Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Muslims Frustrated By Fort Dix Verdict? Who Cares...

It's always nice when I open my internet browser first thing in the morning to be greeted by retardation. It would seem that "many Muslims are frustrated by the Fort Dix verdict." Five Muslim Immigrants were convicted of scheming to kill soldiers at the New Jersey Military base. Yet again it it's nice to see how all the "good Muslims" are speaking up loud and proud to denounce these greasy fucking assholes. If it weren't for them I might not get any other information except from the idiots who stand up to whine that we're being too harsh and that the "case was flimsy." Oh, wait, pretty much the only info I get is from the whiny complaining Muslims who's brethren can do no wrong.

Let me see if I've got this just about correct. They bought several assault rifles from an FBI informant. Went all the way to the Pocono's to practice shooting their assault rifles. Apparently they possessed "dozens of jihadist speeches and videos." The FBI also had "hundreds of recorded conversations" with incriminating information on the suspects.

Well shit, that does sound pretty goddamn flimsy. Why did we even waste our time fucking with these fine, upstanding citizens... well, not citizens, but nice jihadi... I mean immigrants. Holy mother of christ how much more goddamn evidence does one need before these camel fucking wankers will denounce somebody. "We need to be seen as trusted partners, not potential suspects" says one brilliant American Muslim thinker. One of the complaints is entrapment, which I find amusing. Even if it were entrapment in this case I can honestly tell you that I don't even care the least bit if it was.

This is wonderful, it truly is. The shit that this "religion" is constantly pull is no different than if I stood face to face to somebody (who was watching me), punched him in the fucking eye, and then solemnly insisted that "it was that guy over there" and whined about why doesn't anybody trust me. Maybe if your "brothers" would stop fucking blowing shit up, shooting people, and then hiding in crowds pretending to be innocent it could help a little. Maybe if so called innocent Muslims would stand up and say, "it was this asshole I saw him, arrest him," these things might help. Until this starts happening on a regular basis, I see no reason why we should not apply pressure from every angle of their lives for every second of every day until they crack as a whole.

To try to tell me that anybody who's not completely full of shit can view this as "just acting stupid, like they thought the whole thing was a joke" has got to be the biggest joke of all. Let me tell you fuckers something. If you're so incredibly stupid that you think you can joke about this shit nowadays and get away with it, you don't deserve to live anyhow. I don't know which I hate more, the suspects or the fucking idiot that expects that we're stupid enough to actually buy his sob story that these fucks were just playing. Sadly the liberals probably do believe this shit, I know I know Mr. Liberal, the majority of Muslims are good people you've told me before. Prove it motherfucker! I'm quite Islamic schooling actually comes complete with a class on lying to the Infidel doesn't it? You know, like here we have spelling, there they have "There's No Such Thing as Truth: Lying Muhammad Style".

When they finally do get sentenced they could face life in prison. That's great, not only do they come here and try to kill people but we're going to put them in prison and support them there while they recruit new radicals from inside. We truly are a brilliant people us Americans. I have a better idea. I think we should deport them back to their own country. We tie them to a skateboard and deposit them back on their home soil by pushing them out of a C-130 from a couple thousand feet sans parachute. Or... this is even better actually. We feed them to hungry pigs. I like that one better.


The Screech said...

Here's a good one, why not conveyor belt the fuckers out of the plane, with a working parachute and one of those brand new semtex vests that are so En Vogue with those young dudes lately, onto a few of their training camps and set it to detonate on impact. Surely then they will each have their 70 virgins a little sooner? As a failsafe in case the vests don't detonate, send down a couple of hungry pigs, via parachute of course, after each one

Dillinger737 said...

That's not a bad idea. It should definitely be placed in the hat for consideration.

The Sniper said...

Better idea (IMHO): Push them out of the C-130 with parachutes... then have another 10 C-103s fly over head, open the back, and push out entire cargos of loose lawn darts? Oh, and release them over a minefield in case any make it.