Friday, November 21, 2008

Safe Haven Laws

I was sitting here trying to decide what to do with myself on this tropical Western Pennsylvania afternoon during a lul in the snowstorms and came across an article that peaked my interest. This is actually not the first time I've seen this particular issue pop up in the news and have previously come to my own conclusions on the matter. For anybody who knows my ideas this one is in fact completely devoid of any political correctness just like most of my others. "What is it?" you may be wondering, and if you're not and just thinking "would you get to the point already" I shall. Safe Haven laws are my current annoyance. I'm not aware of whether this is limited to certain states or just limited to the ones that should be expelled from the union anyhow but I find this issue stupid and hilarious and terrifying all in the same jumbled emotion. Apparently

LINCOLN, Neb. – Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman has signed a bill that adds a 30-day age limit to a safe-haven law led to the abandonment of nearly three dozen children, including some teenagers as old as 17. The law goes into effect at 12:01 a.m. Saturday.

Heineman signed the bill on Friday afternoon without fanfare and did not immediately issue a statement on the law.

The Legislature, meeting in special session, gave its final approval earlier Friday.

Nebraska has been the only safe-haven law in the country without an age limit. Designed to prevent newborns from being dumped in trash bins or worse, the law instead led to the drop-off of 35 children since September, none of them infants.

They have mostly been preteens and teenagers as old as 17.

My thoughts on this matter lead me back to my beliefs that some people probably should just be fixed, you know, like so they can't physically have children. I'm quite confident that there are prominent indicators of ability to care for children and that people who are likely to abandon their children could easily be profiled long before they even have children. When will America learn that having kids is not a right people should be born with but a privilege they should be forced to earn. For example, public assistance "welfare" checks should not only require passed drug tests weekly but should also require birth control shots for those recipients of said assistance until they can take care of themselves, let along offspring, without our help. Giving people a free run at reproduction without consequences is obviously not working. Abortion is just another one of the issues I'm with the democrats on. I actually go above and beyond the democrats in my support for abortion. I'm actually not sure that allowing it up until the fetus hits age 17. Before you decide how wrong I am let me show you some examples of why I feel this way.

Maybe I'm mistaken but I don't think there's a better argument for my theory than this. If there's any more proof out there that evolution is in reverse and moving full speed then I'm at a loss to find it.

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