Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Toxic / Hazardous Waste Management Class

This is sort of a random thought but I felt the need to post it for no good reason. I had to sit through a class today on Toxic / Hazardous Waste Management, Resource Conservation & Recovery Act, Superfund Amendment, all that fun stuff. It's been years since I had to sit through a class as opposed to teaching one. I forgot how hard it is to stay awake. The class was taught by a company with the term "technology" in the name. The whole class thus far, 1/2 days was taught on a combination of two white boards. I was under the assumption that a company called "_________ Technologies" would actually use modern technologies.

I was mistaken. I haven't seen white boards used for years. That's like one small step up from using an overhead projector.


This might have been one of the least effective methods they could have chosen to use for a subject that is already so inherently boring. The same amount of information it takes 2 days to put on a white board could be done in less than one on powerpoint. I have no idea how I managed to stay awake through the bad jokes and painful boredom. I can't wait until day two.

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