Thursday, November 27, 2008


It means thank you Jesus for this awesome land in which we live...

And thank you for giving it first to the Natives who were easy to steal it from...


And thank you to those who built this once great nation and who's memories we piss on daily...


We had a damn good run, kicked some ass & took some names!


And thank you for the new start and h... h... h... hope for our once great nation


And here's to a our new nation and what we've become in the new age.


And here's to our future of getting ass raped by the world like we did to the Indians. I hope we get a sweet reservation in the desert or the swamp and a cool casino as well!


Whoever steals our land next... or just takes control because of our pussy liberal policies give them more rights than the rest of us have... I hope you can fit thanksgiving in sometime between Allah's birthday and Ramadan!

Hap Hap Happy Thanksfuckinggiving!

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