Friday, December 19, 2008

Vagina Is Not A Clown Car!

I really hate these people. The Duggar family from Arkansas (which explains a lot right there) has had their 18th child!

(Note: I don't think we need Arkansas... I would like to propose that we sell it off for national dept money)

Anyhow, why do I hate them you ask? Because they are members of a "quiverfull" movement! What is a quiverfull movement you might ask? Well, this is a group of nutters who think that children are a "blessing from god" instead of screaming, crying, shitting, puking, breaking-shit, expensive, irritating, pains in my arse!


That is not a blessing from god that is my worst fucking nightmare!

They do not believe in repressing the making of little mini christketeers in any way. So instead they just pop children out like a fucking demented pez dispenser. They're also evangelical type Baptists which makes them my arch enemies.

What I want to know is after so many kids, oh say twelve'ish, how does she keep them from just falling out too soon and rolling down the stairs? What? seriously, those little fuckers probably just walk out standing upright when they're ready.


How do they even have sex? Is there any fun there are all or does he just have a wank and aim it into the breeze like Kobe at the 3 point line? Nothing but net!! *crowd goes wild*


This is frightening shit, look up a family picture, they're always mugging the same fucking smile like a retard with corndog. They're doing that because at this rate they know it'll only take several families of these freaks of nature and they'll be running our country. I'm glad I'm going to drink my liver dead long before that happens.

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