Monday, September 21, 2009

Anarchy & The Peaceful Religion

I read this one and snagged it from over at Atlas Shrugs so big nod over that direction.

I really couldn't resist because I'm constantly in awe of the peacefulness and restraint of this religion that is Islam. Islam provides such an example of behavioral goals for all of us time and again. Please, read on.

Nine law enforcement officers were injured this past Thursday night in Molenbeek, a suburb of Brussels, when they clashed with Islamic Moroccan youth after trying to detain a youth who had provoked police surveilling the community during Ramadan.

After several days of intentional provocation by the 14-year old youth, authorities went to his residence to detain him where they were met with loud protests by the boy's family. As they tried to remove the boy a mob of approximately twenty people circled the law enforcement officers and started to throw stones and other projectiles. Law enforcement officers had to employ pepper-spray in order to hold off the crowd as they took the boy into custody.

Muslims would never disrespect the law like this. We have never before seen such behavior by this group of people time and again. We know, because they tell us, the Qur'an says to always respect Western authorities and offer friendship and kisses to Kaffir wherever you may find him. It's true, they tell us this.

The family of the boy soon arrived at the police station with as many as sixty people in tow. In short order, the mob became unruly and began to throw stones, smash windows and damage police cars.

Throwing stones! Blasphemous lies! They don't even have a passage in the peaceful Qur'an that gives them permission to bury people up to their waist and stone them to death for adultery! Lies!

Police spokesman Johan Berckmans said the police had identified the 14-year old youth as the individual who harassed and threatened law enforcement officers during their routine patrols of Muslim neighborhoods during the annual Ramadan observance.

During the incident at the police station local law enforcement had requested reinforcements from the Brussels capitol. After the rioters were dispersed, Muslim rioters moved the anarchy to nearby locations.

Law enforcement employed water cannon, a helicopter and approximately 100 law enforcement officers to quell the situation. In all, nine law enforcement officers were injured, one seriously.

The national police union has asked for urgent action by the national government regarding the continued unrest emanating from the Muslim community there. NSPV spokesman Philip Van Hamme said more law enforcement and security personnel should be immediately added to the permanent and preventive services and that preventive patrols should be significantly expanded.

Allow Dillinger to submit a Standard Operating Procedure. This procedure has been developed from extensive studies of various responses and procedures in similar situations throughout history. This procedure is proven to have a clear and positive outcome and guaranteed to work every single time.

Step #1. Muslim riots and causes unrest, taunts law enforcement, etc.

Step #2. Law enforcement officials warn riot causing trouble maker to please stop.

Step #3. Law enforcement attempt to arrest riot causing trouble maker for not stopping.

Step #4. Riot causing trouble maker refuses to go with arresting officer.

Step #5. Would be arresting officer unsheathes large, heavy baton and slams it onto cranium of riot causing trouble maker.

Step #6. Riot causing trouble maker cannot fight back because he got what he had coming to his unruly ass for acting like a goddamn wild animal that he is.

Step #7. Arresting officers throw riot causing wild animal in car and remand him to bottom of local river.

Step #8. Family and friends of riot causing trouble maker attempt to throw stones, break things, and further riot.

Step #9. Arresting officer and comrades open fire on rioting wild animal family with multiple strategically aimed assault rifles thus ending the uprising with a god-like (or Allah-like if you prefer) swiftness.

Step #10. Remand riot causing wild animal family carcasses to bottom of local river.

Step #11. Repeat as necessary

PROBLEM SOLVED. In no time at all, the religion of peace really will be the religion of peace. If it has to be turned into the religion of rest in peace, so the fuck be it. Why do we put up with their shit and let them continue screaming how peaceful they are and how it's their fault as they riot, kill, rape, blow up, and generally cause the destruction of our societies and our things? They live in our countries and use our own laws to further our downward spiral into becoming subservient to theirs. If you pieces of shit want to act like thugs and general uneducated cunts that you are, do it in your mud huts in your own shithole country. Their respective countries are the shitholes they are precisely because of the belief systems they hold. If they want to stay in our countries they should be required to follow our rules and act like human beings. They simply cannot do it it. Islam is incompatible with Western culture, always has been, always will be.

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