Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blanket Boy Turkey Gun Murderer

PITTSBURGH – An 11-year-old boy apparently covered his shotgun with a blanket to keep it hidden when he left his bedroom, went downstairs and fatally shot his father's pregnant girlfriend in the head as she slept, a prosecutor said Monday.

The blue blanket, which has a quarter-sized hole that appeared to be singed from a shotgun blast, supports a claim that the crime was premeditated, Lawrence County District Attorney John Bongivengo said.

Police found the blanket in the farmhouse where the boy, Jordan Brown, lived with his father; the father's girlfriend, Kenzie Marie Houk; and her two daughters, ages 7 and 4. Houk was killed Friday morning while Brown's father was at work and the two girls were in the home, authorities believe.

"The operating theory is that he covered the gun with the blanket to hide it when he came downstairs" from his bedroom to shoot Houk, who was in a first-floor bedroom, Bongivengo said. "It wasn't used to muffle (the shot) or anything, the blanket wasn't thick enough for that."

Brown got the youth-sized shotgun as a Christmas present, and used it to win a turkey shoot on Valentine's Day.

Now I love guns, don't get me wrong. Guns are top 5 on my list of favorite things. I've been around them since I was a child. The thing is that I always knew my dad would snap off my legs and beat me to a bloody puree if I even entertained the thought of touching the things without his permission and supervision. Why are eleven year olds getting guns and having full access to them while pops is at work? Oh yeah, it's Pennsylvania, hillbilly capital of the North East.

I'm sure he didn't mean it. Let's blame it on video games and violent television. I'm sure we'll spend an assload of money trying to "rehabilitate" mini-murderer. For all of those who say "he's only eleven, he probably didn't realize the extent of the consequences" I say fuck off. When I was eleven I was fully aware that if I made something dead it would stay that way, for this reason amongst many, I didn't make things dead. Psycho is psycho and this kid should be aborted along with his idiotic father. Then again I'm sure a couple years in ass raping prison and he'll be a fine, upstanding citizen.

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