Friday, August 21, 2009

Are The President's Lips Detachable From The Collective Islamic Ass?

What the hell is he smoking and where do I get some?

I haven't seen such a delusional asshole since Ralph the Acid Dropper in college. He is hundreds of miles past the exit for reality and still truckin'. The primary thing I want to say is to Mr. Obama himself. I would like to say, "speak for yourself you stupid bastard." Honestly, really, I wish unspeakable horrors on Islam during the month of Ramadan. I hope somebody oh, say, crashes a plane into their Hajj. I would laugh and cheer and dance in the street. Then again I'm a vindictive asshole completely lacking political correctness who believes that you'll reap what you sew. The simple fact of the matter is that it pisses me off even more than our president has hit his knees with such quickness at the drop of the Muslim pants. Is there anybody you do not feel the that we as Americans DO NOT need to apologize to?


It's a constant barrage of apologetic bullshit to fucktards who should be nuked. I have nothing but complete contempt for this president and I hope he gets impeached before offers to give our houses to Muslim families as reparations. I would also like to once again, say thank you sooo much to all of you out there who voted for President Benedict Arnold Obama. Thanks Assholes!


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