Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lee Greenwood Bringing In The Donations

So there is what appears to be a telethon on the Hallmark Channel right now called "Americans Feeding Americans". I really didn't watch it long but I watched it long enough t both feel sorry for a few people they "interviewed" and to realize they found a few career welfare recipients. Let me tell you what, they picked some terrible singers/bands for this mother of a telethon. Oak Ridge Boys, Lee Greenwood,

The best part was that I caught it just in time to see Lee motherfucking Greenwood! Yeah baby! I had no idea that this guy was still trying to prolong his 15 minutes of fame. This guy is impressive... he has been squeezing the blood out of a single stone for 20 years with that damn one hit wonder song.


Give it up Lee Greenwood, I know exactly how proud you are to be an American. You are just proud enough to refuse to take the stage at a concert honoring veterans, police and firefighters in Denver over a payment dispute. This was a while back but some people may not know and beating a dead horse is always fun.

Greenwood's manager said that $20,000 was owed but the concert organizer came up with only about $14,000. The same manager said $2,000 of that was a personal check, but the contract specified cash or a cashier's check. The concert organizer claims he had $18,000 in cash and a $2,000 check from the Knights of Columbus, a service organization. Greenwood said they shouldn't be angry at him, they should be angry at the man who put on the show.

Greenwood said it was only the third time in his 25 years of touring that a pay dispute stopped him from playing."I feel bad for the audience," he said. "I hate it when these things happen."

SURE YA DO LEE... Retire already, you suck buddy and you only have one way played out song.

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