Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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It's official... again... Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher is as stupid as everybody thought. I really gave the guy very little of my thought process until I read this. Most of what I had heard was about Mr. "The Plumber" being a douche and not what he had actually said. Mr. Joe claims that he was angry about the answer McCain gave to the questions the plumber asked. Apparently McCain made him feel unclean and uncomfortable on the tour bus. So how would this be different from all the other Republicans who tap their foot predetermined numbers of times under restroom stalls in the park to receive their prize... or handcuffs? So McCain wanted to play with Joe's pipe wrench, is this what he's trying to say? Joe is just most likely trying to undouchify himself desperately and he's not doing a good job.

I sort of felt sorry for him until the final statement of this article. Not the Barack Obama part... because I'm pretty sure "no we can't." I'm not a student of the Marxist philosophy of "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." I'm more of a believer of "from each according to his ability to each according to his contribution." We have too many useless fuckers in this country that would make better hamburgers to feed to starving Ethiopians and Obama seems to want to perpetuate that issue. Maybe I'm wrong... I hope I am, but we'll see. His swift and speedy pullout of Iraq makes me wonder. Anyhow Joe, if you're afraid of Obama, and don't like McCain, but yet you're willing to call Sarah Palin the "Real Deal" I'm surprised you're even smart enough to remember to breathe. Nobody who was present for the Palin debacle and has an ability to reason (beyond, if I stick too many french fries up my nose I can't breathe) would call her anything but idiot. Supporting that woman for any public office should be treated as treason and end the same way, or at very least deportation to France.


I love when I hear stuff like this one. This guy obviously has some balls. I like a guy who's willing to stand up for what he believes, even if it is self centered, retarded, and even slightly racist. A North Carolina Ford dealer is sponsoring radio adds bashing people who buy "rice ready, not road ready" foreign cars like Toyota. I am personally one of those people. I drive a Japanese car and I drive it because of two things that American companies can't seem to combine in a single vehicle. My car gets excellent gas mileage, and I do not have to worry about my bumper or wheel falling off for no reason, or my gas tank exploding just for funsies. A Toyota spokesman from an American plant shut him down with statistics on these foreign manufacturers doing the manufacturing here in the states but I'm sure that won't phase this guy.

The fact of the matter is that if American cars weren't shoddily made by grossly overpaid union employees who simply don't give a flying fuck then maybe people would buy them. If Ford and Chevy didn't pump out thousands of unwanted SUVs and fucking pickup trucks that get one mile to the gallon, then maybe they wouldn't be in this predicament. As for now, you aren't going to see my ass driving a Cavalier or a Ford Focus any time soon.

Finally, last but not least.

NYPD has been at it again. Those silly mugs and their constant antics. Always with the shootings and the beatings and what not. With NYPD around there's no need for Mafia Thugs anymore.;_ylt=AipojV7Hz3TqqL3gVZI6MTkDW7oF

Three of New York's finest decided that buggery would be the best punishment for a professional body piercer who was caught smoking the wacky weed outside of a metro station. They chased him down in broad daylight and apprehended the vile perpetrator in the station. Next the fine officers decided to search him for drugs by pulling down his pants and shoving a police baton through his tighty whiteys and up his anus. Delightful! What's wrong with this? They were simply trying to figure out if there were any obstructions that might have later proved life threatening. It turns out his colon was clean and judging by the blood they drew, he needs to floss more often. Apparently we need to add something to the materials on their utility belts.


Always practice safe sodomy Mr. Officers. Be aware you evil potheads, if you smoke in public John Law might just rip you a new one. I assure you that I am all for police being able to do their job without fear of prosecution for dumb shit but in this country we are ass fucking backwards (no pun intended). We punish people more harshly for drugs that hurt nobody but themselves than these pieces of shit will likely get. I forsee the judge taking their side and they get nothing. I vote for tying these guys naked, in a cell ass, up for several months and allowing all the inmates who stay out of trouble to have a go at them as their prize... props included. I guarantee they would learn more from that than whatever their punishment will likely be.

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