Thursday, December 10, 2009

Brian David Mitchell - Justice... Only For Victimless Crimes In America?

A federal prison psychologist says that the suspect in the abduction of Elizabeth Smart understands the accusations against him but isn't competent to stand trial.

This confuses me because I was under the impression that to stand trial one must simply sit there in a chair while people read evidence against you and your lawyer lies as best he can in an attempt to get your dangerous ass released back into the public so you can kidnap and rape more children.  I didn’t realize that the parking of one’s bottom in a chair required elevated levels of reasoning ability.

Dr. Richart DeMier of the U.S. Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Mo., disagrees with me and said that he had determined that Brian David Mitchell is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

Dr. Dillinger of the Dillinger Medical Board of Professional Psychiatric Doctor-type-people replied that is all the more reason to put his paranoid schizophrenic ass in prison before he fucks up more people’s lives.

“DeMier said during a competency hearing for Mitchell in U.S. District Court Wednesday that Mitchell is not making rational decisions about his criminal defense,” which is a terrible shame because the kidnaping, holding captive, sometimes starving, and raping of a 14 year old up to four times a day for 9 months is extremely rational.  So rational in fact, maybe they should just give him a medal and let him go.

"If he believes he's going to be miraculously delivered from prison by God in two years time, that's not a rational thought process," said DeMier, who evaluated Mitchell over 45 days a year ago.

Which is funny because I work with a lot of people who think they’re going to be miraculously delivered from this world at some point.  From this world!  That’s even more miraculous than prison!  No, really, it is.  Theoretically I could likely deliver somebody from prison if I cared to chance the trouble...  I do not.  I’m not even god-like really... very handsome yes, but god-like, probably not?  So if I can do it then it musn’t be so miraculous and therefore not all that unreasonable and for this reason it’s not that irrational.  From this world on the other hand...  I can’t take your ass to heaven, it’s probably very far to heaven, but out of prison may merely be across the street.  Soooo, theoretically everybody who believes god will take them to heaven is more irrational than this silly son of a bitch who’s only getting a trip out of the building.

Mitchell participated in less than five hours of formal interviews and talked at length about his religious beliefs but shut down when DeMier raised issues related to his mental competency, the psychologist said.

Mitchell also directed staff at the Missouri hospital to refer to him by his religious name, Immanuel David Isaiah, the prophet, DeMier said.

Doctors won’t even believe this silly bastard and millions believe the psychopath Muhammad?  I guess he’ll just have to do what Muhammad did and write a passage that says something along the lines of: The Doctors will hide behind the rock and tree, and the rock and tree will say oh Rapist there is a Doctor behind me come and kill him.  Alright, sorry I got a little of track for a second.

But DeMier said that Mitchell does understand the charges against him, the court process and the roles of the judge, prosecutors and defense attorneys.  Mitchell, 56, has been indicted on federal charges of kidnaping and unlawful transportation of a minor across state lines.  In October, she testified she was raped after being forced into a religious marriage with Mitchell within hours of the kidnaping.
Federal prosecutors contend Mitchell is competent. A New York forensic psychiatrist said he is faking or exaggerating symptoms of mental illness to avoid prosecution.  Mitchell's federal public defenders claim he is unable to assist them with his case.

The Dillinger Institute For Laws That Don’t Exist But Should has suggested that if the person is too goddamn crazy to go on trial then the person is too goddamn crazy to be released into public.  If the person is too goddamn crazy to be released into public and too goddamn crazy to go on trial then the person won’t know the goddamn difference if we kill their crazy-ass so they aren’t wasting our valuable time, food, money, and space.

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Teresa said...

I was under the impression if the criminal could understand the court process, participate in it, understood the charges being brought before him, and was found to be competent than he would not be considered legally insane. Okay, I think that this decision is just going to open a pandoras box for criminals to find a way to get out of being sent to prison. This is ludicrous. I think the defense and psychiatrists/psychologists are giving the criminals way too many rights these days.