Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This Should Be Required Reading

I have read well over 100 books in the past year. The only reason the number of books I've read is important is because the one I'm about to tell you about is by far the best. In modern America, in the modern UK, in modern Western societies, this book should be required reading for every citizen who can read.


As I write this review, as I make this plea for those who read my blog to read this book. If you do or have read the book, please help spread the word on your own blogs if you can. There is a war being waged against us and we need to open our eyes and fight back. The war being waged is that of Islam against western society. The front is far more extensive than simple guns and bombs and the stakes are nothing less than the loss of our very cultures and the way of life we lead.

Western counties are daily welcoming with open arms, our very enemy into our respective societies and into our way of life and in attempts at multi-culturalism we are selling out and allowing the destruction of our own society on a clandestine front.

Robert Spencer describes describes the stealth Jihad to introduce Sharia into western society and to pave the way for it's takeover and eventual conquest and rule over Western society. Spencer is a veteran of the struggle against jihad; his previously published titles include "The Truth About Muhammad," "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam, and the Crusades," "Religion of Peace, Why Christianity is and Islam isn't," "The Myth of Islamic Tolerance," and "Islam Unveiled." I have personally read each of these works and willingly endorse them all but this one describes many things the others do not. This is by far my favorite.

Spencer describes in unquestionable and frightening terms how the failure to join the resistance to Islam's malevolent spread in America will eventually lead to our downfall. Some European countries may already past the tipping point and will have some form of sharia law within 50 years. If you don't think it can happen here in America consider the Minnesota taxi incidents of 2006.

One taxi driver refused to pick up passengers carrying alcoholic beverages at the Minneapolis airport because to do so would "insult Islam." Soon other drivers joined the embargo against passengers with alcohol. The city tried a system using different colored taxis to accommodate the drivers who were and weren't willing to transport alcohol, but the system broke down. Within three months 5,400 passengers were denied service. The drivers claimed that they were defending "freedom of religion." In fact, Spencer shows that no one was preventing the drivers from practicing Islam. What the drivers were doing was "asserting sharia norms over non-Muslims." Had the precedent been allowed, what was to prevent drivers from refusing to carry passengers with pork products, or an unmarried couple?

Spencer shows how Muslim incursions into the unalienable rights which Americans blithely take for granted are not a fight for equal rights but a fight to impose Islamic law on the unbelievers in their own respective countries. These organizations reject peaceful coexistence, reject moral equivalence, and reject pluralistic governance. Portrayed as an extension of the civil rights movement in modern Western societies, Spencer shows how it is instead a clandestine movement to impose dhimmitude upon non-muslms and raise Islam to a protected group with rights superseding those of the Westerners who are considered by Muslims to be inferior and are to be treated as second class citizens. For Muslims to live peacefully with us is to insult the prophet Muhammad and is simply not an option for them.

Spencer uses the very documents of Islam, the Qur'an and the Hadith (traditions of the prophet), as well as the speech of Muslim writers and speakers themselves to make his points. Spencer quotes Islam's words verbatim and shows that there is no scope for compromise in the mandate to convert us, extract jizya (humiliating tax on non-Muslims), or kill us. These are their sole options and they mean business. America's very openness, its civil rights, its democratic ideals and institutions, and its tolerance create a vulnerability which Muslims use against us to achieve their goals.

Spencer hails Representative Sue Myrick (R-NC) for her ten point plan to counter jihadist activity in the United States. The Myrick Plan is a commonsense list of urgently needed tools and policies. No rational person could object to a single one of them. So who objects? The Council on Islamic-American Relations for starters. At what point will Americans wake up to the threat of Islamic jihad? When Islamic students in Brooklyn start wearing tee shirts emblazoned with "Intifada in USA?" Guess what? The school principal tried to defend the students' rights to flaunt their violent intents.

Jihadis in America will continue to press forward with their "right" to subjugate us; is it their sworn religious duty. You will either accept their gradual incursions, this "stealth jihad," or you will find the courage to resist. The more of us who are exposed to the thoughts of Spencer and other banner carriers for the resistance, the less effective the jihadis will be. It's your America; keep it that way. Describing the disturbing ease with which stealth jihadists have already become ensconced in the American political and media landscapes, Spencer exposes the full modus operandi of the movement in this Amazing and informative book.

Many will not believe Spencer and will write him off as a propagandist with racist or biggoted ideas that are poisonous to freedom. I implore you to think twice. Erase for a moment all of your past ideas and beliefs and simply read this book with a totally open mind. Resistance to jihad is not bigoted, racist, hatemongering, or Islamophobic; it is self defense against the war being waged against us to take our very freedoms and impose foreign and very oppressive laws upon us. Taking the word of the Islamic world about the intentions of Islam is like asking Hitler to outline proper human rights. This is a wake up call America, we must stand up and we must protect our culture before the roots of Islam dig too deep and destroy us from within.


Josh said...

I will get this book this weekend, but can't guarantee I will be as devoted to your cause as you are. ;)

Nickie Goomba said...

OK, I may have to part with a few bucks for this one. Nice post.

Dillinger said...

Obviously, I highly recommend that you do, it is certainly worth it. Thank you for the kind words.