Friday, September 11, 2009

This Is Socialism

I found this in yahoo "weird news" or something of the sort. Apparently it was attributed to "The Sun" in England on the 30th of July, 2009. An interview with a woman and her boyfriend. Simply too goddamn priceless not to post.

Theresa Winters, 36, lives in Luton, England, with her unemployed boyfriend, Toney Housden. She's pregnant (and chain-smoking) with her 14th child (his 12th) and remains totally dependent on public assistance.

Officials estimate that "assistance" has totaled "millions" of pounds. Social workers recently removed the kids still living with her (five were born with disabilities), and Winters told The Sun that, if they also take away her 14th, she and Housden will just keep making more until she gets one to keep.

Housden said he would "love" to go to work, but only for "the right reasons" (specifically, not, he said, to earn money for family counseling because that is the government's responsibility).

REALLY!? Seriously? This is exactly what you get when socialists get control of a country. These are exactly the type of people who benefit from socialism. They are allowed to survive, to thrive, and to breed more who will cost taxpayers more "millions" and turn out just like their useless parents. This is why I am the cynical asshole I am. We have so many people like this in the U.S. it's ridiculous and the Democrats want to pass out more freebies to them. This is why I don't believe in universal health care. Personally I think she should be knocked unconscious, drugged, and fixed as though she's a ferrell cat... and so should he for that matter. Children aren't a right they're a responsibility and if you can't handle it your kids should be taken and so should your assistance checks.


LL said...

I agree with treating her like a ferral cat - but she should have been spayed after kid #2, not kid #14. Eventually her uterus will fall out if she keeps knocking them out and the state will be left to tend with her brood.

Opus #6 said...

Welfare promotes this behavior. Welfare reform, or work-fare, enables people to become empowered in their lives and to reclaim their personal dignity.

Dillinger said...

Agreed, and agreed, however, I'm quite sure there are many, many who prefer free handouts to dignity.

The Young Oligarch said...

It's even worse than you think , Dillinger .

Many working people can't afford to have children because of the high taxes , or put off having them until their late 30's/early 40's and only have one child .

It is noticeable in Britain that the children are the offspring of the welfare-dependent or of immigrants (mostly the latter is a sub-set of the former).

The children in the article are fortunate in that they have both parents present .

The British welfare system actively encourages single-parenthood and all the social problems which come with it .

Dillinger said...

I promise you that I don't underestimate how bad it actually is good sir. I will, however, admit that I am unfamiliar enough with your exact systems and corresponding statistics to make a good comparisson. From the information I currently have contained in my head I would be willing to venture and say that it's probably worse over there than it is here... so far. Our government is quickly doing their best to catch up at this point. Program after program passed to better "assist" the "less fortunate" simply exaccerbate the problem, rooting it deeper and spreading it wider trying their best to make us believe that taxpayers won't pay for it and that it'll help to fix instead of make the problem worse.

Anonymous said...

Yet another example of government's ability to do exactly the wrong thing.