Monday, December 8, 2008

Blackwater In Hot Water

First of all I would like to personally thank you Sarah for raising my blood pressure this time by sending me this article. This is a perfect example of some shit that pisses me off beyond belief. Here's the actual article listed below for your review.

Now I must note that I also take my opinions from following this company rather closely because I take great interest in the privatization of military roles. I'm sure there are plenty who say there's no room for this kind of thing in this particular war. I don't totally disagree with that assuming that our government did not have it's collective head lodged firmly up it's arse since the start of this war. It's the fact that we've been there as long as we have and yet accomplished so very little that proves that maybe we do have room for companies like Blackwater Worldwide, or Triple Canopy to be on the ground in Iraq. I wholeheartedly believe that a lot more action and a lot less bureaucracy might just get something done besides get people killed in the clusterfuck we're lodged in the middle of.

In addition to the news, whatever that happens to be worth, I also take some of my information from other sources which have helped me form my opinions. One good example is the book by Jeremy Scahill and titled "Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army." A very interesting book by all accounts even though I'm rather positive it was not meant to portray this company in a positive light either.

If you think this is just a right wing paramilitary group I won't say that I think you're wrong. If you say they were simply greedy mercenaries operating under little or no supervision I will not totally disagree either. Men who volunteer to do a job that our military does not have the numbers or manpower to do? Quite possibly. A large corporation out to reap profit at the expense of a country in turmoil and despite the best interests of their own country? It's possible, but then again they were as often as not, working under contract of our government. The job may have payed exponentially higher wages than our fine military personnel get to do the same dangerous job but it is a job that not all can do and did in fact need done.

The fact that Blackwater is now in hot water of the alleged "manslaughter" of 17 so called Iraqi civilians does not surprise me the least bit. Our government is just doing what it does best. When shit hits the fan they choose a scapegoat and fry somebody else who provides an easy target in an attempt to divert the blame from their own colossal failures. I have little doubt that the actual company itself is more than willing to hang their own men who were following orders given to them as best they could in a seemingly hostile situation. How many of those who are so willing to convict these men were there to see what really occurred? How many of those willing to convict these men have ever been in a situation even remotely similar?

This is not WWII, there are few rules in this place and to say that these were in fact unarmed civilians is something I find highly suspect. This is a place where anybody capable of firing a weapon must be suspect whether men, women, or children. To ask a soldier of any type, mercenary or not to dismiss this possibility is to say that their life is of no value it's that simple. This kind of ludicrous thought process is what has gotten so many killed already. Below is a perfect example.

Some of you may be familiar with this. Just one of the faces but this one angers me to no end. This young woman was killed by a suicide bomber. Part of the Marine Corps Lioness program that among other things was used to search Iraqi women so as to preserve their "religious rights" and she lost her life to these animals for her good deed. Tragic and unacceptable! Give me one good reason why we should so any more civility to these people than they show to us?
I constantly hear that it's not Islam, it's the radical element that has hijacked the religion from within. That's great, Wahhabi Islam... maybe it is and maybe it isn't. This is the sect that governs the Saudis who's dick is so firmly lodged in our ass without so much as a courtesy lubrication. There's more to it than that.

How often do we really hear people speaking about about these so called hijackers? How often do those who claim Islam is peaceful, stand up and try to take it back? Not very often and when they do it's barely a whisper rather than a fight to prove themselves. We're getting nowhere because nobody is afraid of us. We prove time and again that our bark is far worse than our nibble. These are people who drove the mighty Soviet machine out of their country in the eighties. Granted they had our help but it's quite obvious they have equal assistance from others who oppose us and it's happening again. This is nearly an exact recreation except the Soviets were not nearly the pussies we are... or at least our leaders and the armchair quarterbacks are who are running this circus.

How do you get somebody to stand up and speak out within their own country when they'll be killed over it? We don't have the manpower or the willpower to actually stand and protect and take control of the country and they know it. They also know that we are not the ones to fear. We can be held back by our own rules and laws and our own troops will be prosecuted for keeping order. For this reason they riot in the streets and have no respect for us just like what caused this incident. We need to cowboy up and show these people that they're going to cooperate or we're going to smash anybody who stands against us or we need to get the fuck out and let them implode upon themselves like they're so adept at doing. These are the only two options and there are no others. Time has shown that you cannot hold a uniformed army to one standard and allow rebels in street clothes to make up the rules as they go and still yield positive results.

These people who had their hands in the air one minute might have very likely been shooting at these men 20 seconds prior. On top of this the crybaby left wing wants to let them walk off to fight another battle and kill more Americans in another part of the city an hour later. This is an enemy that obviously blends in with the "civilian" population and wants it that way, it's why they're winning. When do we hear about these civilians turning these people in? If they were truly so concerned with being mistaken for insurgents it's guaranteed that 1/2 or 1/3 known somebody who's fighting against us. No so called civilian who is willing to hide insurgents can any longer be classified as a civilian any more than I could be innocent if I harbored and escaped murderer and lied to the cops. Giving candy and cookies to so called prisoners for information is going to get us shit. Telling a suspected insurgent who we know is lying that next time we'll ask him more sternly will not work. Still people cry that we're "abusing" prisoners. I ask you little girls then how the fuck do we get anything done? I think if pouring water on the face of one of these greasy camel fuckers manages to save one life then lets get the fucking fire hoses.

If I were in the middle of a war zone with an opposing army occupying I won't tell you I wouldn't fight them. I will tell you I wouldn't walk the fuck out into the street and rant and riot and provoke armed soldiers without the expectancy that I might just get a few bullets in my ass. Anybody who's that fucking stupid deserves to die and I don't give a fuck if they are kids. I have a pretty good idea how young they start these little fuckers on their cause and the kind of shit they put in their heads. They may be women and they may be children but that doesn't make them harmless or even less dangerous! I read about this particular incident in the book I mentioned above and there were significantly more details about the incident. I don't believe these operators were in the wrong at all. I think it was men in a war zone reacting the way they had been trained to react to an escalating hostile situation. Many of you and many of these lawdogs who want to hang somebody may have forgotten about this little incident but I'm sure it was fresh in the minds of the men at this location.

I'm utterly disgusted with the media and their constant bullshit. They constantly hold a loaded gun to the heads of our military men and women and twitch with glee at the opportunity to pull the trigger first chance they get. It is a deplorable day in America when soldiers are put in a damned if you do, damned if you don't type of situation and receive no support from the people who sent them there. I promise you that the Greatest Generation did not stand for this kind of despicable horseshit and we should be utterly ashamed of ourselves. This is not the kind of action that builds a superpower and this is not what my grandfather fought for. If there is a heaven and he's watching this I would be willing to bet tears are falling. I wish this country would get a fucking clue before the liberals so willingly sell us the fuck out to every fucked up pajama clad Islamist who's willing to shoot first then cry fowl. Right now we stand for nothing, we stand divided, and for it we are falling!

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