Friday, September 4, 2009

Football Coach Being Charged

A Kentucky high school football coach was charged Thursday with homicide in the death of one of his players who collapsed at practice on a hot day.

You can find another article here. As though you haven't heard it on every news source already.


A grand jury indicted David Jason Stinson in the death of Pleasure Ridge Park offensive lineman Max Gilpin. Stinson was directing practice on Aug. 20, when the heat index reached 94 degrees in Louisville where the school is located. The 15-year-old Gilpin collapsed and had trouble breathing.

When the sophomore reached Kosair Children's Hospital, he had a temperature of 107 degrees and died there three days later.

The reckless homicide charge means grand jurors didn't find that Stinson's actions were intentional or malicious, said Jefferson County Commonwealth's Attorney Dave Stengel. However, Stengel said, "a reasonable man should have realized something like this could have occurred."

Gilpin's parents, Glenna Michele Crockett and Jeffrey Dean Gilpin, sued Stinson and the five assistant coaches in state court accusing them of negligence and "reckless disregard."

Along with the lawsuit and criminal investigation, the school system has been conducting its own investigation, which was still pending Thursday.

Yet another ridiculous story of political correct horseshit. What the fuck do you people want? Do you want there to be no school sports? Do you want there to be no sports at all for kids? I know you do. You want every sports team to be a laughable joke. My little league coach when I was a kid was a nighmare. The man was rough and he wasn't very nice. I had the choice as a 9 year old kid to either play for him or to play for another (not so good) coach who was known for being much nicer, when I was chosen for both teams. I specifically chose to play for the known, tough, sometimes mean coach. I chose him because he was good, his teams was good, I wanted to be good. I wanted to be the best and play for the best even as a 9 year old.

Yes my coach pushed us hard but we won and we won a lot and that was where the fun is. This shit where no coach can push his/her team for fear of backlash from parents is a perfect example of the pussification of American society. Football is not a nice sport. Football is inherently tough and it is a violent sport. When you as a parent allow your child to take part you take on the risk that something bad may happen up to and including an incident such as this. If you are not willing to take that risk do not enroll your child in such sports. Blaming the coach for something that can and does happen regardless of precautions is criminal in itself.

This is a tragic incident no doubt, but it is not the coach's fault and the defense is absolutely correct in saying that it's nothing more than a witch hunt. This is a tragic sign of the times that shows that the American people in general always want to blame somebody else for anything and everything bad that happens. Putting this coach in jail will not bring the kid back and it won't fix a goddamn thing. Every coach of every sport coaching anybody under the age of 18 should strike until this coach is acquitted of all charges because if they don't stand up for their own they will be helping set a precedent that will be the ultimate downfall of youth sports throughout the country. Enroll your kids in ballet if you don't want them to get hurt... scratch that, they'll probably twist their fragile little ankle and you'll seek the death penalty for the teacher. Just keep your kids at home wearing a padded suit and helmet and never allow him/her to venture more than 7 feet from a predesignated safe zone!

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My heart breaks for the family and the coach. Their days and nights will be haunted by this event for a long time.