat in the head with an arrow but the stupid cunt posted a picture of herself mugging for the camera and holding the dead cat in the air by the arrow she shot it with and grinning like she's inviting somebody to target those pearly whites with an axe handle. (which for the record I won't do because I hear prison isn't fun but I hope somebody else does).

Now below you'll notice I've posted the photo that she posted to social media. Nice picture isn't it? It's good to know she finds it funny and even brings up her profession in the post.

 And here she is with her pointy chin posing with her mother who must be so proud to have raised such a heartless cunt of a daughter. If it were my daughter I would break her jaw into 400 irreparable pieces.
You probably also noticed that in her post she said that the cat was feral which can be clearly shown in the picture of said feral cat below:

Holy shit doesn't that cat look wild. Vicious too!

As it so happens he was somebody's cat and he went missing on the day that this filthy whore decided to go hunting. 

This is why I hate people. This is why I couldn't care less what titles you have or degrees you have, you get zero respect from me until it is earned. Any jackass with half a brain can purchase a degree or three but as often as not it's simply there to try to hide the fact that evolution (had we not brought that to a halt long ago) should have purged you from the gene pool long before you were ever born. And yet this will be treated like I said before and that is "it's just an animal." 

Yes, it's just an animal. I have two cats and they are like my children. They get better treatment than most people's kids and if came down to choosing them or the human population of an entire country I think you can guess which I would save. 

She should be prosecuted as though it were murder because she did it with malice and simply for the fun of doing it and that is the fucked up part. If I were in charge she would be taken into the street in front of the courthouse and shot in the face with a hunting arrow to make an example of her. The problem is she'll get away with it. Because she will and others have and humans are generally shit who feel that we're somehow better than the other living things on this planet, it will continue to happen. No real consequences for crimes are the reason we have so much fucking crime. If we're so much better than animals tell me why you don't see animals going around slaughtering anything and everything just because they can. They take what they need and only what they need and they just try to survive but that's not enough for humans. She deserves to have that arrow stuck right in her eye and smacked with a sledge hammer.

Read The Whole Article Here
If You Would Like To Help Get A Little Justice

You Can Go Here And Sign a Petition To Have Her License Revoked

Also you should be aware that there is still an employee named Misty Story who works at the same animal clinic which is called Washington Animal Clinic (link in name) who have fired her and tried to separate themselves but Ms. Story also seems to be condoning the killing and she's still working there. Oh, and a rather important little side note. I hear the business itself is actually owned by the father-in-law of Mrs. Lindsey. So they're going to say they knew nothing about this? The father in law had no clue that Mrs. Lindsey was a little off?  Kristen Lindsey worked there for two years and they're saying somebody who would do this never showed her true colors while working there with people's beloved pets? No, he did I'm sure of it, he just didn't care because it was his daughter-in-law and that's more important than your pets, your family members. They didn't fire her for what she did they fired her because of the public backlash they got when she got caught. I know I wouldn't take my pets there.

I would urge that you contact the Texas Veterinary Medical Association

8104 Exchange DriveAustin, Texas 78754Email: dnoufer@tvma.orgPhone: 512/452-4224Fax: 512/452-6633

Let them know that this sort of shit won't be tolerated. The more this gets passed along the better chance she'll have her license removed and never get another one in a different state. 

 Finally, if you care please also write and file an ethical complaint against her. You need to refer to the AVMA Veterinary Medical Ethics and include the part of the AVMA’s ethics that was specifically violated. You would mail this complaint to:

Attn: Judicial Council

c/o Carole Jordan

American Veterinary Medical Association
1931 N. Meacham Rd, Ste 100
Schaumburg IL 60173

Help make sure one less piece of shit gets away with this crime. We're supposed to be humans so it's time we act like it and hold others responsible for acting like it as well.

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