Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Subject... King Hugo!

Hugo Chavez is one of those people who continues to amaze me with his antics. He called Bush the devil, which I must say I disagree with, Bush wasn't smart enough to be the devil, it was his cronies, Bush was just a retard.

Big Hugo doesn't hold much hope for significant changes from the Obama administration apparently. That's ok, he doesn't expect a whole lot of good and neither do I. The thing that I can't help but wonder about is what the hell kind of changes does this nutter want. He claims he's happy to see that Obama has "shown interest in improving communication." This is a guy who's still trying to abolish term limits in his country so he can impose his retarded form of Socialism on his people until he dies.

What I won't claim to know is if Obama actually gives a shit about Venezuela and Chavez or not. I will say that I sincerely hope that we don't improve communication with this asshole. I think we should improve sniper techniques for use in removing him from the planet, not to play the pussy and "communicate". I kinda hope Chavez gets shot in the face by one of these so called radicals whom he's constantly trying to keep under control.

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