Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Racist Swiss Racists Are Irrationally Afraid of Peaceful Religion of Peacefullness

Switzerland... formerly known for the army knife and apathy, now taking a different route.  Those crazy intolerant Swiss are being racist.  Racist against the religion of peace.  Islamic nations (who are famous for their own tolerance and rationality) reacted with anger to a shock vote to ban new minarets.

The Vatican joined in the dhimmitude by expressing dismay after Sunday's vote for a constitutional ban on the construction of towers attached to mosques, while the government moved to assure Muslims it was not a rejection of their religion.

It is apparent that the Vatican’t is still unaware that Islam is still intent on converting, subjugating, or killing all Christians.  They do want that land back that they once stole and then had re-stolen from them during The Crusades.

Several super awesome countries well known for their own tolerance of other religions and ideals.  Egypt, Indonesia, Lebanon and other Islamic countries while Pakistani religious groups condemned it as "extreme Islamophobia."

It is a shame that the Swiss are so irrationally afraid of this wonderful religion and the gigantic, towering phallic symbols that they like to build to overshadow everything and show Islamic dominance over everything.

Did you know that no structure is supposed to be built higher than any mosque nearby?  It’s a good rule, I think it’s fair considering that when Christians want to build new, big churches in Islamic countries, the Muslims always happily allow it and usually they even donate help and money…  Oh, wait, you say that they don’t?  Alright, maybe they don’t, but at least they allow Christians to fix up churches that are already in place and damaged or run down or things like that.  Oh… They don’t allow that either?  I don’t know what to say now.

“Such an anachronistic referendum should not have been allowed to take place in these times," said Turkey's culture minister, Ertugrul Gunay.

In case the vocabulary happens to be questionable or too difficult for any of my readers, I will happily translate for you.

In good, old fashioned, simple, American English Mr. Gunay said: “how dare you inferior people attempt to prevent Islam from taking one unimpeded step after another to begin taking over your country piece by piece, law by law, thought by thought.  If you continue to impede our progress it is possible that we will never gain a population majority in this country and will therefore never get to implement Sharia and extort the mandated jizya (tax against non-Muslims) from you!  If you continue to fight our cultural takeover and continue to disbelieve that there are ‘moderate Muslims’ who just want to the right to practice their religion in peace then how will Islam ever gain the control needed to destroy your culture, rape your women and children, and turn your people into slaves like Allah requires?

Look at all the ‘moderate Germans’ there were during Hitler’s bid for power.  There were far more moderate Germans than ones who wanted to kill all the Jews and they stopped the radical Nazis from ever gaining the power needed to cause any issues.  Moderate Germans outnumbered the radical ones and kept World War II from having to occur.

It didn’t you say?  Oh, well, it could have!  It will this time, this time it's different!

The largest Muslim group in Indonesia, the world's biggest Muslim-majority country, condemned it as a religious "hatred" but urged a restrained response.  They then went back to administering the last of 100 lashings to the bare back of a woman who showed too much ankle in public and prepared to behead another for having a vagina.

"This is the hatred of Swiss people against Muslim communities," said Maskuri Abdillah, head of Nahdlatul Ulama which has 40 million members.  Most of whom are illiterate, irrational, and completely devoid of the ability to formulate a single syllable thought without the help of an Imam and their grand book of megalomaniacal rantings.

"They don't want to see a Muslim presence in their country and this intense dislike has made them intolerant," a spokes-caveman said.  It’s not like Muslims commonly blow things up, protest with implied violence, threaten, and even carry out murders of non-Muslims for things so simple as questioning Islam, or drawing a cartoon.  It’s not like that has ever happened and especially not like it continuously happens.

They just hate Muslims for their freedom to not have any freedom!

The imam of Switzerland's biggest mosque, in Geneva, meanwhile called on the Muslim world to "respect, without accepting" the outcome and to avoid abandoning ties with Switzerland.  Never you fear my Muslim brethren he communicated silently.  If we start quietly and calmly pretending to accept the infidel attempts to defend himself he will soon lose interest and go back to worrying about football and being oblivious to our attempts to undermine his society.  At this time we will begin slowly taking control again.  If you continue blowing shit up he’ll get suspicious and block our attempts.  Do not be violent because you idiots are ruining everything.

In an interview with AFP, Youssef Ibram nonetheless sharply criticized Swiss authorities for not intervening more forcefully in defense of forcing the Swiss in Switzerland to let Muslims do whatever they please at any expense to the Swiss before the referendum got off the ground.

The message was echoed by Farhad Afshar, who heads the Coordination of Islamic Organisations in Switzerland.

"The most painful for us is not the minaret ban, but the symbol sent by this vote. Muslims do not feel accepted as a religious community," he said.  For this it is possible that we will have to peacefully murder somebody and blow something up.

Muslims account for just five percent of Switzerland's population of 7.5 million people, and form the third largest religious group after the dominant Roman Catholic and Protestant communities.

A 5% population it just so happens is all that is required to get ones way in case some of you were unaware. If 5% votes for something and 95% vote against it, the vote gets passed.  This is because the Swiss are dirty pigs and Muslims are the holy people of Allah, even if they do look like flee-bags, smell like shit, and act like a hyperactive 3 year old having a temper tantrum because he cannot have the toy he wants.

The government rushed to assure the country's Muslims that the outcome was not a rejection of Muslim religion or culture and that the Socialist governmental structure would do it’s very best to convince the Swiss people that subjugation and dhimmitude are the way to go.  Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy Rey met ambassadors from Islamic countries to "explain."

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl “Asshat” Bildt, whose country holds the European Union presidency, called the vote "an expression of quite a bit of prejudice and maybe even fear" and "a negative signal in every way." He then turned around and finished the transaction with Allah's mindless minions for the soul of his country.

The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) warned the vote had the potential "to create tensions and generate a climate of intolerance against Muslims."  We are all aware of the rules.  Intolerance against Muslims is not acceptable because it is mandated by Allah, Muhammad is his Prophet, pieces be of him, that it is the Muslims who are not supposed to tolerate us and not the other way around.

The secretary general of the Council of Europe, Thorbjorn Jagland, said it raised concerns of whether fundamental individual rights that are protected by international treaties should be subject to popular vote.  He then removed his trousers and happily presented his asshole to the Muslim delegation for the running of a train.

Swiss newspapers warned that the referendum had inflicted "spectacular damage" to the country's international standing.   All aboooaaard!  Express route to hell leaves in 5 minutes and if you aren’t on board it’s because you are Neanderthal and unenlightened!  Sink with us or we shall shun you.

The United Nations called Switzerland's ban on new minarets and deeply divisive, and the Swiss foreign minister acknowledged Tuesday the government was very concerned about how the vote would affect the country's image.

My question for my readers, and some of you may be able to enlighten me on this one.  Please, if you can answer then by all means do.  What does the United Nations do?  What positive contribution to anything does the United Nations make?  Why is the U.N. not simply a Union to protect the useless at the expense of the productive?  Why should any country that cares about it’s own well being not simply tell the U.N. to take it’s socialist bullshit and go fuck itself?  Please, I will be awaiting your responses with baited breath.

U.N. human rights chief Navi Pillay said Sunday's referendum to outlaw the construction of minarets in Switzerland was the product of "anti-foreigner scare-mongering."  There was no mention that the mongering of the scare was actually done by Muslims terrorizing shit.

The criticism from Pillay, whose office is based in the Swiss city of Geneva, comes after an outcry from Muslim (facist cuntbag) countries, Switzerland's European neighbors (socialist douchebags) and human rights watchdogs (miserable wastes of time, money, and resources) since 57.5 percent of the Swiss population ratified the ban.

The referendum doesn't affect Switzerland's four existing minarets which this blogger personally thinks should not escape the referendum.  It also doesn’t affect the ability of Muslims to practice their religion.  It only bans the towers used to put out the Islamic call to prayer which regardless of what Muslims like to believe, does not need to be heard by the other 95% of the people in Switzerland against the will of that 95% of Swiss simply so the arrogant and pushy religion of cuntbaggery can have it’s way.

Now, (Allah forbid) wealthy Muslim Arab turds tourists might think twice now about suicide bombing spending their money in Geneva and other Swiss cities, and the passive leftist neutral country's efforts to mediate in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could also suffer.

"We are very concerned with this referendum. The reality of our societies in Europe and throughout the world is that each limitation on the coexistence of different cultures and religions also endangers our security," Calmy-Rey said during a meeting of foreign ministers of the 56-nation Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

"Provocation risks triggering other provocation and risks inflaming extremism," she added.  Again in plain English this would translate to “they’ve proven that they’re violent and if we don’t give in willingly and accept second class status then we will be forced to actually fight for our freedom.  Standing up for oneself is unacceptable and should not be tolerated in an enlightened country.  All Swiss persons may want to consider signing over your home to the nearest Muslim you can find now, and if your wife is hot, her too.  This will save time and effort in the end.”

I must say something.  Good for you Swiss citizenry.  Shame on you Swiss government.  Fuck you complaining-ass Muslims.  Stand up Western society.  Stand up, stand proud, continue fighting if you are already and take up the fight if you haven’t yet because it’s not just extra shade you’re going to gain if you give in.


Anonymous said...

I guess self-preservation trumps "neutrality".

Dillinger said...

I guess it does. Too bad the moronic sheeple voted for that moronic, leftocratic, lying, Muslim cuntbag Obama to avoid being called racist. Now he's trying to force our heads into our asses while half of Europe is beginning to try to remove theirs.