Friday, December 19, 2008

What Would Archie Bunker Do? Volume #1

I have two stories that I simply could not pass up today.

The first one comes to us straight from Jolly Old. A Muslim waitress got sacked for being a cunt! Oh I'm sorry that came out a little harsh didn't it? I meant to be a lot harsh and to say that she got sacked for being a stupid fucking twat who's just lazy and looking for a free fucking ride! Long story short, her employer has a dress code. It's a cocktail bar/club basically which means anybody who's not fucking retarded knows that sex is going to be on the minds of the patrons. The owner wants her to wear a dress that she describes as overly sexual and revealing. I saw the dress and what it is, is hideous. What it is not is overly sexual or revealing.

The red dress is just an ugly fucking uniform really no more sexual on a woman than the UPS summer shorts are on the dudes. The other bitch of the bitch is that men treat her sexually and make suggestive comments to her while she's working. She even admits that they did it when she was wearing her own clothing and not the bar uniform. Would somebody please smack this woman in the face with a frozen herring for me? I hate to admit it but it's a pretty well known fact that what I will guess makes up the majority of the males are not usually fully in touch with what is an is not viewed as sexually appropriate in the eyes of a woman. The fact of the matter is that when you combine this with A FUCKING COCKTAIL BAR you should probably expect this kind of shit! She wants to blame it on the owner somehow implying that the female employees are whores.

Now I'm sorry that Miss My God Is Afraid of Titties had her religious sensitivities stepped upon (I'm not really, I just made that up) but if you agree with her let me tell you a secret. I have heard that male strippers can make a shit-load of money for really very little work. I have also heard that they have to not only get naked, but act suggestive toward old fat ladies and other dudes who like dick. Now I really like getting paid to do nothing, I like that a lot. What I do not like is fat chicks and other guys who want to touch my cash and prizes. This would be a problem with our friend here, but not with me. I have enough brain capacity to realize that because I don't want to wear the uniform or do the job as it's expected, that I cannot work at the male nudie bar. I know that it's not right my business to walk in and see what the uniform is, decide I don't want to wear it, apply under the pretense that I will, and then sue when they tell me I have strip.

Where the fuck does this stupid fuck get off? If it's not your restaurant it's not your fucking call what the employees wear whether you like that shit or not. If you don't want to wear a dress go stand in a fucking window with a headset and hand out sodas and fries you fucking wanker!


If I tried to get a job with a giant fucking dildo taped to my head because my religion is the church of the unicorn they wouldn't make special arrangements for me now would they? Who the fuck decides who's just a nutbag with a dumb idea and who's religious? It's a fucking book written a couple thousand years ago be a pedophile with a 6 year old wife, how does that make it any more credible than a blog written by a pissed off American with a bottle of vodka? It fucking doesn't, that's how! If you don't like the employment rules in our countries then go the fuck back to your own backward-ass country where your men punch you in the eye for having an opinion, fuck goats and shoot the fuck shit of each other over ancient piles of rubble because we don't need you, you fucking tart! I sincerely hope this woman falls onto the metro tracks and gets turned to a fine puree.


A blind man was denied access to a restaurant because his dog... GUESS... FUCKING GUESS!!!! That's right, his dog offended the muslims! Holy Jesus H. Christ on a motherfucking stick! The man was attempting to take part in a birthday celebration and was told that he could not enter with his guide dog. Nobody else in the entire goddamn world could get away with it except these fuckers. Not even a christian restaurant would try to deny two gay guys because it offends them but yet these fucks know no bounds.

Would some leader of some country stand up and change your fucking tampon and say that's just about enough. This is why I like Vladimir Putin! He may be a commy scumbag but at least he's got a set of balls! When are we going to step the fuck back and remove the cock of allah from our ass. They use our rules against us in war, they use our hospitality against us in peace, we give them a inch and they cry, bitch, moan, and wine for a mile. I'm sick of whiney groups of obnoxious minority zealots getting whatever the fuck they want because left wing ass-clowns can't get their finger out of their arse long enough pick their nose while they think of a solution.

If you want your own cultural diversity that's fucking fine. You can have that but you only should get two choices for it. Stay in your own fucking country where it's everybody's culture, or do it in your own home. Guess what you greasy fucks, I have a culture too and just as much right to mine as you have to yours and this is my country. If I'm proud of my heritage or religion then I'm a bigot but I'm supposed to bend over for everybody else. I somehow doubt that I would be afforded the same courtesy in their countries as they are in mine. I don't get to leave my desk five times a day and burn 2 hours of work to go have a wank because I call it a religion so why should you get to do it to present your ass to a fake deity. They aren't going to put in a special vodka fountain at work because I worship that so why should they put in a special foot washing place for you so you don't pass athletes foot to allah?


All I have to say is that I hope every last one of you instigators gets hit by a speeding car. I hope this car then careens in front of a bus head on with you still on the wind shield. I hope the bus hits a stray dog and a pig splattering you with their blood. I hope the bus then hits a mosque, causing that to fall on top of you and I hope the collapse causes a cell phone tower to fall on a plane which falls on top of your mosque and your bus. I hope all this causes your heap to collapse into the metro tunnels and explode which causes it to flood with sewer water and I hope you die from drowning in that!


What do you think Archie Bunker would do?

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