Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Baltimore, Ferguson, Riots, and Other Assorted but Related Bullshit

So I've been following this crap since it started in Ferguson and transferred over to Baltimore and frankly what I see pisses me off. Granted that most of what I see on a daily basis pisses me off because people in general are fucking stupid but that's not my point here. Now I'm not really here to inform about what is going on in the smaller picture... the riots themselves, I'm here to talk about the societal issues that are leading to this horseshit. I haven't any doubt that I'm going to get the race card pulled in a comment or three but I don't give a shit.

I'll start out by saying that during this Baltimore shitstorm I have seen some of the shit ooze out from every crevice, nook and cranny in vast numbers. I have also seen some of the good human beings come out as well such as a Mr. Robert Valentine... More on Mr. Valentine Here.  This is a good human being. This is a guy who has his shit straight and should be seen as a role model. There was another young woman who came out and I have mixed feelings on her. Toya Graham has been all over the news smacking the shit out of her kid who she caught throwing rocks at police. More on that found here.  My issue is certainly not that she slapped the shit out of her kid or that she did it in public. This is a great example of part of what is wrong here overall and doesn't get recognized. Ms. Toya Graham is being both lauded and questioned as to whether her actions were right and overall I believe her actions there were right.

The kid deserved to have the shit slapped out of him. I know when I was a kid my dad would have knocked me the fuck out if I threw rocks at cops. The problem I have that nobody seems to notice is that Ms. Graham has six kids and there's not father in the relationship. The kid rioting was 16, she has 5 others, and she is not that old. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not taking a right wing stance that she needs to be married to have kids. I'm taking the stance that we shouldn't be praising her for being a single mom "trying hard to raise" 6 kids alone when it's her actions that put her in that situation in the first place. It's not hard to not get knocked up if you don't have the time, resources, or whatever else is necessary to take care of six kids. Statistics show that somewhere near 70% of black children are born to unwed mothers and then grow up without a male presence. I'm not even saying a male is necessary in order to properly raise children. What I am saying is that a single person can not effectively parent six children and give them everything they need both materially as well as guidance.

Ms. Graham did stop her child and smack the piss out of him to stop him doing what he was doing but it's partly what she said after doing it that makes me wonder. She said "I don't want him to become another Freddy Gray".  What does that mean though? Does she not want him to become a heroin addict with a rap sheet of more than a dozen arrests and had a handful of convictions. Sure we can argue that these were mostly on charges of selling or possessing heroin or marijuana. His longest stint behind bars was about two years. In my mind drug would be better legalized and controlled but that has no place here. Fact of the matter it is currently illegal and he was therefore a criminal. He was known to the police, he was carrying a switch blade, and he ran from police and resisted arrest and as a direct result of this he was handled too roughly and died as a result. More About Freddy Gray Here

Did Ms. Graham not want her kid to become a known criminal living on the streets and committing crimes or was she thinking more about the fact that she simply didn't want him to get hurt by those terrible police as a result of those actions? Think about that carefully, it's a legitimate question. Maybe her heart truly was in the right place and maybe it wasn't.

What I think needs to be addressed is black culture more than anything else. Sure there are some bad cops out there. Some who have no business behind a badge. Some are crooked and some are thuggish, and some are downright stupid. I think if there's any profession that people should be very, very carefully vetted and monitored it is police. That being said, if you're going to do that you cannot pay them the shit for salaries that they get and tie their hands to deal with sometimes violent criminals while putting their own lives at risk. This isn't fair. These people (the good cops) are risking their lives in an attempt to keep order and protect the good citizens in society. Nobody is going to be a police officer for all the risk and no pay when even in cases where they're protecting their own lives they're being called out on it. We cannot have it both ways. Body cameras are a good idea and smart, well trained and well paid cops are a must but if you take away the sheep dogs teeth the wolves will slaughter the flock.

We have people marching in the streets screaming "black lives matter" at police and anybody else who will listen but when is the black community going to take their own advice? If you want your lives to matter then don't have kids you cannot control. Make sure your kids go to school and come home after instead of ending up on the street all night committing crimes and terrorizing the peace. Make sure your kids respect authority and aren't committing illegal acts. Teach your kids not to run from the police and that you don't need to if you aren't being a criminal. What do you expect police to expect when they have to patrol neighborhoods known for violent gangs and blacks killing blacks for no reason. Sure the expect the worst because the violent crime rates show the worst. They have people fight with them on a regular basis, run from them, sometimes even threaten to kill or shoot at them. Sure, occasionally this happens in white neighborhoods too but not with a fraction of the frequency. They're conditioned to act like they do just like your kids are conditioned to act like they do. Only black parents who really care and control their kids can fix this conditioning on both sides of this fence.

Our own problems don't get fixed when we fail to recognize that they are our problems. You can blame the police all day but the only thing that's going to get fixed is the fact that crime won't be fought and won't be punished and it will escalate. A great example was the Mayor of Baltimore ordered police to stand down as riots broke out. Why would this be? Well because the people don't trust the police and you can't deal peacefully with violet thugs who are causing havoc. There would have been violence on the part of police to stop the violence and disorder of the crowd. What was the result. The violent crowd continued to burn the city, trash everything, and throw things at the police. If you tie the sheep dogs down the wolves will always continue to eat the sheep because they'll do it now knowing they aren't going to get hurt themselves. There will never be a different outcome.

Maybe these youths needed more love and caring growing up in order to not become thugs, vandals, gangbangers and general trouble makers. That might have prevented it but not reacting to these actions appropriately is not the way to stop it, it is the way to ensure that it continues unimpeded. You'll notice I called them thugs, I would like to point that out. Baltimore city councilman Carl Stokes (he's black) said why not just call them n*****s.  Why not? One is a racial slur, the other is the truth. Nobody was calling the good citizens who were holding arms to keep rioters separated from police thugs. They were calling people who are instigating violence, burning buildings and cars, looting businesses and generally being pieces of shit, thugs. They are thugs, it's a good word for them. The racism of the councilman shows in this statement of his. White people can be thugs too... are you saying Mr. Stokes that black people cannot be thugs?

What would you like us to call black people who burn down other people's businesses and steal other people's things. What would you like us to call people who act violently and throw rocks at law enforcement? These are good upstanding citizens would you say? No you fucking asshat, the good upstanding citizens are at home avoiding this shit or in some cases standing in front of the protesters protecting those who are trying to protect the upstanding citizens. The good people are the Mr. Valentines of the group not the human filth and feral animals who are rioting and looting.

As I said before, there are some issues with police like when they shoot some stupid fuck in the back while he's waddling away a slow to medium speed. Though I will say this cop deserves a hefty prison sentence for being a crooked ass cop and a murderer, I will also say something else. When the police pull you over don't fucking run from them. Do as you're told, be respectful, and don't fight with the cops. If you had paid your fucking child support in this case or don't have warrants on you for criminal activity and you don't act like a criminal nothing bad is going to happen. The cop will at worse be an asshole. If you treat them with respect 95% of the time you'll get the same in return. That guy didn't deserve to be shot in the back but he did in a way bring it on himself.

I'm always interested that when something bad happens to a black person it's all over the fucking news. It's a hate crime, it's dirty cops, it's this and it's that. When it's blacks doing something to white people it might make the news and drop off an hour later. Example 1: of course these were not thugs... you might as well just call them n*****s right Mr. Stokes? How about here: They just needed more love. These two weren't loved enough either: Or some even better ones you've never heard of. Maybe this one or this one that didn't deserve national coverage nor did This one.  I could find hundreds of examples with hardly any effort at all and you can say what you want. It's not the fucking media and white racism toward blacks, it's reverse racism. We're so afraid of being called racist we are terrified to admit. Black people make up roughly 12% of the United States population while whites make up a little over 70% yet incarceration rates show black males represented the largest percentage (35.4 percent) of inmates held in custody, followed by white males (32.9 percent) and Hispanic males (17.9 percent).

So... when you look at the overall population vs. prison population blacks are something like 6 times more likely to end up in prison than whites. The problem with our country isn't that blacks are being unfairly prosecuted by racist whites. The problem is that black culture wants to blame racist whites for their problems and say if only whites weren't racist so many black men wouldn't end up in prison. The fact of the matter is if black culture would accept some responsibility and say yeah we have a large number of people who are pieces of shit and stop defending those people and start thinking differently then maybe that percentage would drop. Guide and teach your youths or don't have kids. There were a ton of parents who didn't come out wondering where there kids were and slap the shit out of them. These people are to blame. Get your shit straight and fix your internal problems then maybe when cops don't see blacks committing the vast majority of crimes they won't be so hasty to assume criminal when they come across you. When your neighborhoods don't have shootings on a daily basis, when something bad happens and you don't literally set the neighborhood ablaze and throw rocks at police, when they come around looking for a criminal and you don't pretend you don't know who did it when you do, then maybe you'll start to see yourselves being treated in a "fair" manner. Until then you get what you bring upon yourselves. I know it's not the majority doing these things but the majority attitude is what is leading to and allowing these things to happen.

The joke of the day was this: Bloods, Crips, Black Gorilla Family "coming together as black men to try to stop the violence."  You don't say? The fun part is the media portrayed it as a turning point. These are such good lads stepping up in a glorious show of humanity. These are fucking Bloods and Crips! These are fucking violent gangs who have been the source of much of your violence and who threatened to kill the police a day earlier! These are the fucking people who are the fucking reason why your communities are looked on with such a sour taste. If they actually were going to renounce the gang life and work for community good it would be great but it's just bullshit to try to gain positive press for a minute and it'll be back to the old grind in a week.  Can nobody see the wolfs nose sticking out from under the wool costume? His fucking face still has blood dripping from it and you're all saying how helpful he is. Look at home many people they have killed and how many lives and communities decimated by these people and you're forgetting all of that because of one stupid remark. This is why things don't change.

Let's hear it in simple form.

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