Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Judge Sonya Sotomayor - Another Fighter For The Entitlement Minorities?

The Cult of Obama has struck again. This time with the a nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor for supreme court. I'm extremely excited about this one because who better to make tough decisions on the tough issues of today than a woman who has proven to have poor judgment in such cases. I'm fairly confident in saying that this is one more fairly unambiguous step toward a disastrous liberal future.


Thus far I've heard them talk her up as having a "formidable track record" and being "sharp" and "smart". They've talked about how much she's overcome and how she's such a role model. This talk, of course, has come from the Obamatrons themselves and 95% of those were people with thick Latin American accents. This all has the same sort of feeling that the election of the messiah itself had for me. "Take that whitey!" All this is basically doing is adding more heads to the line for freebies. Adding groups of people who feel like they too are now entitled to something even though they aren't even from this country.

I'm sure she's wonderful, but I've read her biography and it doesn't appear that she's overcome all that much. She's Puerto Rican, big deal, she's been here since she was a kid and by the looks of her wikipedia picture she's about 80 now.

Let's take a look at one of Sotomayors smart, sharp, and formidable cases right quick, shall we? Ricci v. DeStefano was labeled as a difficult race case. We'll take a look back and see how difficult it was.

The city of New Haven, Conn., decided to base future promotions in its firefighting force—there were seven for captain and eight for lieutenant—primarily on a written test.

That seems pretty fair to me

The city paid an outside consultant to design the test so that it would be job-related. Firefighters studied for months. Of the 41 applicants who took the captain exam, eight were black; of the 77 who took the lieutenant exam, 19 were black. None of the African-American candidates scored high enough to be promoted. For both positions, only two of 29 Hispanics qualified for promotion.

So, what does the city do when the black and hispanic candidates are too stupid to outscore the whites on the test for promotions. The city throws out the test results and doesn't give the deserved promotions to the whites who earned them in the prescribed manner. The only step yet to be taken is the fine print that says "test results not valid unless the highest scores are obtained by members of minority groups. In the event that whites should outscore these groups the results will be considered unfair under affirmative action laws and discarded as such." This way at least they wouldn't be misleading anybody.

Faced with these complaints, which translated into both political and potential legal fallout in a city that is nearly 60 percent African-American, New Haven withdrew its test. But that fueled an intense and also understandable frustration on the part of the white firefighters who'd spent time and money on test-prep materials.

Who cares about them, this is America 2009 where white people don't count. I think there are too many white firefighters already. It shouldn't matter if there was only one black candidate and he couldn't count to 8, there need to be 3 blacks in this department!

Oh shit, that makes perfect sense! I bet the city payed the outside consultant to make the test unpassable to blacks and hispanics! Now granted, there may be better methods of promotion and it seems this may be the lazy way, but it's not racist. I'm so sick of whiny-ass-crybaby minorities who scream racism every chance they get. This is the entitlement mentality that has and is further ruining our country. Because the blacks and hispanics weren't smart enough in this case to pass the test the test must not be fair. I'm sure it's because they came from a poor background aye?

Long story short, the white firefighters sued for reverse discrimination and Sotomayor was one of the judges to basically say "piss off whitey, you owe the minorities." As of now the case has been picked up by the supreme court and has yet to be decided. Fortunately the decision is set to come in June which will take place before Sotomayor's confirmation hearings.

I hope that there is justice for the white firefighters who studied and earned the promotions in the form that they were offered. I know this will never happen because the Supreme Court is every bit, if not more liberal in many cases, but it's a nice thought. Everybody should, and did have an equal chance, they all knew about the test and were, therefore, on equal footing.

I also hope this helps to keep Sotomayor from getting the nod for supreme court because the last thing we need is more judges who will promote the entitlement society that we've cultivated. I am pretty sure this isn't the case either for the reasons stated above. Some people are not meant for promotion, other people are meant for outright failure. I don't care if you're black, white, hispanic, or all of the above, if you're too stupid or too unfit to make the cut then too goddamn bad, swallow the pill and get on with your shitty life.

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