Thursday, September 24, 2009

Field Trips For Dangerous Mental Patients

An insane killer who slipped away from the staff of a mental institution on a field trip to the Spokane County International Fair was recaptured Sunday without injury more than 220 miles away in south-central Washington state.

Wait, what, wait, wait, an "insane killer." He's known for being both nutters, AND a killer. Ok, so what does any reasonable caretaker of such a person do? Take him on a field trip to a crowded public place! That seems perfectly logical to me. Fuck it, why not give him a chainsaw? We want to be sure we maximize his fun and relaxation time don't we?

He eventually surrendered to a superior police force but he'll be returning in Halloween 14: The Golden Years. Ok, I made that Halloween part up.

The eventual re-arrest was made by Spokane County Detective Roger W. Knight, who also nabbed Paul (THE SAME GUY) after he gave Eastern State Hospital personnel the slip during a previous field trip.

Now maybe it's just me, but let me get this straight. The guy is an "insane killer" who also has made previous escapes on previous field trips. Ok, that seems reasonable, at least there isn't any cause to not take him on field trips.

There are times when I sincerely hate this country. Ok, I don't hate this country, I hate people in this country. I'm looking at you lefty, crybaby, human rights, fucktards. Yeah, that's right, you're the assholes who get field trips for people who are insane, and who like to kill others. Why does he deserve a field trip? Actually the better question is why is he even alive to take a field trip? For what reason would you endanger the lives and well being of the public at large for the "rights" of somebody who should have lost his rights when he became decidedly crazy, or a killer, or both? Does the public not have the right to be safe from people who are known to be unsafe? Why do we preserve these people who will never serve a purpose for society to commit later crimes? Why? For what reason? Yeah I know, human rights... You don't even understand your own idiocracy if you think every human deserves the same rights. A properly functioning society (which hasn't made an appearance for centuries) gives the herd a trim as necessary to keep things neat and tidy. Sometimes you simply abandon the gimp to the lions for the sake of the herd.


Anonymous said...

A field trip? Did they pack him a lunch? Did he have to bring a note from his victim?

I'm gonna be sick.

Dillinger said...

Yeah, the best part about it is that those who plan this sort of thing, are usually college educated people. That makes a very important statement about well, the state of university in this country.