Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Dream I Had A While Back & Happened To Write Down

I have decided that since I have so many weird, stupid, and fucked up dreams, I'm going to start putting them into blogs. This one I had 2 or 3 months ago but I happened to write it all down so I'll post it now.

The dream begins in an apartment. It’s a pretty nice “upper middle-class” styling and fairly quaint. This is the apartment of a friend’s family and I’m with that friend. I treat this person and he treats me as though we’ve known each other for years. There is another friend there too and we treat him with like regard. I get the feeling that we’re probably only somewhere right around 18 years old in the dream but it’s not ever mentioned. There’s nothing distinguishing about either of these two characters. Neither friend has a name as far as I’m aware, never is a name actually attributed to either one and they aren’t familiar people from real life. They actually make me think of the type of people cast as friends in a slightly dark “coming of age” tale for lack of a better way to put it. Some sort off "Stand By Me" type of crap with an evil twist.

The father of the friend who lives in the apartment is present but not on hand, as is a little sister whose name is Lucy (and isn't really little or all that young her age tends to change drastically from the beginning to the end), and a little brother whose name I’m not aware of. The view from the apartment does not match the interior. There’s large kitchen window in what is effectively the front of the apartment and this is maybe several feet from the front door of the place which sits slightly back and to the left. Out of the kitchen window I can clearly see that we’re at least 3 to 4 stories above a train yard.

There are 4 sets of tracks separated from several more (not sure how many) sets of tracks by an old depot style building. On the near side and to the right of the apartment from the view of the window is another building that appears to be some sort of rundown factory. Not abandoned but very dilapidated in appearance. In the dream I didn’t really find this to be odd at all. There is some small talk among the 3 friends at first which is about nothing in particular. The father joins in at one point and adds a little to what we’re discussing. The two other siblings are present but not visible, Lucy is playing loudly in another room, with the little brother. Lucy must be 14 or 15’ish. This comes to light in a realization of two things later on in the dream.

I can’t pinpoint the exact spots in the dream or what triggers it but I find myself thinking about the friend’s family later on, what about their safety. Lucy especially, she’s got light blonde, medium length, wavy hair, and she’s petit. At first I remember thinking “she’ll be very pretty when she’s a little older.” In the same thought I brushed that off feeling slightly ashamed because she was too young to even think that about but it was recurring during the dream as things got bad. Moving ahead, after a short while we decided to go out. As we left I remember our intention was to get “supplies” for a family train trip which was to end up at the beach. We never did get to the beach. No matter, moving on.

On the outside the world took on a whole new ominous feeling that made me feel like my life was sheltered. It was as though I was all of the sudden preparing to go into a battle that I had no idea how to prepare for, or as though I was just thrown helpless into a part of a city with a bad reputation. I remember as I stood on the steel grated balcony/front step (almost old style fire escape-like) of his apartment, staring at the train yard I felt anxiety, bordering on fear but I couldn’t determine why. It wasn’t anything physical that scared me, the yard or the trains, but something that I wasn’t aware of and hadn’t seen. We descended the stairs and it was obvious my friends did not have the same reservations that I did. When we reached the bottom they jogged diagonally across the tracks making a point to walk along, balancing on the far tracks as we walked away from the factory building toward the end of the depot building and a rocky, wooded area that clearly didn’t lead to anywhere important.

This was a tangible divide between the city and the country but both were hard and dark. Both caused the same sense of something terribly wrong yet to come. They struck me as so different, complete opposites, yet neither prospect gave me any comfort. I have no idea where we went while we traveled and have no recollection of what occurred while we were there. Memory breaks back in when we return from the forest. We’re walking slowly and chatting and my comfort is apparently higher than it had been, the sense something being wrong is mostly gone. His apartment is in view but there’s no indication that at this time it is our destination. I get the feeling we’re planning on going past and toward the factory. As we walk my friend stops in his tracks.

I only barely noticed him stopping and had yet to react when from his position in the middle of the three of us he slaps us both in the chest with straightened arms and flat palms and whispers but with great urgency “stop.” Then he says “get down” and we all crouch and I’m straining to adjust my eyes on a man standing in the distance. He’s far away, past the factory and he’s not moving but he’s facing our direction. I think to myself what good is crouching, he’s already seen us, there’s no way he couldn’t have. We sit there unmoving for a minute as does the man in the distance. He’s holding something large but I can’t see what it is. It’s clear that my friend is concerned with this person but I sit quietly trying to figure out for myself who this is and why he’s a problem.

As I do this my friend seems reacts, standing up, grabbing us by the collars and fiercely urging us upward into a standing position while saying run. It’s clear that he means the other direction. I start to backpedal while keeping my eyes on the man in the distance. The figure makes a motion that I recognize with his hands and the object that he’s holding. A moment later I realize what has happened and it all starts to make sense. The guy was holding a chainsaw and he’s just started it. I hear the roar of the saw as he revs its engine. I can’t actually, but in my mind as I wobble backwards I can see the teeth on the chain in slow motion as they cut the air. Now the feelings of earlier rush back with force, terror is mixed with thoughts of why and who is this. Thoughts come back to me of the family in the apartment, mostly Lucy and her much younger brother (5 or 6 years old).

It’s clear after a moment though that he has no interest in the apartment. We’re the visible ones, we’re the ones he’s after. As I follow my friends who now have a slight lead on me I realize they’re heading for the corner of the depot behind us. I follow them around the building and across the tracks heading for another series of buildings that weren’t previously visible. My friend kicks through a door that he obviously knows will open but with difficulty. The door breaks loose with a loud cracking thud and we all rush though. As I go through the door I’m met with darkness that’s only broken by a few rays of light entering through broken windows 2 floors up like large flashlight beams shooting across the building at 45 degree angles. My friend pushes the door closed and wedges it back into its rusted frame with his shoulder much more carefully and quietly than he entered. He says “follow me and be careful, watch your step,” we don’t question and follow behind.

He goes to the right along the wall and up some more steel grated stairs to a landing, turn and go upward to the next floor. I don’t like the fact we’re going up instead of out but I can see there are stairs on both sides as the sun is hitting them, and the walkway connecting them goes around both sides. I realize now I’m wearing jeans and a black shirt, I think to myself for a minute “at this point I’m happy I own a lot of dark clothing.” When we reach to second floor we cross above and past the doorway we entered heading toward the opposite end of the building where it’s not clear that there are offices. Just as we reach the offices the same door we came in on the ground floor slams open like it was hit by a car. The force sounds like it should have removed it from its hinges.

My friend doesn’t even look back, he continues much more slowly and deliberately now walking toward the offices heading for a door that is slightly open. I can see our pursuer standing in the doorway listening and looking around. In the light and only 100 meters away now he looks huge and even more scary, if that’s even possible. I turn slowly and follow my friend into the door not bothering to even try to shut it. My friend had squeezed past it almost appearing to try to hold it in place. I took this as a sign that I shouldn’t move it either, he probably did it because it squeaks or something. Once through the door and safely out of site we make our way more quickly through the offices and the darkness with surprising ease. No movie type slip-ups here.

We move into a locker room area and out the other side through a hole in the shower room
wall. Down a hall and into another office where there’s a dead end. At least, I thought it was a dead end. There’s a mirror on the wall and my friend walks over to it and pushes on the top left corner which pops the mirror out and lets it open revealing a door. Inside is a small room almost like a secret office of sorts. My friend pulls the mirror back closed and pulls a latch across so that it won’t pop out again until it’s released. I can feel the floor under me is padded, like there’s carpet or something. Then in the darkness I feel the wall and it’s padded too. This place is sound proofed and intended to be as secretive as it appears. All of the sudden in the opposite corner of the room a small red light blinks on.

I snap my head over and fix my eyes to it. It takes me a moment to register that it is in fact my friend and he’s holding a military style flashlight which is pointed down at the ground. He motions me to come over and aims the dim red light at the floor in front of me so I can see. We all take a seat on at a nearby desk and he flips a switch which lights up a small series of monitors mounted on a desk. There are night vision cameras mounted all over this place. Though one of the monitors (top right monitor out of a grid of 12, marked sector 4) our pursuer is clearly visible ascending the stairs toward the office door we entered. At this point I stop thinking only of escape and start thinking “ok figure this out, what are we going to do, what do I need to know.”

The first thing that pops in my head is who the fuck is this guy which I quietly but forcefully snap at my friend. Who the fuck is this guy and why the fuck is he chasing us with a chainsaw. My friend who doesn’t find this nearly as disturbing as I obviously do calmly says “I have no idea who he is.” I reply… well why did you know to stop us out there and why did you tell us to run even before he fired up that damn saw.” My friend says “well I’ve encountered him before, I mean I knew he existed and that he’s a psychotic but I don’t actually know who he is.” I snap, "you mean to tell me there’s this fucker who wants to kill you and now myself, by association and you didn’t feel the need to inform me of this fucking fact before you brought me out here." “He’s not always around” replied my friend “I didn’t figure it was that likely he would show up.”

I’m pissed now, I punch him in the shoulder with as much force as I can muster which apparently is enough to spin him around and nearly put him face first on the floor. He sits back up and says “dick” to which I say, “there a guy chasing and trying to kill me with a chainsaw and this is your fault, you’re lucky that’s all you got.” “Now, what are we going to do about this situation into which you have gotten us?” My friend is not the least bit worried I can tell as we discuss the issue at hand. He’s fully aware of this guy and his purpose and it doesn’t bother him. In fact, the more my friend talks the more I think he sees this as an amusing game as he does a dire situation. Even when the guy is at in the room adjacent to us that has the mirror we used to get in here, my friend is not concerned.

He tells me he’s hidden in here many times and the guy has never figured it out. I’m pissed, my only thought is it’s a matter of time until he does and I just hope this isn’t that time. I can see the guy up close now on a camera in the room. This guy is fucked up. His face looks like a sort off human head shaped hamburger patty. It’s all bloody like he has been carving in it. Sort of like “leatherface” but not so much really. He has a look of being slightly retarded about him on top of being deranged. Not a “haha you retard” “special olympics” type of retarded, a really fucking scary retarded that I’m not fully familiar with. He’s huge as well, he appears to be nearly a foot taller than myself judging by object proximity. I think to myself no way, I’m almost 6 foot that would put him at 7 foot.

He was also huge, with shoulders like I would picture a Viking. He looks to be a solid 275 pounds at least. This guy is exploring the room looking for us and my friend I can see in the corner is texting somebody. Now I’m pissed. I start quietly berating him to figure out how the fuck to get out of here because if that guy is going to kill me I’m going to kill you I tell him. He tells me to relax, he has weapons. What the hell? Weapons in here? He opens another section of wall and one at a time pulls out three M4 completely modded out with what is way more shit than I need on it but I happily take it. He hands me several magazines and tells me to stash them cause I’ll need them. I said “but it’s one guy with no gun” and my friend says “but you won’t be able to kill him you’ll only slow him down and piss him off.”

I said well why would I want to piss him off to which my friend replied. So you can get away from him said my friend who I was starting dislike at this point. Then I realized that he said I wouldn’t be able to kill him and said what the fuck are you talking about I can’t kill him. Who doesn’t die when shot enough times? “I have no idea” he said “this guy doesn’t die, I’ve tried to kill him, several times, but he comes back.” We wait forever and eventually the guy leaves. We discuss the situation and a bunch more shit takes place. We finally think the guy is gone but we bring the weapons and exit a back escape hatch that is like trash chute but less steep. We start running for the depot trying to get back to the apartment. We’re running and hiding and shooting this guy who apparently was not gone, then we end up leaving that building.

We end up running the other direction toward the factory on the other side of the tracks. Crossing on the other side of the depot as before. As we run toward the foundry there is chainsaw man standing on the stairs of the depot. Now chainsaw man immediately gives chase. We’re running and shooting him at the same time but he’s catching up getting dangerously close. I unload a few rounds into his head from about 20 meters and he goes down but not all the way. He goes to a knee and then gets back up. I’m already running again. We run past a guy who yells at us. He’s sitting in an office and apparently he calls the cops cause he saw our guns. I don’t know what became of him but we’re running from chainsaw guy who at some point we apparently lost. I found this out when we got to the downstairs garage area of this place and were surrounded by cops. I couldn’t figure out how the hell they got there so fast.

I knew they were called by the guy we just passed 30 seconds before and this was ridiculous. They made us give up our weapons which I then promptly claimed that I did not ever have nor did I fire a weapon. Even though they just took it from me they believed me. They said brushed my hands with this stuff that tests for powder residue from having fired a weapon. That came up negative which I couldn’t figure out. They said ok young man, you may go, be careful, watch for trains. I remember thinking “trains are the least of my worries right now” I ran as fast as I could forgetting the friends who were still being questioned. I headed for the apartment taking the stairs 3 at a time. I banged on the door but nobody came. I kept banging but nothing. Finally I turned the knob and it opened.

I went in and looked around and yelled for Lucy since she’s the only name I knew but nobody answered. Now I’m afraid and unarmed and therefore not in the mood to walk through the darkening house as dusk is nearing. I’m not really up for catching an unpleasant surprise and I’m fully aware if anybody was alive in the house they’d have said something. As I run back outside the whole place has taken a completely new appearance. The depot isn’t abandoned anymore. The place is lighted and running. Trains are coming through and people are walking about. Then like somebody punched me in the head, it hurt, physically hurt, I see the family on a train. I don’t know which train but I know it’s going to crash.

I now have to figure out how to help them but in my head I see a track switch lever that I know must be where I need to go. It’s several miles down the tracks I somehow know. I stole a car to get there I guess, I knew that, though the actually getting of the car and getting there wasn’t in the dream that I can recall. I was simply there, standing at the lever by a small building with some street lights lighting the forest around me. The lever was stuck and the train was coming with another coming the other way on the same track. I pulled and pulled as the train got almost right there it started to move and was about half way when the train hit the messed up tracks and derailed. The first car came off the tracks at quite a fast speed and right toward the lever platform I was on. I dove up and over the tracks with the two trains as the derailing one started slamming into the other train one coming the opposite direction on the same track which was now derailing as well from the same broken tracks.

I landed on a downhill slope in the woods and rolled down the hill finally slamming into a tree and stopping. Above me the cars were slamming and piling up and some were burning. I was knocked out for 2 or 3 minutes, but the time I woke the crash was over. I dragged myself to my feet and scrambled back up the hill. I kept having visions of where I needed to go. I found some cars piled that I had to get into, I didn’t know why or who was in them but I had to get in. I smashed a window with a rock and crawled in since it was now laying propped against a tree. When I got inside I saw Lucy laying toward the back of the train not moving. I freaked out and ran to the back where she was. As I got there something exploded behind me. The blast slammed me face first against the back of the car which happened to be a door.

I hit the door hard enough that it completely came off the hinges. Dazed I got back up and went back in the car. I picked her up and walked back out. There were other people in there who weren’t dead but couldn’t get up and I just ignored them. I got outside with her and took her pulse, she was alright, and she was breathing so I started talking to her. After a couple minutes she woke up. I was trying to ask her about her family and she tried to get up, she wanted to get her little brother. She didn’t know what happened at this point. She got hysterical and tried to get up but I made her lay there. She had gone to get food in a different car than her family. I didn’t want to leave her but I told her I’d find them and I left to do that. I looked back several times as I went to be sure she was alright. The last time I looked back I woke up.

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