Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Philosopher Ashton

The answer to all of our problems is nigh! Where would we be without these two brilliant philosophers, philanthropists if you will. Jesus, how could we not have seen it before, we needed Barack Obama and his "call to action" and now the world will be fixed at the hands of the Ashton and Demi.

I can already feel the change, I can feel the world becoming a better place as I type. We better mix up an other batch of fucking koolaid!

Did they actually say anything? I mean yes, they said a lot of words, but what the fuck did they mean? Was there a goddamn point in there? Is something going to change now? I sincerely hope something really bad happens!

1 comment:

LT Nixon said...

Remember, it's not about America or patriotism...it's about The Obama.