Sunday, December 7, 2008

Children, Schoolbuses, and My Exponentially Elevating Blood Pressure

So I'm sitting here on a Saturday night with nothing to do because I'm a loser right. That's quite alright, I have activities in which I would prefer to be taking part but at the moment they are quite out of state. So I've decided that amongst watching "Snatch" for again (I've long ago forgotten how many times I've seen it), I would see how much Pravda I can down before I start to feel Russian (or Polish), and write something. I'm irritated about the fact that it's snowing and cold as fuckall outside, this is bullocks. I really need to move somewhere that has more reasonable weather before I snap. I've already fallen down the stairs once this evening as a result of a misplaced track jacket, that was a bitch. I well might have busted my fucking cranium on that one but as it was I simply ended up with some bitchin' rug burns and a right good laugh.

I was going to write about this yesterday but I failed to get around to it so I'll put this one down as a random thought/rant for the night. I absolutely fucking hate school buses. This is probably as a partial result of my dislike for children. Ninety percent of them are rude, ill-mannered, uneducated little cunts who need a good kicking. I think this is probably a direct result of having parents who either have those same qualities or parents who are whiney liberal hippies. Nobody wants to discipline their children because there must be a more progressive way about it. It's obvious that this is not the case because your screaming brats act like wild animals in public and you offer to buy them something to calm them down if you pay any attention at all. The rest of us must stand (ears bleeding and blood pressure rocketing upward toward a coronary) while the brats raise hell and fuck shit up in a restaurant or store and you do nothing. This not my primary issue so I'll leave it for now and move on. Every fucking day I happen to leave work just in time to get behind 3 buses. Fucking 3, it's some shit from my worst nightmares.

Every 9 seconds one of these bloody wankers have to stop to let some morbidly obese, 200 pound 9 year old off so he can waddle to his shack. It takes his fat ass 19 minutes just to round the vehicle and jiggle off the opposite side of the road. What in the name of Jesus H Christ on a stick has occurred here? Does nobody look at the state of this child. Half these kids should be walking home. Forty miles over the river and through the woods might just turn this walking ham into something useful instead of giant venereal disease on the couch in front of an xbox. Half the time he's got on basketball shorts in the middle of goddamn winter. I would ask what kind of half assed parent allows this but I honestly think they're the only thing he can cram his lumpy ass into. I can see this child pinning the things up, open, in a corner, then stepping off a ladder and falling into them. I'm quite sure it probably would require the jaws of life to remove them. This is nearly all the children that get off these particular buses. I suppose I should come to expect such things in a town where can be seen billboards advertising the necessity of Jesus in my fucking life.

I guess these overdressed pinnipeds need a bus to get home because mum and dad sit home and work on a bottle of Jack all day, collecting free public assistance as a reward for their lack of usefullness. The car is probably broken down and torn apart in the snow out front of the shack. The least they could do is have a common fucking drop spot. There is no need whatsoever to stop every 30 feet and no I am not exaggerating. When I was a child I fucking walked. Bus stops were community stops and you walked your ass to it in a right timely manner or you got left the fuck behind. Now the bus sits and waits in the goddamn road because the child can't be subjected to the fucking cold in the winter. Bundle the little shit up and get their ass to the road BEFORE the bus gets there because the rest of us have to go to work!

So anyhow, what is the malfunction here? Does somebody think that they're going to get stolen? Are we afraid they'll get hit by a car? Who cares, it's survival of the fittest. I got sent packing as a child and off I walked, nose falling the fuck off from frostbite, can't feel my fingers or feet. Take a roll in the mud puddle on the way to school, splashed by passing motorists, and I lived through it. These kids will not die and if they do it's probably a good example of natural selection. If little Jimmy has no more sense than a deer to fuck about in the street then that's too bad, somebody else will someday have to serve fries at McDonald's, there are plenty of candidates. Probably it'll just be one less person who will at the age of 18 begin to leach off taxpayer assistance funds.

There should be a rule that if we just can't swing this let the lazy shits walk, the buses must let cars pass. I don't mean after every 10 stops or 10 miles. I mean every single time that the bus stops and cars are behind them they must let the child off then wave the cars by before they can continue on the route. There is absolutely no excuse for 756 fucking cars piled up behind this big yellow atrocity for 7 and a half goddamn hours. Some bus drivers are fairly good about this but they're a vast minority. Usually the individual probably has an IQ that tops out around 77 on a good day is half cocked on prescription meds nicked from their grandma with whom he/she still lives at 45 years old, and looks like Mrs. Crabtree from Southpark or a male version of said example.

I realize the children should get to school. In reality, with the state of our school system as it is, they're too ignorant or hyperactive to sit and learn anything anyhow. Teachers and administrators can't make them learn because parents will complain. Why is my child being singled out? Why aren't you helping my child? My child would never act like that. Parents need to wake the fuck up because all this horseshit starts at home to begin with. Put the power back in the hands of the school and make it more like a military academy than a social event. Until that happens, make the buses let those of us pass who are attempting to arrive to work on time or get home the same day we left it. At least let those of us who try to be productive to do our thing without impedance. I just hope I'm dead before these kids are the ones running the place because at this rate it's not going to turn out well. Pansy little bastards who grow up to run shit are the reason why we're a country of miserable soppy far left wing winers who get nothing done. It all starts with walking.

I realize I'm all over the place when I rant but I think you get the point. I also don't feel this is a less than reasonable request. I think we should send all the children to school in Russia where maybe they'd develop a drinking problem but at least they would learn to cowboy up and deal.

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