Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Starbucks, Fighting Lost Causes Since... Who Cares?

Did you know that on December 1st, for every purchase you make at Starbucks, they will contribute 5 Cents toward fighting AIDS in Africa?  That's pretty awesome!  Seriously, with that sort of contribution, AIDS should be totally erradicated in Africa by next week.  I bet they take all of their medicine exactly on time and as directed too, so there isn't any creating of fucked up, drug resistant versions of the disease. 

Now if we just just get those wonderful Africans convinced that their penis cannot be stolen by way of a handshake, we would be truckin'!

I know where I will not be purchasing anything on December 1st.  I'm still hoping they'll all die off to be honest with you.  "Oh, that's so mean!" you might be thinking.  Maybe, but you can look, I've never claimed to be nice.  That, and they serve no purpose except to cost the world a lot of time and money.  Some causes are simply lost, Africa is one of them, accept it and get over it.

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