Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obamarama... All Hail The Return of The Messiah!

Holy mother of christ! If I hear one more goddamn word about Martin Luther Fucking King I'm going to smash something! I know, I know, I know, it's an amazing coincidence that King got dead just Obama could become president (I don't know how many years ago, nor do I give a flying fuck). Lots of people are dead, lots of people who did wonderful things are dead. King was black, that's grand, "OMG!" Obama is black too, this must be a miracle because they're both black. I get it, I fucking get it you goddamn hippie fucks. Would you people just rub one out already and put your fucking peckers away before you poke out an eye.


All this goddamn lovey, grabass, media cocksucking is making me miss Bush, and I fucking hated Bush. What the fuck has Obama done? Obama hasn't done a goddamn thing except be black and win the presidency. All this Obama being shoved up my ass like he's Jesus reincarnate is unwarranted. It all has an air of "take that whitey!" in the form of irritating white people who all want to prove they're more progressive and more supportive of Obama than the next. I get it, I fucking get it, you aren't racist, you're anti-racist, you're willing to give Obama a nice sloppy blow to prove you aren't racist. I know what you're probably thinking "oh, he's just a racist asshole ranting because he's pissed." Think what you want, I hate people of every race and religion with equal ferocity, I do not discriminate.

My problem with all of this bullshit is that it feels like I'm being force-fed all this "overcome" and "hope" horseshit and that pisses me off to no end. Overcoming whatever shit life hands you doesn't come from a president, it comes from taking fucking responsibility for the fact that you're a retard and doing something about it. So stop babbling about how Obama has fixed racism or is going to fix racism until they abolish affirmative action. If any special "assistance" goes to any group of people no matter what color they are, it's racism. If the levels of stupid in this country get any higher it's going to become contagious and we'll all be writhing on the floor drooling on ourselves like the bunch of fucking mongoloids the majority of the population already is.

"Obama gives everyone space at the table."

"It was prophesied by [the Rev. Martin Luther] King that we would have a day when everyone would come together."

"When you think back, Malcom [X] fought. Then we come a little further, Rosa Parks sat. Then come up a little further and Martin [King Jr.] spoke. Then today, President Obama ran and we won."

"When ever I hear him speak, I want to be a better person. That's what you want in a leader"

What a massive, steaming pile is this shit!

I don't even blame Obama because I don't get the impression that he's like that at all. I believe he probably is a good guy with his own set of ideas on how to fix this fucking mess we call a country. Whether his ideas are good or will work is a whole different issue. I just don't get the impression that Obama is any more potentially special than any other President who has stood in his place before. I'm not willing to fucking blow a load in my knickers over a man who hasn't done anything at all whether he's black, white, yellow, purple, or wearing a fucking spandex suit with an S on the chest. I can't help but think... would there be all this hype over the first female president if it were Hillary? I sincerely doubt it. I'll jump on the Obama band wagon once he actually proves that he's not just another impending catastrophe.

The last thing the sheeple in this country need is another soppy cunt who is just as spineless as they are. Do we need a fucking president who is going to lay down and open the flood gates for more destruction in the name of all this love and understanding bile? Addressing the muslim world for a relationship based on "mutual trust and respect". That's fucking great, America, change your pad and fucking quit waiting for the reach-around from your messiah. He offered peace to muslims but only “if you will unclench your fist”. I remind you that it wasn't our clenched fist that started all this shit whether Bush was a moron or not.


I'm just going to sit by and wait for my time to say "I told you so" and in the mean time I feel like this guy.


I totally agree with Federale when I say with complete sincerity that I Hope He Fails.


Federale said...

Thanks for the support.

Federale said...

Oh, and MLK was a fracking commie.

Federale said...

And how I was on election night.