Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Note To All U.S. Politicians, I Hate You and I Wish Terrible Things On You And Your Families

Why would you say such a terrible thing in the title of your blog? It's not nice to say such things! He's so mean and bitter, he's probably isn't on the O-Train toward love and understanding for all! Did you think that? If you did I hate you too so bugger off. I just read a news article entitled "Calif. governor wants to tax golf, auto repairs."

This is great! I was always thinking quietly to myself... "how could I pay more for something that is already FUCKING EXTORTIONATE!" Ohh, thank you government for thinking of this plan for me. Now I can pay even more money so Billy-bob can half-ass fix my car... oh the delight!

The mastermind of this plan is "Zee Governator" who is pictured below.


He has decided that in order to "plug crippling budget deficits" the state is going to have to extort more money. I guess somebody has to pay for things like overzealous environmental regulations and health care for illegals. You want to be a bunch of whiny liberal wankers you can pay the price, I don't really have a problem with that. I take that back... why not tax the fuck out of those crusading Hollywood assholes. How about a bailout from John Travolta, or Oprah instead of taxing the poor fuck who needs a new head gasket on his '89 Buick skylark just so he can get to his shitty life-sucking job and make $9.00 an hour that helps him stay just below the poverty line!

The Governator wants to tax other random things too, rounds of golf, auto repairs, veterinary care, amusement park and sporting event admissions and appliance and furniture repairs., you know, anything that might keep people from needing anti depressive drugs. Better tax that shit too Ahhhhhnold. I can totally get with taxing certain things, things we don't need, like the golf, amusement park, sporting events, things of that sort it makes perfect sense. If you have the extra cash flow to go to that crap then you have the extra cash flow to help out a bit. Hell, tax the cigarettes, tax the booze, legalize the hookers and tax them, grow the pot and tax the fuck out of that. Tax people for being a pretentious prick and owning several environment killing, gas guzzling hummers. There are ways to make money without fucking everybody.

Even the Democrats are getting into the game in New York. Proposing taxes on MP3 downloads, movies, concerts, sporting events, haircuts (really, haircuts... who's gotten a haircut in New York City? Was it not fucking expensive enough?) , manicures, massages, and taxi rides (we all know these don't cost enough either).

In Utah they are considering taxing accounting and attorney services. You know what Utah, you are on your last chance... first the Mormons, and now this. One more and I banish you from my planet. I don't care where you go but you can't stay here.

Let's try something different for once you political types. Let's take our head out of our anus for just a moment, take a deep breath, and concentrate. If you stopped wasting our money on shit like free healthcare for illegal immigrants, trying to build suicide barriers on the golden gate bridge, more and more welfare for those who refuse to work, lawsuits against gay marriage (just let them fucking have it, who gives a shit!), less retarded environmental regulations then maybe you we wouldn't be in this mess. How about a tax on Beverly Hills mansions, more than 3 cars per household, or private learjets?

I hate you all and I hope you get shanked by a homeless man with a sawn-off toothbrush!

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