Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Captive Sunday School Audience


An Ohio man held a woman captive in handcuffs and an adult diaper for three days while he read Bible passages to her, police said. Troy Brisport, 34, was charged with kidnapping and felonious assault. Bail was set Tuesday at $400,000.
He picked up the woman Wednesday night in Detroit after she told him she had nowhere to stay, and brought her to his home in Toledo, about 55 miles away, police said.
The woman told police that after she fell asleep Brisport handcuffed her wrists and ankles, gagged her, undressed her and put her in an adult diaper, then read Bible passages, said police Capt. Ray Carroll.

She apparently was not sexually assaulted, Carroll said. However, court documents alleged that Brisport tried several times to suffocate the woman using a pillow and blanket. The woman told police she escaped Saturday after Brisport fell asleep. Police found her dressed only in a T-shirt and the adult diaper and still wearing handcuffs. There was no immediate response Tuesday to a call seeking comment from jail officials, and there was no indication whether Brisport had an attorney to speak for him.

Now obviously the woman is a fucking idiot too, but you don't see some nutter pulling this type shit to read Kurt Vonnegut, that's all I'm saying. Where the fuck do these people come from? I'm sure he'll get a couple hundred hours community service and a couple anti-retardation classes and he'll be off looking for more victims. Yay America!

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