Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Are You A Bed Wetter?

This video is a bit old but I found it and thought it was funny. Maybe not so much funny, but a basically spot-on accurate call made by Dick Armey.

If she hasn't wet the bed in "weeks" she's about due. "Keep it from killing thousands and thousands of people" she says. Thousands and thousands? It's the goddamn flu, not Ebolavirus. Ooooohhhhh boogey boogey boogey be afraid! You should be more afraid of the H1N1 vaccine than the disease itself. Just to be safe, you better stock up on duct tape, plastic sheeting, and little paper face masks! Oh, and that game just looks fucking stupid.


Anonymous said...

If you're not willing to go along with the fear-mongering surrounding every media crisis, you must be a heartless racist Conservative.

Dillinger said...

Why thank you good sir. That is the nicest thing anybody has suggested about me today.