Monday, September 28, 2009

I'll Sue If You Don't Parent My Child!

Human stupidity knows no bounds. Harry Blackmore was swinging on a small steel rail when he fell in the store in Liverpool. Harry's cranium was busted upon the floor causing monkey-boy Harry to swing no more.

His devastated mother was just yards away and totally neglecting to pay attention to her dangerously hyperactive child when the inevitable happened. Harry died at the end of 10 days in critical condition.

The distraught parents, who have four daughters, are now doing what any faulty parent does, suing the supermarket giant for negligence. They told a tale of how Harry knocked himself dead while mumsy was shopping blissfully and completely ignoring her child. The parents simply cannot understand how the store could fail to assign a complimentary personal assistant/babysitter to follow and care for Harry while Mrs. Harry's Mom shopped.

This blogger agrees, too many stores simply don't realize that children are a right of every parent but the responsibility of the whole village. We must all care for every child because not just every woman with a vagina can create one and then let it swing on public property like a chimpanzee on a cocaine bender while she wanders around the produce aisle in the prescription pain pill stupor.

They told how Harry was knocked unconscious after banging his head on the floor of the store in Park Road, Toxteth. He said: "This is a working class neighbourhood with lots of children. We say that parents should be able to go shopping with their children in a safe environment. "We say that the railing should not have been there or should not have been in that state."

This blogger agrees again. There should be no public structures of any sort if they can accommodate a child swinging on them. We must remove everything that a child can hang, swing, or otherwise get injured on so that his/her parents do not have to be burdened with parenting. One doesn't have children to have to pay attention to them, one has children to pay for their old-ass when they retire. Down with Somerfield! Burn them! Burn the witch!

There's a bright side to all of this. Now, with 1 less child, maybe they'll be able to pay more attention to the 4 left. I doubt it, but it was a nice thought.

Hat tip to Rantin Rab for this one.


Anonymous said...

The number one cause of injuries to Senior Citizens is falls. All stores must remove their floors so that there's nothing upon which to fall.

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Writer X said...

Hilarious! It takes a village. Of idiots. Taking responsibility has become so lame, right? ;-)

BTW, love your blog!

Dillinger said...

Thank you Writer X, your support is greatly appreciated. I write for my own musings but it wouldn't be any fun if I couldn't entertain others as well.