Friday, November 13, 2009

Germans Give Weapons To Afghan Army... And I Predict

I love it!  Some may call me pessimistic, some might call me jaded, some might call me a jerk, some of you hardcore types might even call me crazy.  I call me realistic.

Afghan officials talked recently with the German Defence Minister about having Berlin supply the fledgling Afghan national army with heavy weapons.

The visiting German minister "pledged his country's commitment to helping Afghanistan," the Afghan ministry said.

Berlin has come under pressure, notably from Washington, to provide more troops with the Taliban-led insurgency now at its deadliest in the eight years since the 2001 US-led invasion toppled their regime in Kabul.

The mission is highly unpopular in Germany but Berlin is considering whether to increase the upper limit of its troop contingent in Afghanistan to 7,000 from the current 4,500, Deutschlandfunk public radio reported last month.

I think this is fanfuckingtastic.  Let's give them heavy weapons, lets give them tanks, lets give them long range ballistic missiles, let's give them nukes!  I'm going to go out on a limb here and make a prediction.  I predict that it takes all of about 3 days for these new German supplied heavy weapons to end up in Taliban hands and being effectively used to kill allied soldiers.

Some of you may be historically educated enough to know that we tried this once in a decade called the 80's and they're still using those weapons against us today.  Yeah, I know, slightly different plot line but still essentially the same people governed by the same mentality and Islam NEVER changes.  That's why they still live in the dark ages.

Some of you may say "oh, but Dillinger, we have to help them fight the insurgents or they'll fail, and they can't fight the insurgents with inferior weaponry."  This is true, or mostly true, except for the fact that I would be willing to bet you that a rather large number of them actually are insurgents, or at least are helping and will continue helping insurgents from the inside.

They're going to fail.  They were never going to succeed, not under the rules of NATO and the U.N.  You can't fight with rules (hands tied) against an enemy that follows no rules.  You can't win by protecting (civilians) who may be militants who are using the population as a ploy to blend in while the population's religion prohibits them from speaking out.  This is an unwinnable war, ask the Russians.

This is where some I lose even some of you who follow me and already know how I think.  We shouldn't have gone over there in the first place, it's that simple.  No civilized strategy can defeat an uncivilized enemy.  We should have dropped several nukes on them as a warning and then left them alone to continue destroying each other just like they've done for thousands of years and gotten so good at.  "Hearts and Minds Campaign" is one of the most laughable piles of steaming horseshit they've fed us in a long time.  Sure there are peaceful people there, but they are afraid of the Taliban and they aren't afraid of us. 

The Taliban creates destruction and death and they know we aren't willing to do everything it takes to defeat them.  Mark my words, they only way to win this war is for the population to realize that it's going to be far worse if they don't support us 100% than if they do.  We should have gone in with a true "shock and awe" mentality.  As much destruction as we could muster as quickly as we could muster it.  The insurgents know we won't and these weapons will come back to bite us in the ass.

War isn't supposed to be nice and peace that is forced isn't peace.  History shows us that their views, beliefs, and general lifestyles do not allow for peace.  I agree with this guy, if you can't separate the good apples from the bad ones you have to assume they're all bad eventually.

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AndrewPrice said...

You sir, are a cynic. . . but an accurate one. This reeks of disaster.