Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ron Clark Academy

I always find crusaders to be hilarious. I would like to introduce you to Ron Clark. I don't like this guy... I couldn't help but follow this train wreck through several videos and he cries a lot. Anyhow, this particular crusader and his cause made me laugh and cringe all at the same time. So if you've read my blogs before you may be aware that I really dislike kids. If there's one thing I dislike more than regular kids, it's kids who rap (especially about our lord and savior... Obama) and bounce around like they're being attacked by fire ants. If you haven't been subjected to this one yet I think you should take a look. I recommend you save yourself some time and skip straight ahead to 3:42 minutes into the video. Now, my brain is hemorrhaging so I am going to go step in front of a bus in an attempt to make the song stop looping in my head.

1 comment:

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Managed to get as far as 4:48 before I had to stick pins into my eyes.

What an obnoxious fucker that Ron twat is.
Is that guy for real?
Wonder how much FedEx are paying him for the advert?

As for kids.
Hateful little fuckers at the best of times but these smarmy little shits take the biscuit.
Who the fuck brainwashed this lot of 'me mini me' Bollock Obamas?